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Felt Wedding Decor Ideas for an Affordable Fresh Flower Alternative

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If you’re looking for an affordable alternative to fresh flowers for the big day, consider flowers made of felt for your big day arrangements!


While fresh flowers have long been a traditional choice for wedding decor, they can sometimes put a strain on your budget. But fear not! We’ve got an exciting and affordable alternative for you: felt wedding decor. 

Felt is versatile, charming, and can add a touch of whimsy to your wedding while keeping costs in check. Felt is easy to work with and cheap, meaning you can find some amazing felt bouquets for less than many other flower alternatives. Let’s explore some fantastic felt wedding decor ideas that will make your big day extra special without breaking the bank. 

Felt Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Create eye-catching table centerpieces using felt flowers or other felt elements. Combine felt flowers with twigs, fairy lights, or small ornaments to add a magical touch to your reception tables. Felt garlands can also be used as table runners or intertwined with greenery for a rustic-chic look. Get creative and experiment with different shapes, colors, and textures to design centerpieces that reflect your personal style.

BusyIzzieGiftShop: Flower Centerpiece Wood Base Wool Blend Felt Flower - Etsy

Felt Flower Centerpiece

Etsy • $51.30

Felt flower centerpiece with mixes of roses and greenery. Put together in a wooden box to easily place anywhere. Customize each flower arrangement with any colors to match the wedding theme.

MellyMeierBotanicals: Miniature Felt Flowers Minimalist Flower Decor Felt Flowers - Etsy

Miniature Felt Flower Centerpiece 

Etsy • $24

Mixed flower centerpiece available for customization of flower bud colors, creating a centerpiece perfect for the wedding theme. Each bouquet is hand made, creating large and small pieces.

AnchorAndSoul: Felt Flower Bouquet Sunflower Peony and Rose Felt Flower - Etsy

Felt Wedding Centerpiece 

Etsy • $62

A large and subtly colored wedding centerpiece filled with felt sunflowers, eucalyptus and white roses. Flower stems come separately to personalize the centerpiece. 

ChalkandPineDesign: Spring Peony & Dogwood Bouquet Felt Flowers - Etsy

Spring Peony & Dogwood Bouquet 

Etsy • $95

Spring colored wedding centerpiece filled with greenery and pinks and yellows. A fun decoration piece that can be used for years to come. Each piece is made from a premium wool felt blend. 

MellyMeierBotanicals: Small Wildflower Blooms Felt Flowers- Etsy

Small Wildflower Blooms 

Etsy • $6.50+

Delicate wildflower blooms creating the perfect centerpiece to include a pop of color in the wedding. Different flowers and colors are perfectly paired to place in any vase or spread along the reception tables. 

Felt Flower Bouquets: 

Instead of traditional fresh flower bouquets, opt for beautiful felt flower bouquets that can be cherished long after the wedding day. Felt flowers are available in various colors, sizes, and designs, allowing you to customize them to match your wedding theme perfectly. You can choose from delicate roses, elegant peonies, or whimsical wildflowers. Check out Etsy or local craft stores for handmade felt bouquets or even consider creating your own with a little DIY magic.

Bitofblooms: Custom Wedding Bouquet Felt Flower - Etsy

Custom Wedding Bouquet 

Etsy • $100

A custom wedding bouquet to create a flower arrangement matching perfectly to the wedding theme and colors. Each bouquet is personalized including wool felt greenery and multiple flower options.

WildcatAndGarden: Handmade Felt Flower Bouquet- Etsy

Handmade Felt Flower Bouquet 

Etsy • $117.60

A bright and bold flower arrangement for a pop of color in pictures and the wedding. Hold on for years to come with a felt created bouquet, never losing its color or shape. 

WildcatAndGarden: Customizable Bridal Felt Floral Bouquet - Etsy

Personalized Felt Floral Bouquet 

Etsy • $279.30

A large felt floral bouquet with multiple types of flowers and colors to create the ultimate wedding bouquet! Size and customization are available on the website. 

TheMonarchTree: Felt Flower Bouquet / 12-stem Earthtones Mix - Etsy

Felt Flower Bouquet 

Etsy • $85

A felt flower bouquet wrapped in paper enclosed in twine for an addition to the felt wedding bouquet. Darker colored flowers create an arrangement perfect for fall or winter weddings. 

TheRuffledPage: Pinks & Peach Felt Flower Bouquet Cabbage Rose Mini Daisy - Etsy

Pinks & Peach Felt Bouquet 

Etsy • $36+

A miniature felt wedding bouquet perfect for the bridal party to hold as they walk down the aisle. A mix of pinks and peaches creates a spring-looking bouquet bridesmaids will adore!

