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How to Give a Great Wedding Gift

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How to Give a Great Wedding Gift
Zina Kumok
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A few weeks ago, I asked the women in my life about the best wedding gift they ever got. The gifts ranged from ceramic pitchers to books to a pair of gloves. But one thing was a constant: the thoughtfulness. Here’s a few tidbits and tips from their responses:

Get them something for the wedding

My mom said her best friend and maid of honor gave her a pair of white lace gloves she could wear at her wedding. They were much nicer than anything my mom could find in the Soviet Union, where she was living at the time. When my parents immigrated to America, they were only allowed to bring two suitcases each. In one of them were the gloves.

Giving some a wedding gift for something they can use the day of is a great idea. If they’ve wanted a nice pair of earrings or a vintage garter, see if you can pick it out and give it to her beforehand. You want to make sure you know your friend’s style well enough that she’ll want to wear what you’ve picked out.


Photo Credit: Viktoriya Kumok

Get them something they can’t buy themselves

My mother-in-law told me about a pitcher a close friend and roommate gave her. Even though she and my father-in-law didn’t want traditional wedding gifts, the pitcher was unique.

It was from Portugal and was much nicer than most of the things she owned at the time. She said receiving this piece from her friend made the gift more sentimental. It still stands in their house, more than 35 years after their wedding.

A piece of art is a great idea for a couple who’s starting to decorate their home. For those starting their careers, buying art is one thing that falls to the wayside. If you’ve seen the couple mention something they like, feel free to pick it up for them.

Have it framed so they don’t have to worry about paying more for that. It’ll be a nice surprise for them to get something fun instead of practical.


Photo Credit: Pamela Leffers

Use the wedding

Another friend of mine told me about a book her friend (and wedding officiant) gave her. “She pasted the ceremony script into the pages of the book and had everyone sign it,” my friend Sabrina said. Gifts that memorialize anything from the wedding are a great idea.

A friend of mine took the invitation and details from the wedding and created a piece of art with the materials. If you’re creative, this can be a frugal and meaningful way to honor the couple.

A card always counts

We had a very small traditional registry and used a honeymoon registry which most of our guests utilized. My favorite wedding gift were the cards our friends and family gave us. After the wedding, my new husband and I opened a bottle of champagne and read the cards as we basked in our after-wedding glow.

I loved reading the sweet messages and well wishes, especially from people who tend to be more reserved with their feelings. It’s a great reminder of why you shared your special day with those people. I’m an emotional person and I’ve reread the cards a few times.

If you can’t afford to get the couple a gift, put a lot of thought into the card. People are happy to have you at the wedding and getting a well-written card is a sweet reminder of your support.


Do you have any great wedding gifting tips? What’s the best wedding gift you’ve received thus far?

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Zina Kumok

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