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Unique 4 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas 

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Looking for the perfect item for your 4 year anniversary gift? Check out this list of creative ideas for your spouse for the 4th year of marriage!


If you’re looking for gift ideas for your husband or wife to celebrate your fourth wedding anniversary, today is your lucky day! Knock your partner’s socks off with one of these unique wedding anniversary gift ideas for your 4th year of marriage from Etsy!

4th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for your spouse

Whether you are looking for an item for your husband or your wife, you’ll want to make sure your 4th anniversary gift is super special. We love sharing handmade anniversary gifts from Etsy, because a custom gift shows the recipient that a little extra thought and care went into creating it.

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What is the traditional gift for the 4 year anniversary?

Did you know that the theme for traditional wedding anniversary gifts for year four is flowers or fruit? This post contains 20 unique flowery and/or fruity anniversary gift ideas, one of which is sure to be the perfect fourth anniversary gift for your spouse!

Unique 4th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Finding amazing fourth wedding anniversary gifts from Etsy is easy-peasy. There are so many sellers who make personalized gifts, and these items are affordable, too!

Fruit/Flowers Anniversary Gift Ideas

Perhaps you’re saving up for a big vacation to celebrate five years together next year. Choosing one of these affordable, personalized items to give your partner as a fourth anniversary gift will help you save money so you can celebrate bigger and better next year. #priorities

To make your gift extra meaningful, include details about your wedding day, memories of your relationship, or even inside jokes into your choice. For an added dose of heart, add your wedding date, your married monogram, wedding vows, flowers like the ones from your bouquet or boutonniere, or the lyrics from your first dance song into your spouse’s gift. Check out these 4th wedding anniversary gifts below from some of our favorite Etsy sellers!

Fourth Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her


Linen Rose 4 Year Wedding Gift

PapersculpturesArt • $32.99

This stunning linen rose will never wither and is a lovely gift to commemorate your 4th wedding anniversary. Your partner can put it in a vase and it will last forever. 


Custom Pineapple Keychain

OuterWonders • $10.50

Customize this dainty keychain with her initial and a heart. A sweet gift for your 4th anniversary.


Turquoise Flower Copper Bracelet Cuff

Snazzy Trinkets • $45

Go bold and gift her this handmade etched flower cuff in gorgeous turquoise! She can dress this up or down and it’s a sweet reminder of your four years together.


Strawberry Charm Bracelet

You Love You Shop • $17.34

This sweet delicate personalized strawberry charm bracelet is the perfect gift to give your wife for your 4th anniversary.


Preserved Roses in a Box

OrlyBeeDesigns • $89.95

Give lasting roses that have been preserved in this acrylic gift box. Beautiful decor item to celebrate your years together.


Cherry Necklace

clemenco • $10.98

If your wife loves dainty jewelry, she’ll love this cherry necklace that sparkles with cubic zirconia adorning the cherries, stem and leaf. Celebrate four years together with this charming gift.


Personalized Rose Charm Keychain

KristinaUSShop • $7.85

She’ll love this personalized stainless steel rose and initial keychain charm to remember your four year anniversary.


Floral Botanical Wall Art

Inkmakers  • $35.49

If she loves florals and loves art, go bold with this paneled wall art decor. A truly visible commemoration of your 4th anniversary.

poppyandpour White Floral and Gold Flake Resin Coasters

White Floral and Gold Flake Resin Coasters

poppyandpour  • $57.60

These coasters are handmade and each one completely unique like your spouse. These are perfect for your coffee table or as a 4 year anniversary gift.

BellaBustaGift Traditonal Fruit Design Cotton Tray

Traditional Fruit Design Cotton Tray

BellaBustaGift • $21.95

This thoughtful and unique gift would be especially perfect for any couple celebrating their 4 years anniversary as “fruit” is the traditional 4th anniversary gift! It is a great gift for someone who just wants better organization in their life.

Fourth Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him


Personalized Word Art 4th Anniversary

Word And Rainbows • $15.19

Unique gift that you can personalize with your own words that the artist will create in the shape of the number 4. Hang it in your home to celebrate and remember your first 4 years together.


