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Fall Wedding Flower Inspiration and Tips from Something Borrowed Blooms

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Check out this fall floral inspiration for your autumn wedding and consider these flower selection tips from our friends at Something Borrowed Blooms!

Fall Wedding Flower Inspiration and Tips from Something Borrowed Blooms

Fall is becoming increasingly popular for weddings, and rightfully so! The trees display beautiful colors as their leaves change, lending a stunning natural backdrop to any wedding day! One of the best things you can do as a savvy bride is to lean in to that naturally beautiful landscape!

When it comes to choosing flowers for your fall wedding, choose blooms in colors that complement, rather than compete!

Typically, you also want to keep seasonal availability in mind when it comes to your flower selection in order to keep costs in check. But there’s a simple and savvy solution to both of these points– renting silk wedding flower arrangements from Something Borrowed Blooms!

With gorgeously crafted silk flower arrangements, you won’t have to worry about your favorite bloom being in season during your fall wedding! Below, you’ll see three beautiful ways to incorporate these floral designs into your fall wedding, no matter your color scheme!

Fall Wedding Flower Tip #1:
Extend Neutrals into a NEW Season

Fall Wedding Flower Tips from Something Borrowed Blooms

When it comes to wedding flowers, neutral color palettes are always at the top of the list no matter the season you wed. Bring the colors of the season into your wedding with natural fall foliage or a bold choice for your maids, like the velvet charcoal bridesmaid dresses pictured in the Real SBBlooms Bride Inspiration below!

Something Borrowed Blooms has several gorgeous neutral collections such as the Olivia, the Sophia, the Audrey, and the Jane.

The Olivia is a romantic neutral option, with its rustic, hand-tied design featuring rosemary and olive bushes. If you’re looking for a classic white bridal bouquet, you cannot go wrong with the soft, fluffy peonies found in the Sophia or the Audrey. The Jane offers a modern and natural look that is perfect for romantic or boho weddings with a variety of textures and greenery. Which neutral bouquet suits your bridal style?

Fall Wedding Flower Tip #2:
Keep it safe with seasonal colors

Fall is all about deep, moody floral arrangements and Something Borrowed Blooms’ Stella Collection is just that! The Stella collection features rich, earthy marsala tones lightened up with shades of pale pink and grey to create a sensual, stunning look. The collection is made up of gorgeous peonies, ranunculus, roses, and textured succulents, creating an interesting and unexpected arrangement.

Fall Wedding Flower Tips from Something Borrowed Blooms
Stella Collection Bridesmaids

Style your seasonal florals with a bold color choice, as shown here with Brideside’s color, Hunter, or tone down the look with a neutral shade of pink or nude. Either way, bold or neutral, your seasonal florals are always a good choice!

Psst… Stella is the #1 Collection during the fall season and it books quickly. Don’t delay in reserving your date for your silk flower rentals if The Stella is speaking to you! Renting vs buying is a great way to save, but you should book ahead of time in order to ensure your favorite collection is reserved for your big day!

Fall Wedding Flower Tip #3:
Be Bold with your Color Selection

Gemma Bouquets - Fall Wedding Flower Tips from Something Borrowed Blooms
Gemma Collection

Golden yellow is a fall color trend that we can definitely get on board with! If you’re feeling adventurous, opt for bright and bold colors that are sure to get noticed. The Gemma Collection from Something Borrowed Blooms is a perfect example of a vibrant color palette versatile for any season. The Gemma features a beautiful mix of traditional florals and modern house plants with golden dutchess roses, spray roses, English roses, along with bougainvillea, pittosporum, magnolia leaves, and even blackberries. 

We especially love this look paired with a bold fall-colored bridesmaid dress, as shown here with dresses in Citrine from Aura available at Brideside.

Fall Wedding Flower Tip #4:
Don’t Be Afraid to Mix and Match

When choosing flowers and colors for your fall wedding, one decision you’ll have to make is the style of bouquets that you and your maids will carry. Perhaps you love the look of color for your maids but prefer a classic white bridal bouquet for yourself. Or you may choose to reverse your color scheme by opting for colorful florals for you and white florals for your maids.

You can mix and match pieces from different collections from Something Borrowed Blooms to achieve this unique fall look. Popular collections to pair for the fall wedding season are the Stella and the Jane, as they complement each other quite naturally. Both collections have a similar shape with eucalyptus greenery and pair together beautifully, no matter which way you opt to use them!

Other interesting collection combos include the Taylor and the Audrey for a complementary look that isn’t too matchy-matchy. This look would pair nicely with a dusty blue or warm light purple for a look that would work in any season.

What’s your floral bridal style? Neutral, rich color, or mix-and-match?

No matter your preference, you can surely create the look you desire with the gorgeous collections from Something Borrowed Blooms!

Fall Flower Inspiration from Real SBBlooms Brides!

Fall Wedding Inspiration from Something Borrowed Blooms
The Jane Bridal Bouquet
Hannah Lee Photography
The Olivia Bridal Bouquet
The Olivia Bridal Bouquet
Robbie Negrin Photography
The Sophia Bridal Bouquet
The Sophia Bridal Bouquet
Kelly Susan Photography
The Jane Bridal Bouquet - Something Borrowed Blooms - Alicia Magnus Photography
The Jane Bridal Bouquet
Alicia Magnus Photography
The Stella bouquet Something Borrowed Blooms
The Stella Bridesmaid Bouquet
Taylor Rose Photography


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