Felt Backdrops and Wall Hangings:

Enhance the beauty of your wedding venue with stunning felt backdrops or wall hangings. These can serve as a focal point for the ceremony backdrop, photo booth area, or even the cake table. Opt for a large felt flower wall or a cascading felt garland with varying shades and sizes. Not only will these backdrops provide a unique and romantic ambiance, but they’ll also serve as excellent photo opportunities for you and your guests.

UniqueBoutiqueDecor: Felt Flower Gold Hoop Wreath 10 Spring Felt Flowers - Etsy

Gold Hoop Wreath 

Etsy • $42

A large gold hoop wrapped in felt flowers and greenery to hang throughout the wedding. Place on a photo backdrop or on the reception walls for extra decoration in the wedding. 

myweddingplanners: 100 Pcs Lot of Triangle Felt Paper Garlands- Etsy

Felt Paper Garlands 

Etsy • $35.99+

Folded felt paper garlands coming in over ten colors to drape along the walls of the reception or use as the ceremony backdrop for extra color coming in packs of ten to one hundred. 

alisonmichel: English Garden Wallflower Set Large - Etsy

English Garden Wallflower Set 

Etsy • $155

Large separate wall flowers created from premium wool felt to hold its structure for long periods. Stick to the walls or photo backdrops for a delicate addition to the wedding decorations. 

Felt Garlands

Transform your wedding venue with enchanting felt garlands. Felt garlands can be draped along the ceremony aisle, hung from the ceiling, or used as table runners. These garlands can be made of felt flowers, leaves, or even intricate shapes like hearts or stars. Opt for a single color or create a vibrant mix to match your wedding theme. Combine the garlands with fairy lights for a magical ambiance that will leave your guests in awe.

MeriMeriinc: Felt Heart Garland - Etsy

Felt Heart Garland

Etsy • $36

Use a felt heart garland in many ways. Drape along the reception tables as centerpieces or use as aisle runners in the ceremony. Colorful hearts held together by a white twisted rope. 

BlakelyandRae: Medium Wool Felt Flower and Daisy Garland wall Hanging Home - Etsy

Felt Flower and Daisy Garland

Etsy • $46

A twine garland decorated in greenery leaves, daisies and flowers. Customize the color of flowers to make the garland customized to the wedding. Each garland is about six feet long. 

TaraTreasuresAU: Eucalyptus and Gum Blossoms Garland Ethically Made From Wool - Etsy

Eucalyptus and Gum Blossoms Garland 

Etsy • $34.52

Felted gum blossoms and eucalyptus cover a felt rope to match a felt flower themed wedding! Simply decorated garland to hang from the ceiling or drape along any surface. 

alisonmichel: Large Felt Flower Swag Garland - Etsy

Large Felt Flower Garland 

Etsy • $85

A large felt flower garland decorated in greenery and light-colored flowers. Place anywhere in the ceremony or reception for a simple decoration piece, completing the look of the wedding. 

BlakelyandRae: Wool Felt Daisy Chain Garland - Etsy

Wool Felt Daisy Chain 

Etsy • $15+

Drape along the walls or ceremony aisle with delicate felt daisies and greenery. Choose a desired color and length to personalize the chain. Each felt piece is glued on to a twine string. 

Loose Felt Flower Accents

SheepFarmFelt: Garden Party BouquetWool Felt Ball - Etsy

Felt Ball Flower Bouquet 

Etsy • $22.50+

A unique bridal bouquet made of felt balls! Different colored spheres are attached to long green sticks wrapped in twine for a rustic look. Each bouquet is multi-colored. 

TwilliDesigns: Felt Daisy Flowers Felted White Daisies- Etsy

Felt Daisy Flowers 

Etsy • $1.35+

Felt bubble daisy flowers coming in multiple packs. Scatter along reception tables or during the ceremony for a simple look to the overall wedding. 

TheFelteryCo: Mini Scalloped Blooms Bundle of 6 Felt Flowers - Etsy

Mini Scalloped Blooms 

Etsy • $12

Provide mini scalloped blooms for the bridesmaids to hold as they walk down the aisle. Made with wire stems to withstand many hours of usage. 

HomeHeartFelts: Small & Large Loose Felt Flowers - Etsy

Loose Felt Flowers 

Etsy • $19.20+

Large and small loose felt flowers to place anywhere in the wedding. Coming in all sorts of colors and designs to place on reception or ceremony tables. 

