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A 'Four Weddings' Approach to Happy Guests

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Discover the top ten dos and don’ts to make your wedding unforgettable, as gleaned from binge-watching the wedding show, ‘Four Weddings!’

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TLC’s Four Weddings is a go-to wedding show in many homes. With the ability to view four weddings in under an hour, it offers valuable insights into what works and what doesn’t for brides.

If you and your partner haven’t binged this show and take diligent notes on how to ensure your guests have a memorable experience, allow us to do the homework for you. While every suggestion likely won’t align with your budget, we’ve gathered the top 10 dos and don’ts from this program that can benefit engaged couples like you!

Join us as we uncover the secrets to creating a wedding that will leave both the couple and their guests filled with happiness and cherished memories. Spoiler alert: it’s all about considering your guests!

Guest Considerations and Lessons Learned from ‘Four Weddings’

Planning a wedding can often feel like a daunting task, with so many moving parts and details to consider. However, at the center of it all, there is one ultimate goal – creating an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. After all, your wedding day is not just a celebration of your love, but an opportunity to bring together the people who matter most to you, to share in your joy and happiness. In this blog post, we’ll take a deep dive into the key considerations you need to keep in mind to ensure your guests have an amazing time at your wedding.

#10: Do Opt for a Single Venue or Two That Are Close In Distance

To ensure a seamless flow between the ceremony and the reception, we recommend minimizing the distance between the two event locations. This way, guests will appreciate the convenience of not having to drive long distances, allowing them to fully enjoy the celebration without any transportation-related concerns.

#9: Do Keep Guests Entertained Between The Ceremony and Reception

Hosting a cocktail hour is a great option to occupy your guests while you’re getting photos taken with your new spouse. Who can really complain if they have a free drink, right? But, keep timing in mind here, the longer you’re away getting photos taken the more alcohol and appetizers your guests will consume.  This can add up quickly!

#8: Don’t Be Late to Walk Down the Aisle

I’ve noticed that some of the brides on the show have kept guests waiting for over two hours! It can be quite uncomfortable sitting in a seat for that long, wondering when the ceremony will finally start. Your guests have taken time out of their busy lives to be present to celebrate you! Be courteous to your guests and make sure your wedding starts on time.

#7: Do Keep Temperature and Weather in Mind

When choosing your wedding date, it’s important to take into account the seasonal temperature and weather. This will help you prepare for any potential unforeseen circumstances. Make sure to have umbrellas, fans, shawls, tents, and other accommodations on hand to make your guests feel comfortable. After all, who can blame someone for voicing their concerns if they have to sit outside in the rain without any cover? Let’s make sure everyone has a wonderful and memorable experience on your special day!

#6: Don’t Go Overboard with Vows

Personal vows seem to go over really well on the show, as they give guests a glimpse into the heart of the couple’s relationship and love. Just be sure your personalized vows don’t drag on or turn into a 40-minute monologue on top of readings, singing, sand/unity candle ceremonies, etc. If you’re writing your own vows, keep them short, sweet, and meaningful.

#5: Do use silk flowers 

Of course, we’re huge fans of using silk flowers as a way to get a luxe floral look for less. Just remember, there’s always someone who will find something to complain about. But here’s the thing, there will also be someone who won’t even notice the difference. We’ve even seen guests on the show expressing their concerns about whether the couple spent too much or too little on real wedding flowers. But hey, at the end of the day, it’s your call. Choose what fits your budget and style, and know that we’re here to support you all the way!

#4: Don’t serve too much or too little food.

Guests on the show really enjoy having a variety of options and feeling satisfied after dinner. However, it’s important to find the right balance, as offering too much might lead to concerns about waste or leave your guests feeling too stuffed to dance. So, let’s be mindful and avoid going overboard to make the most of your budget!

#3: Do have a photo booth for entertainment.

I’ve never seen an episode where a guest didn’t absolutely love the photo booth! In fact, most guests say it’s the highlight of the wedding. Let’s skip the Elvis impersonators, belly dancers, mimes, or even cupids (yes, cupids!) stealing the spotlight from the newlyweds. It seems guests aren’t quite sure how to react to extra entertainment. Let’s keep the focus on the happy couple and make sure everyone has a fantastic time!

#2: Don’t stress too much about the food

No matter what type of food you serve, there will always be critics, but remember, you can’t please everyone’s palate 100% of the time. Ultimately, choose what you both enjoy as a couple. As a suggestion, offering both red and white meat options tends to satisfy the majority of guests. And if your budget allows, consider adding a late-night snack to keep the party going!

#1: Do have a unique wedding food option

One couple in an episode hosted a “bacon bar” for their guests. I have to say, this has got to be the most incredible wedding idea I’ve ever come across! I’m rooting for you to get your caterer on board with this absolutely fantastic concept! Imagine the smell of sizzling bacon filling the air and your guests indulging in delicious bites of crispy, savory goodness. Trust me, this will be a guaranteed winner with everyone and is so unique that it’s sure to be unforgettable!

Make Your Guests Feel Important

At the end of the day, it’s all about ensuring that your guests feel important and valued at your wedding. With these top 10 dos and don’ts, you’ll be well on your way to creating a memorable and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Remember, it’s not just about the big moments like walking down the aisle or cutting the cake – it’s also about the little details and considerations that will make all the difference in how your guests experience your special day. So take these pointers into account as you plan your wedding!


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