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What They Don't Tell You About Your Wedding Day

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Ever wondered what they don’t tell you about your wedding day? We’re sharing some wedding day truths that are unavoidable for your big day.

Kayla of OurStart

With the amount of imagination filling our minds with our wedding dreams, we never expect the negatives or downfall of events that may come with the wedding day. On the big day, the amount of pressure the couple end up putting on themselves is so immense in search of perfection that they end up getting even more stressed out. But what about what you don’t know about your big day? Let’s save you the stress on the day of and inform you that these wedding day truths are totally normal…

Wedding Day Truths: What They Don’t Tell You About Your Wedding Day

Allow me to spill the tea on the things that no one wants to talk about.

You Will Be Scared and/or Nervous

Panic attacks are also not unheard of in wedding scenarios. With the self-imposed burden of making everything picture-perfect to the T, the fun and the enjoyment of the celebration ends up becoming zero, and the celebration ends up becoming nothing more than an event that you’ve put your heart and soul into.

You know that feeling when you’ve got butterflies and when you feel like you’re going to be sick? Yeah, you’ll feel that way. Be sure that you’ve eaten something and had some water. You don’t want to be at the altar and pass out from dehydration. Just know that it is ok to be nervous and scared. This is a big step.

Things Will Go Wrong

But of course, it’s not all stressful and negative. Some of the best and most memorable moments also do take place on your big day. Some of the issues’ make for a really funny story for rest your lifetime. Imagine the number of time the couple would have re-told the ring incident when they misplaced the rings and the number of smiles and chuckles it would have bought. So don’t worry about being perfect. It is ok to miss a step, even better to trip over your own wedding dress, when else are you going to use it!

More than likely the small children at the reception will knock over a vase of flowers or the groom will have forgotten his vows at home. Know that it will be ok. At most wedding venues, their etiquette will have someone on that broken vase and a backup, you may not even know that the vase was broken. And as for the groom, it may not have been his first choice of words, but he spoke from the heart. So when things go wrong, it will be ok. You’ve got people to handle it for you.

Just Because You Planned…

Nerves are the key on your big day. Patience is a virtue which is never tested more than this day. And all you have to do is keep a ‘let it go’ attitude. To take marriage more seriously than the wedding. And to keep reminding yourself in case you are losing your patience or getting cold feet, that: it is not for your family, not for all the guests, and definitely not for all the decorations and the arrangement that you are marrying.

Your wedding is not an event. Let the event fall apart but the wedding should be unscathed as long as the belief and calmness of mind are there. This simple realization should be more than enough to get you through any crisis. You’re getting married for you and only you, besides, this wedding is more than that, it is leading to a marriage that will last a lifetime.

You Will Never Be Prepared

Wedding planners do take care of a lot of the logistics (wrong plans by wrong planners are also something to watch out for) but even then with the people involved and social choices and limitations of each person, it becomes more of a drama genre rather a romantic one. Make sure that if you hire a wedding planner that you have all the kinks worked out for the big day and have a point of contact that isn’t you.

You’ve prepared for months… maybe even close to a year, don’t be surprised if in that time you’ve forgotten something or maybe over-thought on something. Qué sera, sera.

Sometimes You Just Have To Give Up All Control

Don’t give up completely, just give up enough that you can smile and enjoy the day.

The speeches… They can go both ways, either they can be a complete dud or can leave you with so much joy that the waterworks make you wish you had applied waterproof makeup. That brings us to the next tip, be proactive and do use waterproof makeup. And especially if you are opting for a wedding when the weather may not be so fun. You can’t control what is written in those speeches, all you can do is love the person reading them. Giving up control of the situation doesn’t mean that you’re giving up totally, this is just saying that it is what it is.

What We’ve Learned

  1. You’re going to feel sick to your stomach.
  2. Stuff will go wrong.
  3. Just because you planned, does not mean that things will go as planned.
  4. Sometimes you just have to give up control.
  5. You’ll be undeniably happy even though you’ll have some hiccups.

Go straight to a special place. A place for the two of you. Maybe that is a spot you used to make out together, your first date, a place you or your partner always wanted to go together wherever that may be, dump the crowd for a second. Make your big day a special one for you and only you. More than likely, no one will notice the hiccups, they be so enthralled by you and your gown that they won’t notice the groom’s white socks clashing with his black pants and they won’t notice that the wedding planners may have flubbed up. All in all, a single concern on your big day should be to have fun and remember your day the way you want to remember it.

Kayla of OurStart

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