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Gift Guide: Holiday Gifts that Give Back

Another gift guide post on the docket for today: this one features gifts that give back! In the spirit of gratitude and giving back that comes up around this time of year, I thought it appropriate to feature some beautiful gifts that come packed with a purpose! I've chosen several different gifts that have a charitable aspect and give proceeds back to different charities you might want to support. I totally believe in conscious commerce, and choosing to purchase items from companies who have a charitable mission is an easy way to do good simply by shopping smart!

Each of the companies' products highlighted below gives proceeds to an organization they care about. I hope you'll check each of them out, learn more about them, and find one that has a product you love or supports a cause you feel passionate about. At this time of year, and all the time really, it's so important to be thankful for all we have. Any little thing we can do to give to those less fortunate or to a cause that is meaningful to our hearts is something we should all try to do more of.

Gifts that Give Back




Bare Soaps - gifts that give back

Top Seller Gift Set from b.a.r.e. soap

This gift set features b.a.r.e.'s top selling soap bars- Cupid's Love, Sunkissed, Sunshine Bar, and Starry Night. Each bar is roughly 2.5 oz, and is hand-stamped. Try four of the most popular bars from their collection or gift them to someone you love — they come in a 5 x 6 inch cotton bag that is perfect for gifting. They even offer wedding favors if that's something you're interested in checking out!

This gift gives back!

20% of proceeds from your purchase is invested in vaccines, vitamins, soap, and other needs in Kaberamaido, Uganda.




thistle farms body products

Lavender Bath Essentials Set from Thistle Farms

Thistle Farms is a community of women survivors of addiction, prostitution, and trafficking in Nashville, Tennessee. They employ more than 50 survivors through their social enterprises which include a natural body care company, Thistle Stop Cafe, artisan studio, and global marketplace called Shared Trade. Started in 1997 by Rev. Becca Stevens under the name Magdalene, Thistle Farms includes a two-year residential program and advocacy services for up to 700 women yearly.  They provide education and training annually through speaking events and immersion workshops. 

This gift gives back!

Thistle Farms is a non-profit social enterprise, meaning the residents of their community (female survivors of addiction, prostitution and trafficking) are taught to manufacture, package and otherwise produce the products they sell in their shop in order to earn their wages. It's an amazing organization that is transforming lives of hundreds of women each year.


Soko Collection Benefitting Pencils of PromiseSoko Collection with Pencils of Promise

Soko is an ethical jewelry company who recently partnered with Pencils of Promise to help bring educational opportunities to developing countries. The 9 piece collection features a variety of delicate and stylish gold necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets ranging in price from $30 – $70. The company’s commitment to ethical production and social impact is embedded directly into their business. By partnering with artisans and utilizing their unique and efficient supply chain, it allows the artists to earn more for their work. View the full collection at Shopsoko.com

This gift gives back!

Soko will be donating 20% of their total revenue from the collection to further Pencil of Promise's mission.




Dreambuilder Cuff

Dreambuilder Cuff from Bird and Stone

This simple yet meaningful bracelet from Bird and Stone is a great gift idea for the holiday season, and it comes with a purpose. The “Dreambuilder cuff” is made from adjustable brass and gives back to women in extreme poverty in Kenya. Wear the cuff as a symbol of the dreams you're helping to build, and as a daily reminder of your own hopes and dreams.

This gift gives back!

With every purchase, Bird and Stone gives $5 to an entrepreneur to start a business in Kenya through our partnership with the Sisi Fund.



So those were a few of the fabulous products I came across that give back with your purchase.

Are there any others I should know about? Feel free to leave me a comment below!

Even if you're on a budget, you can still find ways to give back. I hope that this post has inspired you to seek out products with a charitable mission this holiday season!



Happy gift giving!


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