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Golden Hour at Black Rock Styled Shoot

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Golden Hour at Black Rock Styled Shoot

Today we have a beautifully simple and chic styled shoot for you. At Black Rock Monument on the edge of the Great Salt Lake, the water is so thin that it acts as a mirror, reflecting the light, creating a medium for the light to last even longer. Known as Golden Hour, this time and place is the perfect backdrop for any romantic love story. Enjoy this Golden Hour at Black Rock Styled Shoot!


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Golden Hour at Black Rock

Styled Shoot submitted by Rebecca M Creative Productions

What was your design inspiration?

Black Rock is the rough edge of the Great Salt Lake and not wanting to take from the organic, natural landscape we had our bride get rid of her shoes and loosen her hair. Reducing the couple to having only each other to hold on to as the sun goes down, symbolic of how real couples face reality after their wedding. The golden hour of the wedding day fades and the couple is left standing and walking into the future with only each other.


Describe your flowers.

The florals in the bouquet and on the crate table had a bright pop of color that added warmth to the organic natural world around them.

The hydrangeas on the crate were treated to grow into tones of white to green, the pop of lush fauna connecting the space to the mountains around the lake.


Describe your cake.

Being realistic in the theme of the shoot, if a couple were to set up on a beach to escape the stress of a traditional wedding, we opted for a collection of mini sponge cakes and frosted almond cookies with fresh seasonal fruits. The fruit taking the raw elements of the natural world and elevating it to another level.


Tell us about your attire choices.

Custom designer Jessica Fullmer from JNoelle Designs creates masterpieces that allow for movement and flow for the bride. The lining of the skirt is silk/jersey blend, body-hugging to show and celebrate the curves of the natural woman. The overlay of the skirt is loose tulle that is flowing and shows movement and freedom. Together they add dimension and character. The top is lace, lined for modesty, but adding elegance in a subtle, understated way.

The headpiece is handmade by Sparrow Station, a gold floral comb with larger seed pearls as the center.

The Groom is mismatched, relaxed and at ease, focused only on the joy of being with the woman he loves.


Describe any DIY, personal or handmade items.

The pearls in the flatlays are seed pearls from China, found and strung for the producer by her sister who teaches English internationally. Pearls symbolize happiness and sadness at the same time. Connecting the golden hour of the day with the future of every couple.


Describe the tablescape elements.

Using a crate as a table, the styling aimed to show the couple who pulls over to the lake after leaving their reception to enjoy the last hour of their wedding day together. The rough use of fabric, ribbon, candles and floral to connect everything brings the raw natural feel of the rocks and lake to the table elements.


How can this shoot inspire a budget savvy wedding?

The simplicity of the vision for this shoot is the perfect inspiration for any bride on a budget. Choosing a naturally beautiful location like Black Rock instantly makes for incredible pictures without any costly decor. We also love the use of household candles and tablecloths on the “wedding table” showing how everyday items can make for perfectly affordable decor. Sometimes less is more. Lace, flowers, and a little bit of sand can be the best combination for a simply romantic wedding.



Photography:  Meghan Rose Photography  •  Event Production:  Rebecca M Creative  •  Rentals:  Sage & Thistle Rentals  • Floral: Rebecca M Creative  • Fabric:  Hobby Lobby • Ribbon:  Tono & Co. • Invitations:  Nats Paper Studio • Model: Alexander Fender • Model:  Kim Kienow • Wedding Dress:  JNoelle.Designs •  Headpiece: Sparrow Station •  Submitted via: Matchology


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