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Flower Alternatives: Silk

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Looking for an alternative for fresh wedding florals? Check out the beautiful options for wedding bouquets, centerpieces, and more featuring silk flowers.

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This post is part of our wedding flower alternatives series. We all know that fresh flowers are absolutely beautiful, but unfortunately, they can also be fairly expensive! If you still want the look of fresh flowers without the price tag, you can always go with silk or faux flowers. Using fake flowers means you could reuse them as centerpieces in your home or sell them to another bride and recoup some of your money.

Why you should choose silk flowers for your wedding:

You get the same look as real flowers.

  • They last forever so they are not a disposable expense.
  • You can re-use them in your home after the wedding.
  • You could resell them to another bride to get some of your investment back.
  • They are usually way cheaper than the real thing!

Where to buy silk flowers for your wedding:

If you’ve decided on silk flowers for your wedding, this list is for you! Below are our top recommendations for purchasing silk flowers or pre-made silk flower arrangements for your big day!


Silk Peony Bridal Bouquet 

Etsy • $101+

Silk greenery and colorful peonies put together for a bridal or bridal party bouquet. Held together by a light pink silk ribbon matching the larger blush peonies. 


Small Silk Wedding Bouquet 

Etsy • $27.99+

Smaller sized bouquets perfect for the bridal party to hold during the ceremony! White, pink, and red are optional for the primary color, with the option of purchasing two at a time. 


Silk Flowers Decoration

Etsy • $33.06+

Decorative centerpieces to place on tables for the reception or down the aisle at the ceremony. Multi-use decorative piece full of greenery, roses, and hydrangeas available in multiple color schemes. 


Silk Cherry Blossom Stem 

Etsy • $39.99

A beautiful yet simple arrangement adding a classy touch to any wedding. Tall silk cherry blossoms ranging from lighter to darker color options. 


Flower Art Wedding Arch Decor 

Etsy • $50.06

Include a pop of color for the ceremony arch at the altar. Silk fall colored flowers available to hang on any arch design. Multiple styles are available to create the perfect design. 


Silk Hydrangea Centerpiece Arrangement 

Etsy • $44.99

Classy silk hydrangeas in ivory and blues attached to green stems and leaves underneath. Standing up in a glass vase with faux water, looking like a real flower bouquet. 


Silk Flower Cake Topper

Etsy • $10.67+

A delicate cake topper to be preserved as a keepsake after the wedding! Large white peonies and baby’s breath form a beautiful yet simple topper design. 


Silk Rose Petals 

Etsy • $49.99+

Scatter silk rose petals anywhere in the wedding. Purchase for multiple uses in the ceremony and reception, the final decorative touch to any wedding theme coming in a pack of 250 petals. 


Silk Wedding Flowers Decor 

Etsy • $25+

Receive a box full of different colors and styles of flowers to uniquely set up for the wedding day. Create a bouquet or centerpiece with each flower head or scatter them anywhere. 


Silk Bridesmaid Bouquets 

Etsy • $69.95

White roses and different greenery bridesmaid bouquets, staying simple and classy. Wrapped in silk ribbon or burlap, create a bouquet unique to the wedding. 


Natural Silk Boutonniere 

Etsy • $15+

A natural and real looking boutonniere for the groom and groomsmen. A simpler look with smaller flower and leaf choices. Add a personalization for any quantity chosen to create a lasting boutonniere to keep forever. 


Glam Flower Table Runner 

Etsy • $462.96

A large white floral table runner perfect for rectangular style tables or to drape along the aisle at the ceremony. A multi-use decorative piece can be used post-wedding as well! 


Large Silk Flower Arrangement  

Etsy • $199

Large stand-alone flower arrangements subtly decorating the wedding day with. Spread throughout the venue to get good use out of the greenery arrangements. Roses placed throughout the decorations for a pop of color. 


Silk Rose Boutonniere 

Etsy • $12.50+

A classic boutonniere available in many rose colors and wrapping styles. Eucalyptus and baby’s breath are accented underneath the rose as the center of attention. 

Of course, you can always rent silk floral arrangements from our friends at Something Borrowed Blooms! Learn more about them here.

Using silk flowers as an alternative to fresh blooms for the wedding day can help you save time and money! The stress of dead flowers will be gone, with silk florals staying fresh forever. Each flower arrangement can be a keepsake to have for years as sweet memories of the wedding day. 

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