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Five Font Pairings Inspired by Wedding Venues

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font pairings inspired by wedding venues
Mariah Danielson

Choosing a venue for your wedding is inspiration for your entire day. And with so many beautiful options for venues in all parts of the country, there is a lot to be inspired by. Today we’re sharing five font pairings inspired by wedding venues from around the country.

Font Pairings Inspired by Wedding Venues

font pairings inspired by wedding venues

1. Bodega Script

Such a classic, beautiful venue deserves a font just as lovely, and Bodega Script is definitely a beautiful match for the Gramercy Park Hotel. The perfect amount of ligatures in the letters makes this font feel so elegant, and it has a vintage feel that pairs perfectly with a hotel venue with lots of history.

2. Seafool Regular

If you’re hunting for a venue and love both adventure and history, the Field Museum in Chicago is the venue for you. And if you’re hosting your wedding at the Field Museum, then Seafool Regular is your go-to font. This font is actually one in a trio of fonts from the Haste collection, and when you pair all three fonts together you have an awesome mix of handmade, vintage feeling pieces. It would perfectly match your fun, museum wedding.

3. Yorkshire

I’d never heard of Herban Feast’s Sodo Park, but after seeing the pictures of weddings hosted there, I understood why it’s such a sought-after wedding venue in the Seattle area. And when you pair that venue with the Yorkshire font, you have a match made in stationery heaven. Yorkshire is a lovely brush script font with both traditional and modern characteristics. It’s the perfect font to use for a modern, earthy, Pacific Northwest wedding.

4. Waverly CF Art Deco Sans

When you’re hosting your wedding at a historic venue like the Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus, Ohio, you need a historically inspired font to match. Waverly CF Art Deco Sans is a wonderful, clean font inspired by the 1920s, a lovely era to design your wedding around.

5. Bayshore

One of the most iconic wedding venues in California, The Parker Palm Springs, deserves  an iconic font to match. That’s where Bayshore comes in. Bayshore has a slightly retro feel with definite neon and California influences. It’s character is definitely a match for all of the personality the Parker Palm Springs shares.

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