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Four Weddings Approach to Happy Guests

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TLC’s Four Weddings has become an addiction in our home. With the ability to view 4 weddings in under an hour and see what has worked well and what hasn’t for brides, my fiance and I have been taking diligent notes on how to keep our guests happy.

wedding dos and dont's

While I may or may not agree with all the dos and dont’s (some options aren’t quite a budget savvy as others). Here are the top 10 dos and dont’s we’ve gathered from this program:

#10 – Do keep the distance from the ceremony to the reception at a minimum. Guests don’t seem to care to drive long distances between event locations.


#9 – Do keep guests entertained after the ceremony and before the reception starts.  A cocktail hour is a great option for when you’re getting photos taken. Who can really complain if they have a free drink after all? But, keep timing in mind here, the longer you’re away getting photos taken the more alcohol and appetizers your guests will consume.  This can add up quickly!


#8 –  Don’t be late to walk down the aisle. Some of the brides I’ve seen on the show kept guests waiting for over two hours!  Nobody wants to sit in an uncomfortable seat that long staring at other guests wondering how long this show is going to take!


#7 – Do keep temperature and weather in mind when planning your date and prepare for unpleasant events. Have umbrellas, fans, shawls, tents ect on hand to accommodate guests.  Who can blame someone for complaining when they have to sit outside during a rainstorm without any cover?

rain boots

#6 – Don’t go overboard with vows.  Personal vows seem to go over the best on the show, but don’t drag on for a 40 minute monologue on top of readings, singing, sand/unity candle ceremonies, ect. Keep everything within check.

boring vows

#5 – Do use silk flowers but know someone will always complain.  It’s also important to note you’ll also have someone else who can’t tell the difference. We’ve also seen guests on the show complain if the bride/groom spent too much on real wedding flowers or too little. Whichever way you decide to go, pick what works for your budget & style.


#4 – Don’t serve too much or too little food. Guests on the show seem to like variety and want to feel full after dinner. However, if you offer too much they complain about being wasteful or so stuffed that they don’t want to dance. Don’t waste your money on going overboard.

Too much food

#3 – Do have a photo booth for entertainment. I have yet to watch an episode where a guest did not like the photo booth. In fact, most say it’s their favorite thing at the wedding! Don’t have Elvis impersonators, belly dancers, mimes, or cupids (yes, I saw cupids on one episode!).  Guests don’t seem to know how to react to additional entertainment, or someone else stealing the spot light away from the bride.

photo booth

#2 – Don’t stress too much about the food. No matter what type of food you serve, there’s always going to be a critic and you can’t satisfy every pallet.  In the end, choose what you like as a couple. As a hint, having at least one red and white meat choice seems satisfy at least 80% of most guests.


#1 – Do in two words, “Bacon Bar”. In my opinion, this was the absolute best wedding idea I’ve ever heard! I’m still trying to get my caterer on board with this fantastic idea!

Bacon Bar

Do you agree or disagree with this list? What are you planning for your wedding that fits these ‘dos’ without breaking the bank?



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