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Good, Fast, Cheap: Wedding Edition

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Can Weddings Be Good, Fast, and Cheap? We explore this project management theory as it relates to wedding planning.

Good, Fast, Cheap: Wedding Edition
Good Fast Cheap: Wedding Edition

Is it possible to have a wedding that fits all 3?

Have you heard about the Good/Fast/Cheap theory? It’s especially prevalent in business, but we think it also applies to weddings. The general concept is you can do or have something that’s good, fast, or cheap. Sometimes, two out of three will intersect each other. But, all three can never completely combine. That means you can’t do or have something that’s good, fast, and cheap.

To paint a clearer picture:

Good + Fast = Possible!

Cheap + Fast = Possible!

Good + Cheap = Not always realistic. (we’ll get into why below!)

Good + Cheap + Fast = Hard no.

Good Fast Cheap
Check out the concept of good, fast, cheap in relation to weddings as a Venn diagram to make it a bit clearer.

The importance of the theory and how it applies to weddings relates to the idea of allocating your budget to specific areas. Not everything about your wedding can claim a top spot. If it did, your budget would be endless! And, we know that’s not a reality for most. This is why we constantly say it’s so important to define your priorities and plan a wedding according to your values.

Here’s how to better define the three groups:

Good + Fast Weddings

This category is typically associated with working with wedding professionals. A photographer, for example, can frame, capture, and edit your wedding day pictures in ways that are more foreign to an amateur artist.

There’s a saying (and we’re paraphrasing) that notes, “You’re not paying for the fact that it took me 30 minutes. You’re paying for the years I spent learning and perfecting my craft to get to the point where my skills allow me to complete the task in 30 minutes. Focus on the years, not the time.”

If you want something done well and within a specific frame of time, working with a professional is the way to go!  

Cheap + Fast Weddings?

In terms of weddings, this category relates best to DIY. And, we want to note choosing to DIY anything for your wedding does not mean what you’re making is bad or done incorrectly. Instead, it simply means the task is not being completed by a professional (and that’s okay)!

We’ve talked about this in past posts, but the key thing to note about DIY is to have a full understanding of what and how much you can take on. If you take on too much or choose to complete something that’s outside of your comfort zone or knowledge base, you’ll lose the “fast” component of the equation. The important thing about DIY is to keep it fun and doable. (Check out our section of doable wedding DIY Projects for ideas and inspiration!)

Good + Cheap Weddings?

We said we would explain why this isn’t possible, and we want to hold fast to that promise! For the sake of this conversation, defining something as “good” means the results are professional. The product or service offered will be executed by someone who is considered a professional in their field. There’s experience behind the work they create, so there’s also a higher cost. With that in mind, the work completed by a professional does fall into the “good” category, but the costs associated with that level of work will not also be considered “cheap”. 

With the above in mind, we also want to add a disclaimer: “good” and “cheap” does not mean something is not done well. DIY is often a more budget-friendly way to create details, like stationery, signs, cakes, and floral arrangements. We see incredible things created by couples and their friends and family for wedding days. These groups are not considered professionals, but the results are still high quality (good) and less expensive (cheap). The caveat, however, is DIY projects are not professionally done. But, they still do the trick!  

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Good + Fast + Cheap Weddings?

Simply put, a fast professional who creates wonderful work is never cheap.

What will you place in the Good + Fast vs. Cheap + Fast categories? What DIY projects will you take on vs. what will you call in a professional to complete on your behalf? Join our community to discuss your thoughts!

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