HuckleberryMint: Succulent Flower Arrangement Nursery Swedish Core Neutral - Etsy

Succulent Flower Arrangement 

Etsy • $39

A beautiful beige colored flower arrangement made of felt, looking related to succulents. Lay out on reception tables for a simply designed centerpiece. 

Felt Boutonnieres and Corsages:

Don’t forget the boutonnieres and corsages! Replace the traditional fresh flower options with felt alternatives. Felt boutonnieres can be designed to resemble flowers, leaves, or even miniature bow ties, while felt corsages can incorporate a mix of flowers, leaves, and ribbons. These felt accessories are not only budget-friendly but also serve as charming keepsakes for your wedding party.

InBloomFeltStudio: Large Felt Flower Corsage- Etsy

Large Flower Corsage 

Etsy • $15

A large flower corsage made of wool felt. Designed to the bride’s liking with over thirty flower colors to choose from. Create the corsage of their dreams to become a keepsake for years to come! 

StellinaB: Small Corsage Felt Flower - Etsy

Felt Flower Corsage 

Etsy • $14.50

Simply designed corsage to be cohesive in many wedding styles. Pink and white flowers sit atop greenery with a band to fit any wrist size. Different sizes are available to choose from. 

HeartfeltBlooms: Felt Flower Boutonnière - Etsy

Wedding Boutonnière 

Etsy • $20

A felt wedding boutonniere looking cohesive to the felted floral theme of the wedding! Coral, blue and green colors create this boutonniere wrapped in twine for a rustic look. 

ElisFeltCraftEU: Forget Me Not Pin Light Blue Flower Brooch Wedding - Etsy

Light Blue Flower Boutonniere 

Etsy • $10+

Light blue flowers held together by green leaves and stems. A simple and delicately decorated boutonniere to keep for years down the road.

HoneyCrown: FELT // Wedding Boutonnière - Etsy

Felt Flower Boutonniere 

Etsy • $18

Incorporate felt florals in every aspect of the wedding with a felt boutonniere made of felt roses and greenery. A stem made of twine to match any wedding color scheme. 

Felt Greenery Ideas

Replace traditional fresh greenery with felt alternatives to adorn your wedding venue. Felt leaves and foliage can be used to create stunning wreaths for your ceremony backdrop, reception entrance, or as table centerpieces. Arrange felt eucalyptus leaves, ferns, or succulents into wreaths of various sizes and shapes. Not only will these felt creations provide an eco-friendly option, but they will also stay fresh and beautiful throughout your entire wedding day. Check out these unique and affordable felt decorations that mimic the look of greenery for your wedding.

TheChapmansShop: Felt Eucalyptus Garland - Etsy

Felt Eucalyptus Garland 

Etsy • $63+

A long eucalyptus garland with able of purchasing different lengths to lay across tables or down the aisle of the ceremony. Use for a beautiful and easily placed decoration piece. 

Feltsogoodltd: Mistletoe Felt Wreath Decoration - Etsy

Mistletoe Wreath 

Etsy • $59.18

Use a mistletoe wreath to decorate the walls of the venue and for Christmas time after the wedding! Simply hang it anywhere with a felt strap at the top. All hand stitched onto a circular wire. 

alisonmichel: Felt Eucalyptus Leaf Stems- Etsy

Felt Eucalyptus Leaf Stems 

Etsy • $4.50+

Felt eucalyptus leaf stems to place anywhere in the wedding. Use in bouquets or table centerpieces for an added touch of greenery to the special day. 

FeltKit: Monstera Leaves 9 Leaves Greenery DIY Felt Flowers - Etsy

Greenery Felt Flowers 

Etsy • $10+

Large felt flowers shaped to look similar to tropical leaves. Stay on the theme of a summer wedding with felted greenery to include in the ceremony backdrop or in the reception! 

Felt Wedding Table Decorative Accents

From napkin rings to placemats, to silverware pouches, there are so many creative ways to use felt on your wedding day tables. Check out these unique and creative ideas for felt table decorations: 

EAEArtHome: 9 Color Options Set Pine Tree Felt Cutlery - Etsy

Felt Cutlery Holder Pocket 

Etsy • $13.49+

For Christmas lovers, a Christmas themed wedding just makes sense! Felt cutouts of trees to hold silverware at each place setting. Coming in multiple colors and quantity amounts. 

HanaCraftStore: 4 Pack Green Leaf Felt Napkin Ring - Etsy

Leaf Felt Napkin Ring 

Etsy • $20+

A felt napkin ring for fall weddings cut to look like leaves. Place on each place setting for guests to enjoy as an added decoration to the reception dinner. 

feltplanet: Pebble Wool Felt Placemat Mid Century Modern 5mm Thick - Etsy

Oval Felt Placemat 

Etsy • $25+

Include felt during the meal time with durable felted placemats. Shaped in an oval to fit utensils on both sides. Decide on the placemat colors and inclusions of felt coasters for the guests drinks. 

