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Gift Ideas for the Wanderlust

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Looking for the perfect gift for the traveler in your life? Don’t miss this awesome list of gift ideas for the wanderlust!


Know someone in your life who has been bitten by the travel bug? If you’re looking for awesome gift ideas for the wanderlust in your life, look no further!

Perhaps you’ll want to gift them something this year that they can use on their travels or that helps them to remember their many adventures. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite travel-related products for you to peruse for your gifting inspiration.

We’ve got options that range from practical to posh, so choose the one that’s perfect for your budget and your recipient!

We think this list offers a perfect assortment of gifts for honeymooners or just general travel lovers! From techy photo and video items to luggage necessities, there’s a little something on this list for any type of traveler.

Thoughtful gift ideas for people who love to travel

See something you like? Click any image or the included link to be taken to view and purchase the product!

For capturing all the action of their trip

Want to give a gift that allows your loved one to record all their favorite memories? Check out these camera gift ideas!

DJI Global Mavic Mini


DJI Global Mavic Mini

Capture all the best moments from travel with this 4K HD stabilized gimbal camera! Transform any moment into a work of art. The Mavic Mini supports 12MP aerial photos and 2.7K Quad HD videos. A 3-axis motorized gimbal provides superior camera stability and ensures clear, ultra-smooth footage.

gopro hero4



Are you and your future spouse adrenaline junkies or just plain wanderlusts? You’ll love the GoPro Hero! Shoot incredibly high-quality photos and videos to perfectly capture all of your adventures together in married life. Get the GoPro on Amazon.

Canary all-in-one home security device


This simple security camera can give you peace of mind when you’re traveling or even just away from home. You can peek in on your home via your smartphone with Canary’s handy live-video feature. You’ll also get real-time alerts if an intruder is caught by Canary! I love my Canary and feel so much safer, knowing I can keep an eye on things from afar. Get the Canary on Amazon.

For Organizing Your Belongings while Traveling

Traveling successfully means keeping your things organized. Everything should have a place to make things easier to pack and keep track of! Check out these travel organizer gifts!

Leather Tech Cord Storage Roll

This leather transport charger can carry a phone charger, earphones, and all types of wire stuff. This leather case is compact enough so it won’t eat up a lot of space in their bag.

Get it from Mark & Graham.

Tile Bluetooth Tracking Device

Tile Bluetooth Trackers

Tile devices keep track of your important and valuable things, especially those that you may be prone to misplacing (such as your keys.) Handy for keeping up with valuables such as your suitcase, laptop bag, or wallet in case of loss or theft while you are traveling.

Get Tile on Amazon.

luggage tag

Metallic Luggage Tag from Mark & Graham

Every traveler needs a luggage tag to help them identify their luggage. How about this chic gold metallic mirror luggage tag?

Get it from Mark & Graham.

Travel Jewelry Case

Travel Jewelry Case from Mark & Graham

Taking your favorite accessories with you and want to keep everything safe and organized? We love these little travel jewelry cases– get them monogrammed to make them extra special!

Get it from Mark & Graham.

camera backpack

Camera and Laptop Backpack

Looking for the perfect travel bag to carry your laptop, camera gear, and more? This Beaspire bag is just the ticket! The perfect companion for frequent travelers.

Get it on Amazon.

away mini beauty kit

Away Mini Suitcase Beauty Set

These keepsake gift sets from AWAY luggage are the absolute cutest! Choose from a mini suitcase by itself or get one of their curated gift sets. Such a great gift idea!

Get it from AWAY.

away smart luggage

Away Smart Luggage

Get the Cadillac of luggage for your next trip… the smart luggage from AWAY will make traveling a breeze with its built-in USB charger, compression system, and more!

Get it from AWAY.

gonex packing cubes for travel

Packing Cubes

I love these packing cubes from Amazon basics. Easily and conveniently organize and store your clothing, tech devices and more in your suitcase with these handy packing cubes. When your suitcase is properly and neatly organized, it makes traveling so much nicer!

Get them on Amazon.

Thoughtful and Unique Gifts to Remind You of Your Travels

These keepsake travel gifts are extra special. Most travelers love documenting and celebrating their travel, so why not give them a meaningful gift that makes it easy (and attractive) to do so?

cork globe

Cork Globe

For the world traveler that loves documenting their adventures, what better way than with an interactive cork globe. They can add pins for every destination they’ve visited!

Get it from Uncommon Goods.

scratch off map

Scratch-off Map

This unique gift is great for anyone who has a long list of bucket list destinations to visit! They can scratch off each country they’ve visited and reveal the world as they travel!

