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Give The Best Wedding Gift From Groom To Bride With These Unique Gift Ideas

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Give your lady the very best wedding gift from groom to bride with this special selection of unique, thoughtful gifts ideas that she never would have expected!


Weddings are exciting for couples as they embark on a new journey together. However, with so much planning and preparation, it’s easy to forget about the wedding gift exchange. So, we made a list of unique gifts the groom can give the bride to show his love and make the day even more special. 

Gift Ideas for the Bride from the Groom

There are many great wedding gift ideas for a groom to give his bride on their wedding day. Here are a few of our favorite suggestions:

wedding date necklace

Personalized Jewelry


from $39

Consider giving your bride a special piece of jewelry such as a necklace, bracelet, or earrings. You could also give her a personalized piece with both of your initials or your wedding date engraved for a meaningful touch. A piece of wedding date jewelry is a perfect timeless wedding keepsake that she can wear and enjoy every day of your lives together.

Personalized Star Map

Personalized Star Map


from $39

A personalized star map is a one-of-a-kind way to express your love, which is why it made the top of our list of best wedding gifts for the bride from the groom. This romantic present captures the precise formation of stars in the night sky during a special moment shared, making it an incredibly thoughtful gift. She can display this sentimental gift in your home and cherish it for years. 

wine subscription box

Wine Subscription


from $29.99

A wine subscription is a unique and thoughtful way to show your bride-to-be just how much you care on the big day. Each month a selection of wines will be expertly chosen and delivered so you can explore flavors and varieties from around the world together. Also, it’s one of the best gifts from groom to bride that is unforgettable and keeps giving – ensuring a constant stream of fun discoveries throughout the year.

customized perfume

Customized Perfume


from $85

We love this one-of-a-kind gift because it’s not something you can find in any store. A customized perfume or wedding scent is a unique gift tailored to the bride’s preferences. Work with a perfumer to create a personalized scent for your bride that captures her personality. There is something for everyone, and your special someone will be proud to wear her wedding perfume every day.

professional photography session

Professional Photography Session


from $285

You’ll have photos of the wedding, but a photo session is a gift she can enjoy after the big day. Hire a professional photographer to take pictures on your honeymoon, during your first holiday season as a married couple, or favorite spot. Choose locations where the photographer can capture you and your bride beautifully. Then, imagine how this will look in your living room – your wedding gift proudly displayed for the world to see! Find a photographer in any location you’re visiting via Flytographer.

hot air balloon ride

Hot Air Balloon Ride


from $300

A hot air balloon ride is a unique and unforgettable experience you can share. It’s a fantastic experience that allows you and your new wife to share in a blissful journey as the crowd beneath recedes into the horizon, leaving you and her alone. Up in the sky, it is easy to escape from everyday life and relax while taking in everything Mother Nature offers. And whenever she looks up at the sky, she’ll think of how you both enjoyed a hot air balloon ride together – her perfect wedding gift. Check out Viator for options in your area.

book a getaway

Book a Getaway


from $200

If your bride loves adventure and exploration, consider planning an adventurous vacation as a gift. For example, you can go on a safari, hike a mountain, or scuba diving in a tropical destination. Check out available adventurous activities on Viator. Or if she’s more low-key and down to earth, consider renting an RV and going across the country together. It doesn’t have to be an extravagant trip but a simple weekend getaway to a nearby destination. You can plan everything ahead of time, including hotel accommodations, activities, and even dinner reservations.

personalized wedding song

Personalized Wedding Song


from $180

Writing a wedding song is the best wedding gift from groom to bride if you want to show her the depth of your love in a truly creative way. In addition, it can be used as an emotional backdrop to help create unforgettable memories. Not only that, but it’s also a great way to help share how you and your partner have grown together during your relationship. And in the future, when you want to tell her you uniquely love her and no words will do, just play your song!

With Songlorious, you can have their artists create professionally produced custom songs for any occasion, including your wedding day!

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personalized jewelry box

Personalized Jewelry Box

Personalization Mall

from $29

A personalized jewelry box is a unique way to show her your love and appreciation. Not only will she appreciate the practicality of having this special storage place for her favorite jewelry pieces – such as her wedding ring – but by adding a personal touch, she’ll gain a deeper understanding of how much you care. Engraving her name or initials on the box or picking out a design that reflects her style will create an extra-special piece of jewelry she can keep close to her heart. This loving and thoughtful gesture will make it clear how precious she is to you.

personalized couple book

Personalized Book


from $40.00

A personalized book is a unique and sentimental gift that tells the story of your relationship. From the first date to the day you said ‘I do’, a book can capture all of your memories along the journey. You can work with a writer or artist to create a book that includes your love story, memories, and photos, where each page tells your story originally and artistically. This meaningful gift will make her smile as she reads through the thoughtful pages you created, from artful illustrations to heartfelt photographs. And knowing that no one else can write this same story in your particular way from your perspective means she’ll hold onto and treasure its value forever!


Wedding Photo Postcard Subscription

from 52Memories

from $79.99

This wedding photo postcard subscription is a unique and thoughtful gift for your bride-to-be. It allows guests to share their wedding memories and congratulations in a personal and tangible way. Each week for up to a year, you and your new wife will receive a new postcard with a different wedding memory and photo! The subscription is easy to set up. Simply create an account on the 52memories website and invite your guests to participate. Guests can then record their wedding memories and upload photos using an app. 52memories takes care of the rest. They will print the postcards and mail them to your home each week. The postcards are all beautifully designed and feature high-quality printing.

Happy Shopping for Your Bride 

You can fully express your love and appreciation for your new bride through thoughtful gifts like these that have meaning. Check out more ideas for thoughtful wedding gifts in our Etsy Favorites and Amazon Storefront. Whether you just got engaged or are already in the midst of wedding planning, get her something she will cherish forever.

Ultimately, the best gift is one that comes from the heart and shows your love and appreciation for your bride on your special day.

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