Other Felt Wedding Decor Ideas

From banners to other decorative accents, here are some other creative ways to incorporate felt projects into your wedding decor. 

Pennant4YourThoughts: BRIDE AND GROOM Groom and Groom Bride and Bride Mini - Etsy

Mini Pennants Set of 2 

Etsy • $16

Mini pennants to use in a multitude of ways. Stick in the wedding cake for a decoration topper, photo props for the photo booth, or an addition to the photo lays of accessories. 

FeltLikeAhParty: Pop the Cork Centerpiece - Etsyq

Pop the Cork Centerpiece 

Etsy • $25

For the newlywed’s table, a fake champagne bottle decorated in felt bubbles is a fun decoration added to the table. Cream-colored bubbles make for a realistic yet fun look.

Felt Wedding Cake Toppers

Add a touch of personalized charm to your wedding cake with adorable felt cake toppers. These cute and customizable creations can be crafted to resemble you and your partner, showcasing your unique personalities. Whether you prefer a classic bride and groom design or a fun representation of your hobbies or interests, felt cake toppers provide a whimsical and budget-friendly alternative to traditional figurines. You can find a variety of felt cake toppers on online marketplaces or consider creating your own by following simple DIY tutorials.

FELTGIFTCrafts: Needle Felted Tiny Groom and Bride Wedding Topper - Etsy

1Needle Felted Groom and Bride 

Etsy • $38

Each topper is handmade by a needle and felt creating personalized bride and groom cake toppers. Sticks are glued on for easy insertion on the toppers. 

VrublArtShop: Brown Sloth Wedding Cake Topper Groom and Bride Sloth - Etsy

Sloth Wedding cake topper

Etsy • $120

For the animal lovers, cute wool felted sloths decorated as a bride and groom may be perfect! Each purchase includes a stand to engrave the newlyweds initials and wedding date. 

TheScarlettStudio: Custom Name Wedding Cake Topper Felt- Etsy

Custom Name Wedding Cake Topper 

Etsy • $27.52

A banner-inspired cake topper for a simple decoration piece. Personalize the couple’s name and mini felt flowers on either side. Each topper is hand-embroidered. 

TheCactusGardenShop: Bride and Groom Wedding Cake Topper / Felt Cactus - Etsy

Felt Cactus Wedding Cake Topper 

Etsy • $45

Adorable mini cake toppers to sit on top of a simple cake. Felt cactus decorated as a bride and groom sitting in small brown pots. Each topper is handmade being unique to the couple. 

Felt Chair Decorations

Make your guests feel extra special by adorning the backs of their chairs with charming felt decorations. Create small felt flower bouquets or attach felt hearts, butterflies, or initials to ribbon sashes, and tie them around the chairs. This simple addition will instantly transform your ceremony or reception space into a whimsical wonderland.

shopcherrysprinkles:Felt Envelope Love Letter - Etsy

Felt Love Letter Envelope 

Etsy • $3.95+

Glue love letter envelopes to ribbon sashes to tie onto the backs of chairs! A day all about love can include love letter-inspired decorations for the chairs in the ceremony or reception. 

feltnyarn: 4 Strands per Set of Felt Mistletoe Garlands for Christmas Felt - Etsy

Chair and Pew Drapings

Etsy • $55+

Drape along the chairs in the reception for an aisle and chair decoration piece. Simply designed drapings can be the perfect touch to the ceremony look. Made to look like mistletoe with white felt pearls. 

PeachPod: 10 Blue Heart Decorations Felt - Etsy

Blue Heart Aisle Pew Decor 

Etsy • $19.99+

Decorate the pews/chairs of the ceremony with small felt light blue hearts. Attached to each heart is a small ribbon hook to hang and use after the wedding!

Did You Love These Felt Flower Wedding Decor Ideas?

When it comes to wedding decor, felt provides a delightful, affordable, and eco-friendly alternative to fresh flowers. With felt flower bouquets, table centerpieces, chair decorations, backdrops, and boutonnieres, you can infuse your special day with a touch of whimsy and creativity. Embrace your inner DIY enthusiast or explore local artisans and craft stores to find the perfect felt creations for your wedding. So, why not consider this unique and budget-friendly option for a truly unforgettable celebration of love? Let your creativity bloom with felt wedding decor!

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