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I discussed groomsmen gifts last week, so now it's on to my bridesmaid gifts.  I hate to ruin the surprise, but I'm going to anyway.  After being a bridesmaid in other weddings, I've gotten a few cute gifts, some that have since made the voyage to our local Goodwill (I'm big into donating, and not-so-big into hoarding more than I have to).  I wanted to get the bridesmaids something that I think they would actually keep and use, and that didn't have our wedding date and names plastered all over to an extent of looking like a wedding billboard.  It's fairly common, but I've decided to gift each girl a monogrammed robe.  After a lot of researching, I've got everything ordered and am excited to give them to the girls at our Bridesmaid Luncheon.
Even though our colors are green & brown, I decided to order neutral gray modal robes during Victoria's Secret semi-annual sale.  I also had some hefty coupons that contributed to my savings, so I spent around $30 each.  I then moved on to working out my monogramming.  It was cheaper to have my robes mailed directly to a friend in Missouri that does monogramming.  She agreed to do them for $6 per robe, which I feel is more than fair.  I have a friend traveling from the same area who has agreed to just bring the robes back with her.
I saw these great personalized hangers on Pinterest that I thought would make great photos.  I just so happen to have an eager-to-assist mother (who is conveniently an artist), and lives in Iowa, where helping with most of my wedding tasks is impossible because of the distance.  I ordered some Wood Hangers from Amazon for around $10, and my mom is personalizing each.  She's first lightly sanding some of the finish off in the area where she's painting, then using paint markers to free hand the calligraphy and date, then lastly spraying on another finish.  If you're not into DIYing, you can click on the photo for a link to buy on ETSY.
Lastly (and yes, I realize I'm going the extra mile– I love these ladies and they put up with me), I received an amazing tote bag & design from one of the other bridesmaids as a birthday gift.  I also happened to have a Groupon saved up for a rainy day for personalized printing from Vistaprint (I believe it was $17 for $70 worth of merchandise)… When these forces combine, we've got 14 wonderfully personalized wedding bags, six of which will go to my phenomenal bridesmaids (containing the aforementioned robe, that is hung on the aforementioned personalized hanger) and the rest to VIP family members and friends.  The logo below is in green on our canvas totes (you may also recognize it from the back of my Save-The-Date postcards).
In total, I've spent an average of $45 on each girl.  As much as I HATE spending money, these are purchases that I feel good about and I hope they accurately reflect my thankfulness to my bridesmaids! What do you think?
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About Emily

Emily is a Nashville bride planning a rustic "barn" wedding on a $12k budget. She's a creative DIY'er and bargain hunter who enjoys music, golf, and her goldendoodle, Conway. Emily & her fiance Eric look forward to tying the knot in May, and throwing one big party full of wedded bliss afterwards.

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  • Krista

    How fun! I love the monogrammed robes & especially the personalized hangers! So thoughtful! 🙂 Your girls will love these gifts!

  • A lovely idea. There’s nothing wrong with finding ways to save either – you have certainly, certainly not cut corners in thought, consideration, care, kindness – and THOSE things, rather then amount of money spent, are what makes gifts special.

  • Kevster

    How lovely! Sometimes it’s worth spending a little extra time just to have an experience to remember!

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