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Feather Wedding Decor Ideas as Alternatives to Flowers

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Looking for affordable wedding decor inspiration? Consider incorporating feathers into your wedding decorations on the big day!

Feather Wedding Decor Ideas as Alternatives to Flowers

As you may have already seen in our other flower alternative posts, there are so many different materials you can use to make centerpieces and bouquets. Fresh flowers can be terribly expensive and potentially unpredictable, so using a different kind of decor can be a stress-free way of saving big bucks.

You’ve likely considered silk or fabric flowers as an alternative to fresh. But what about feathers?

If you have a little DIY skill or just want to buy something that lasts longer than a few days, feathers are a lovely option.

Unique Feather Wedding Ideas

Check out some of these beautiful feather wedding decor ideas to get your creative wheels turning for affordable decorations!

ZuckerFeatherPlace-Etsy: Large Ostrich Feathers

Ostrich Feathers Centerpiece

Etsy • $15.24+

Ostrich feathers centerpiece. Choose from 1-25 pieces for a look personalized for the wedding. Available in a variety of colors while ranging from 17-25 inches tall.

Wedding Ostrich Feather Pen Ivory Feather Pen Wedding Signing

Ostrich Feather Pen 

Etsy • $31.45+

A pen to use for signing the guestbook or favors for guests! Purchase a feathered pen to stay on the theme of feathers for the wedding. Different styles and ribbon color are available to choose from.

SHUKUBI- Etsy: New Arrival 3D Pink Feather Wall

3D Pink Feather Wall

Etsy • $269+

Feathered and pink may be perfect for the wedding day! Use as a photo op or extra decorative piece with large faux feathers creates a wall in multiple sizes.

fkcraftfeather-Etsy:1616 Wedding Favor White Ostrich Feather Bouquet Bridal

Bejeweled Hand Fans 

Etsy • $23.99

For the hotter months, hand fans will be appreciated by guests to use during the ceremony and reception. Decorated in white ostrich feathers held together by a bejeweled base. 

Mysilkweddingflowers-Etsy: White Roses Bouquet White Feather Bouquet

White Feather Bouquet 

Etsy • $45+

For the bride or bridesmaids, a classy white bouquet will match any color scheme for the wedding. Covered in silk white roses and feathers for a simple look. Different sizes are available.

CaNatureLover-Etsy: Natural Turkey Feathers

Natural Turkey Feathers 

Etsy • $6.34+

Natural turkey feathers used as decorations for centerpieces, flat lays or personalized bouquets! Purchase in packs of 3 to 100 feathers to create the ultimate feather look.

IntendedArtByJasmine_Etsy: Customizable Wedding Arch Arrangement

Wedding Arch Arrangement 

Etsy • $112.49+

A beautiful wedding arch arrangement fill with feathers, pampas grass, and flowers to place on an arch for the ceremony backdrop. Different sizes are available for a long-lasting decor piece.

luckyweddingstore: New 3D Feather Wall Fabric Rolling up Curtain Cloth Wedding - Etsy

3D Feather Wall 

Etsy • $208.26+

Option for a photo op feather wall or a backdrop for other decorations. Feathers held together by a roll-up curtain cloth for easy assembly with no scare of feathers falling off!

TrimsByTheYards : Expo Maia Feather Floral Brooch/Hair clip-Etsy

Feather Floral Hair Clip

Etsy • $3.07

A floral hair clip made of faux feathers and flowers for a stylish addition to the wedding look. Coming in multiple colors, each clip is hand made, being unique to the bride.

HouseToHomeMarket: Set of 12 Tall Pheasant Feather Sprays 26 Tall - Etsy

Tall Pheasant Feather Sprays 

Etsy • $249

A set of twelve pheasant feather sprays to include in bouquets, flower arrangements or wreath enhancements. The sprays can be used in multiple settings to create decorations adhering to the brides’ style. 

VallariDecor: Peacock and Ostrich Feather Centerpiece for Peacock Themed - Etsy

Peacock and Ostrich Feather Centerpiece 

Etsy • $62

Add a colorful element to the wedding with bright feathers creating the ultimate centerpiece. Each arrangement includes an Eiffel tower vase in clear or black with 25 feathers for a fuller display. 

beautyfabric: 52 Colors Ostrich Feather Lace Trim - Etsy

Ostrich Feather Lace Trim 

Etsy • $6.29

Attach natural frilly ostrich feathers to any wedding decorative piece. Place along reception tables or along the ceremony aisles incorporating color and feathers into the wedding in subtle ways. 

Globalfeathers: 2 Meter Ostrich Feather Boa Shawl Vintage High Quality Fluffy - Etsy

Ostrich Feather Boa Shawl 

Etsy • $15.29+ 

A fun photo ops for guests to take pictures with. As feathers are the theme of the wedding, feather boas will fit in perfectly. Guests can wear them on the dance floor or for pictures.

CommercialPropShop: Set of 3 Natural Leather Ostrich Feather Product Photography - Etsy

Natural Leather Ostrich Feather

Etsy • $14

Single naturally colored ostrich feathers adding texture for photo ops. Include in the bouquets, wedding flat lays, or for a decorative piece on the reception tables. Coming in a set of three with colors to choose from. 

HandyMadeTs: Rust Pew Decor Aisle Flowers - Etsy

Rust Pew Decor Aisle Flowers 

Etsy • $269.99+

For the ceremony, feathered decorations are simple and classy to place along the aisle pews, looking beautiful in person and in pictures. Pampas grass, eucalyptus, and feathers create the hangers. 

Feather Wedding Decorations

Feathers can truly add a touch of unique charm to your wedding day! If you’re looking to make your special day stand out and want something different from traditional flower arrangements, feathers are a fantastic option to consider. With a plethora of styles and materials available on Etsy, you’ll find a wide range of feather alternatives that are perfect for creating a gorgeous wedding look!

Budget-Friendly Feather Wedding Decor

One of the great advantages of choosing feathers as a substitute for wedding flowers is that they can be a cost-effective and budget-friendly choice. Compared to fresh flowers, which can sometimes come with a hefty price tag, feathers provide an affordable yet visually striking option. By opting for feathers, you can allocate your wedding budget more efficiently, allowing you to invest in other important aspects of your big day.

Will you incorporate feathers into your wedding decorations?

Feathers offer a unique and budget-friendly way to make your wedding truly special. With their versatility, affordability, and lasting beauty, feathers can bring a touch of elegance and whimsy to your big day. So why not explore the wonderful world of feather alternatives on Etsy and discover the perfect feather arrangements that will make your wedding an unforgettable event? Follow B$B on Pinterest for more wedding decor inspiration!

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