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Dollar Store Decor - DIY mini succulents

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Dollar Store Decor – DIY mini succulents
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Succulents are all the rage right now and for good reason: they’re adorable, you can’t kill them, and you can get them on the cheap!  We have our amazing succulents doing double duty – adding pretty greenery to our centerpieces and acting as our guest favors.  Spruce up some dollar store ceramic pots with a coat of paint and you’ve got yourself a totally doable DIY.

We used the succulents as favors/escort cards but you can use them to fill out a centerpiece, or just add a pop of color around any table.  All pictures featured were taken by our girl Brittany of BKM Photography.

  • ceramic pots $1.00 for 3 small, $1.00 for 2 large
  • spray paint $6.99
  • succulents $2.48 for small, $3.98 for large

spray painting flower pots

Step 1 – PAINT.

Wipe off your pots to make sure there isn’t any dirt or dust for the paint to stick to.  I used gloves but if you’re into that whole “check me out I’m crafty and covered in paint look” then by all means, ditch the gloves.  Hold the pot as far away from you as possible and spray with short bursts in vertical stripes.  Turn the pot and keep spraying until entire pot is covered.  I recommend two coats for each pot.  These dry pretty quickly, so you can coat each pot once then start again with the first pot for a second coat.  Allow second coat to dry for one hour.


Step 2 – PLANT.

I was very lucky that my succulents were pretty much the exact same size as the pots I was using.  This made step 2 quite simple: pull plant out of plastic holder and place into painted ceramic pot.

diy dollar store tablescape

Expert tip:

AKA sneaky step 1 ½: if  you will be placing these on plates or you just don’t want dirt coming out of the hole in the bottom- place cut pieces of coffee filter in the bottom of your pot before planting the succulent.  This way dirt won’t get all over your table, but if you water the succulents the water can still get out! Hope you enjoyed this simple tutorial for our DIY mini succulents!

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