Get it on Amazon.

artifact uprising photo book

Photo Books

Get all those travel photos off your mobile device and into your real life with a coffee-table-worthy softcover photobook. We love Artifact Uprising’s books.

Check them out here.

For the adventure travelers

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone

Give the travel bug in your life the gift of language. Rosetta Stone can help you learn any language on the go, with applications that work on your desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

Get Rosetta Stone here.

Tenikle Tripod Mount


Tenikle gives you the third hand you didn’t know you needed. Use this handy, bendable mount to attach to your phone or camera so you and your partner never need to worry about how to get both of you in the photo again.

Get it from Tenikle.

portable phone charger

Portable Battery Charger

If you’re not in a car or are on the go exploring a new city, chances are between using your phone for GPS and taking tons of epic selfies, your phone battery will likely dwindle quickly. Keep yourself charged and ready for anything with a portable battery charger.

Get it on Amazon.

car phone mount

Car Phone Mount

If you use your phone as a portable GPS device to navigate in the car, you’ll definitely want something to keep it at eye level to keep you safe and distraction-free while driving. Check out this simple air vent mount that uses a magnet to hold your phone. Makes a great stocking stuffer!

Get it on Amazon.

travel hammock

Travel Hammock

If your recipient is the adventurous type, perhaps they’ll love this travel hammock? It’s an instant bed and comes with all the gear you need to hang it, plus it’s ultra-portable!

Get it from Amazon.

Good-to-have items while traveling

These handy finds come in clutch when traveling. Check out these perfectly packable items that make fantastic gifts for the traveler!

flint lint roller

Flint Travel Lint Roller

Anyone who travels has likely encountered having to fight lint… keep it at bay with this travel lint roller. The sticky part stays inside the tube so you won’t waste any of the papers. Not the sexiest gift, but super practical and the design is about as chic as a lint roller can get! 

Get it on Amazon.

perfume atomizer for travel

Travel Perfume Atomizer

Want to bring your favorite scents with you on your trips but trying to stick to a carry-on bag? These atomizers are perfect! Bring your entire scent collection on the go.

Get them on Amazon.

sewing kit

Travel Sewing Kit

Another item that will definitely come in handy is the travel sewing kit! You never know when you’ll have to reattach a button or trim some hanging threads from your clothing.

Get it on Amazon.

tsa luggage locks

TSA-Approved Luggage Locks

Travel with confidence and security with these TSA-Approved Luggage Locks. This set of four is a great value and will keep your valuables safe while your luggage is in the hands of airport or hotel staff.

Get them on Amazon.

Gifts to help you survive a long-haul flight

Long, overseas flights can take some preparation and products to make them more comfortable. Check out these handy plane must-haves that make great gifts!

Cocktail Set

Carry-On Cocktail Kit – Margarita

Give your loved one the gift of cheer with one of these darling Carry-on Cocktail Kits. Take their airplane bottle game up a notch by mixing up a craft cocktail with their kits.

Get it from Uncommon Goods.


Sleep Phones

Have trouble sleeping on planes or just while you travel? SleepPhones® are ultra-thin speakers inside of a soft headband that are perfect for listening to relaxing music, meditations, binaural beats, or whatever puts you to sleep.

Get Sleep Phones on Amazon

kindle paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite

Stay entertained and engrossed in your favorite books with the most popular e-reader available! Kindle paperwhite is easy on the eyes and can store 1000s of books to take your full library with you around the world.

Get Kindle Paperwhite on Amazon.

audible membership

Audible Membership

If you’d prefer to listen to your favorite books instead of read them, an Audible subscription is a great gift idea! Listen to millions of titles while you travel and explore the world. Gift Subscriptions are available in 1, 3, 6, or 12 month terms!

Get Audible here.

Nice to have gadgets for travel

These handy tech gadgets are a traveler’s dream. Add these to your cart or give them as gifts to the seasoned travelers in your life!

bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth Speaker

Want to enjoy your tunes out loud at the beach, pool, or in your hotel room? These handy little BlueTooth speakers will amplify your favorite playlist for dance parties on the go! They are compatible with any cellphone or device that has BlueTooth technology to wirelessly stream your music out loud.

Get it on Amazon.

Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas for Travelers

Scroll through these inexpensive gift ideas — click any image to be taken to view the product!

See something you love? Don’t be scared to snag it for yourself… you deserve it!

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gift ideas for the wanderlust

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