4th Anniversary Pear Mug

MindBlowingStudio • $16

This adorable 4 year anniversary personalized pear mug is made of ceramic. It would make a cute  gift for the man who loves his morning coffee.


Pineapple Tie

Pink and Dink • $27

This understated skinny pineapple tie will give your man’s wardrobe a stylish lift while also commemorating your four years together.

HighCountryPewter Strawberry Cufflinks

HighCountryPewter • $22.68

These strawberry silver-plated cufflinks are handmade and are the perfect unexpected gift for your stylish man. Celebrate your fourth anniversary with this sweet gift!

Fourth Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for your Spouse.

Fruit Shirt

North Star Shirt Co. • $25

Who wouldn’t love this comfy 100% cotton t-shirt with all your favorite tropical fruits? Available in a range of colors. Buy a his and hers matching set for a fun anniversary gift!

TodrosBracelets Fleur De Lis Men_s Bracelet

Fleur De Lis Men’s Bracelet

TodrosBracelets • $19.80

The bracelet features a prominent Fleur De Lis emblem at the center, which is a stylized representation of a lily flower that has been a symbol of French royalty for centuries. A truly unique and fitting gift for your fourth anniversary. 

CreatonCrafts Orange Book Desk Art

Orange Book Desk Art

CreatonCrafts • $28.01

These orange shaped paper fruits are handmade from books and make the perfect art for his desk to remember you daily. Personalize a custom message on the leaf for your 4 year anniversary. 


Floral Tie

MYTIESHOP • $17.99

A great anniversary gift for your fourth year together, this gorgeous skinny floral tie. Have your man wear this to your dinner date for your 4th anniversary.

lydiasvintage Sunflower Tie Clip

Sunflower Tie Clip

Lydiasvintage • $22.95

This tie clip will stand out with its cheery sunflower design. If your man loves to add a whimsical touch to his suit and tie corporate look, he’ll appreciate this gift!

ShopSayItWithSocks 4 Year Anniversary Socks

4 Year Anniversary Socks

ShopSayItWithSocks • $29.95

Surprise your man with these fruit inspired socks that celebrate your fourth year together. For a perfect pairing, give yourself a pair too!

More Fruit or Flower 4 Year  Anniversary Gift Ideas

Recreate Your Wedding Flowers for Your 4 Year Anniversary Gift

If none of these gifts strike your fancy, you can never go wrong with ordering fresh flowers for your love! You definitely can’t go wrong with flowers on a wedding anniversary. Make it extra special and contact your florist and recreate the  blooms from  your wedding day bouquet to commemorate your special day.  If you didn’t do this after your wedding, consider recreating your bouquet or boutonniere and drying them in a shadow box to have them framed for a keepsake. Framed or pressed flowers definitely count and serve as a simple and perfect gift idea for your 4th wedding anniversary. Hanging your preserved wedding flowers in your home is a great way to remember your special day in a place you get to see every day!

Fruit Ideas for Your 4th Wedding Anniversary

Get creative and think outside the box. Take a day date to the farmer’s market and pick some local fresh fruit and produce! Swing by the grocery store and buy fruit for each other and find a recipe to try and cook together.  Another fun fruit gift idea to consider a road trip to a local orchard or u-pick farm! Celebrating your 4 year anniversary on a theme date is always romantic and fun with the person you love. 

What is the Modern 4 Year Anniversary Gift?

If you know your partner isn’t going to enjoy getting fruit or flowers for a fourth anniversary gift then consider the modern gift of appliances.  An appliance isn’t a very sexy gift but it could be really heartwarming if you have heard him or her talking about wanting a new coffee maker, tool, kitchen gadget, etc… What is sexy is that you heard and listened to their wants and desires.  Gifting an appliance as the modern 4 year anniversary gift is a great way to communicate your love.  No matter what gift you give for the 4 year wedding anniversary, always tell your partner you love them and remember and honor the special day together. 

Find the Perfect 4  Year Anniversary Gift

Be sure to come back next month where we’ll be sharing more unique and creative wedding anniversary gift ideas

Happy Shopping and Happy Anniversary!


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