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Flower Alternatives: Dried Flowers

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Looking for an alternative and eco-friendly option for fresh wedding florals? Check out the beautiful options for wedding bouquets, centerpieces, and more featuring dried wedding flowers.

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When you’re working with a small budget, you have to cut the items that aren’t a priority to you. Like many budget-savvy brides, you may decide that you don’t want to spend a lot on flowers. After all, while they are beautiful for the day, inevitably, they’ll wither and die.

If you want your fresh floral bouquet to last beyond the big day, there is the added cost of preservation. What if there was an option that allowed you to have a bouquet that was preserved, made of real flowers, *and* cost much less than the typical florist markup?

Lucky for you, there totally is!

Dried Bouquets are an Inexpensive Alternative to Fresh Flowers

After some savvy researching, we stumbled upon dried bouquets. Basically, they are an inexpensive alternative to fresh flowers for weddings! They are also long-lasting and go great with a rustic theme. Plus, you’ll save on getting them preserved. If you keep them out of the sun and take the proper care, they should last forever.

We found a bunch of great sellers on Etsy or if you wanted to DIY your own, Afloral sells a variety of dried flowers. Check out these gorgeous dried flower bouquets, dried flower centerpieces, dried flower boutonnieres and more!


Flower Wedding Bouquet 

Etsy • $99

A simply made dried wedding bouquet for brides or bridesmaids to hold as they walk down the aisle. Light colored ribbon holds the earth colored flowers in place. 


Dried Flower Arrangement 

Etsy • $29+

Dried flower centerpieces with different color and vase options. Create a centerpiece fitting the theme of the wedding. Each flower being hand-picked and unique from the rest.  


Dried Flower Confetti 

Etsy • $24+

Celebrate the newlyweds as they walk down the aisle as a married couple with dried flower confetti! Each is separated into small cones of all different biodegradable floral colors. Decide on a scent and collection of the flowers. 


Wedding Arch Arrangement 

Etsy • $149+

Large wedding arch arrangements to be kept for years after the wedding. Use as the ceremony backdrop or decorate throughout the wedding. On the ground or on an arch, dried floral arrangements look great anywhere. 


Rose boutonniere with eucalyptus 

Etsy • $11.50

Simple rose boutonniere for the groom and groomsmen to wear for the ceremony. Match the rose color according to the wedding theme with hints of eucalyptus and baby’s breath. 


Mini Bouquet Sets 

Etsy • $20+

Mini bouquet sets for centerpiece decoration or wedding favors. Real dried flowers and herbs for naturally scented bouquets. Up to 200 sets are available for purchase for larger parties. 


Wildflower Boho Bouquet 

Etsy • $130.19

Include a pop of color in the bridal bouquet standing out in the pictures! Different sizes are optional, with unique custom orders. A dried white anemone bouquet perfect for spring weddings. 


Dried Flower Hair Comb 

Etsy • $20.82+

Decorate the bride or bridesmaid hair with a naturally dried flower hair comb. Organically grown lavender is included adding a delicate aroma to the decorative hair piece. 


Wildflower and Lavender Wreath 

Etsy • $80

A decorative wreath to take home after the wedding is over! Place as a ceremony backdrop or wall decorations during the reception. Dried wildflowers mixed in with lavender and greenery. 


Dried Flowers Natural Pampas Grass 

Etsy • $16.82

Purchase a bulk arrangement of natural pampas grass to create personalized bouquets or any wedding decoration! 105 pieces are included with many options to create DIY wedding decor! 


Dried Flower Bridal Bouquet 

Etsy • $44.71+

A colorful, hot pink bouquet made up of spring flowers and greenery. Different sizes are available tied together with twine and white silk ribbon for the finishing touch. 


Dry Flower Crown 

Etsy • $50

For a boho bride, a dried delicate flower crown may be perfect for her! A beautiful keepsake to remember the special day with her significant other. Multiple colors created for any season. 


Blue Thistle Burgundy Dried Flowers 

Etsy • $35+

Dried flower bouquet with a mix of daisies, bunny tails, and natural flax. Different sizes are available with corsages or combs as well. Holding the flowers together are burlap or ribbon, matching the wedding color scheme. 


Cotton Flower Arrangement

Etsy • $34.97+

Small cotton and eucalyptus flower arrangement underneath a glass dome sitting on a wooden place setting. Use as centerpieces for simple decorations. 


Dried Flower Boutonnieres

Etsy • $35

A dried flower boutonniere with a mix of neutral toned florals. Miniature pampas grass and roses tied together with twine coming in a set of two. Personalize with requested colors for the perfect boutonnieres. 

Dried wedding flowers are cost-effective with available use for events after the wedding. Allow the dried flowers to become keepsakes by holding on to them  forever.

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