Five More Font Pairings for Your DIY Wedding Invitations

Are you ready for more fun fonts for your DIY wedding invitations? These pairings are great to add to a design of your own or to pass along to your designer as reference. The best part? They're all budget-friendly and can be used again and again!


1. Melika Script

The Melika Script font is perfect for a fancy fête – use it as the lettering in the couple's names and as the titles on the RSVP and the information card and you'll have a gorgeous stationery suite to send out to guests. $17 – Buy it here

2. Winchester Condensed

If you're hosting a wedding that has vintage twist or a western feel, Winchester Condensed is a wonderful font pick for your stationery. Using it as the primary font give the stationery a little more masculine tone, which is perfect for less frilly wedding invitations. $16 – Buy it here

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3. Feast

Feast is a calligraphy font dream come true. This font boasts the most beautiful wisps and while delicate, stands out in an stationery suite. Use this font for your whimsical night time wedding and reception. $40 – Buy it here

4. Parlour Sans

Parlour is another font that would be great for a vintage or industrial wedding. It has a slightly distressed feel and pairs nicely with both script and serif or san serif fonts. $12 – Buy it here

5. The Artist

This font was made for a creative wedding invitation suite. Perfect for either a painter or a party girl, this font is a fun time just waiting to happen. Part 80's dance party, part paint splattered jeans, if you're looking for a creative font, The Artist is the one.

Share your favorite fonts in the comments!

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