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Free 3 Layer Wedding Invitation Cutting Template

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layered wedding invitation
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In love with the luxurious layered wedding invitation look but don’t want to pay the hefty prices?

You can make your own layered wedding invitations for less with the use of our FREE cutting templates.

If you’d like to make a gorgeous 3 layer wedding invitation design yourself, you can use the templates we’ve created below to have your papers professionally cut.

Sure, you could use these templates to cut your own paper with a Paper Trimmer, but it would take hours.

We know that busy (and budget savvy) brides don’t have extra time or money to waste. We promise that the time you’ll save getting your paper cut in bulk will definitely be worth it.

Use these templates when you take your paper to Kinkos or Staples to have it cut in bulk, to save yourself hours of work.

How to use these cutting templates:

Print out one copy of each template at 100% full bleed on 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper. Then take them to Kinkos with your different papers (we recommend 3 different colors) to have them cut.

If you use them, you can assemble an invitation with 3 layers like this:

diy wedding invitation turquoise

DIY Layered Wedding Invitations for Less

As you can see, there are three paper layers that make up this invitation. Only the top layer has been printed on.

If you’re planning on making a full bleed print where the design runs to the edge as pictured above, we recommend printing your top layer first, then having them cut so the design runs cleanly to the edge.

Download the 3-Layer Invitation Templates:

3 layer invitation template

Create your own 3-layer wedding invitations with these templates!

When you click the button below, you’ll download a .ZIP file containing 4 images. Use these images as a guide to cut your papers for the 3 layer invitations. The 4th file is for an RSVP card!

Click here to Download

Happy DIY Wedding Invitation Making!

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