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Greenery Themed Wedding Invitations from Etsy

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Greenery Wedding Invitation Suite
The beauty and timelessness of greenery themed wedding invitations will appeal to every single one of your recipients. Here's our favorite picks...

Greenery is a hot trend for wedding stationery and decor!

Did you know that invitations, much like bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses, can go out of style? Don’t believe me? Just Google Princess Di’s invite and you’ll see what I mean. But one design, that in my not-so-humble opinion, always stands the test of time is an invitation featuring greenery.

No matter your theme, style, or price range, greenery invitations can go with anyone’s wedding. Whether you choose pine boughs, ferns, or even palm fronds, the beauty and timelessness of greenery on your invitation will appeal to every single one of your recipients.

Etsy, the treasure trove of handmade gifts, goods, and art, has you covered when it comes to greenery themed wedding invitations. And while I typically suggest purchasing the digital proof and printing your invite yourself, many of the artists and designers on Etsy can send you the final product. Without further adieu, here are my top ten picks for greenery invitations.

Greenery Themed Wedding Invitations from Etsy

Greenery Wedding Invitation Suite by primprettyprints

Oh, Lordie Lou, I just love myself some succulents. This digital wedding suite features these beautiful plants, including what looks like aloe, which is my fav. Each suite includes an invitation, details card, and RSVP card.

Greenery Wedding Invitation Template by PaperDainty

This botanical suite with modern calligraphy features a beautiful willow sprig. If this suite tickles your fancy, I’d definitely consider adding more willow items to your wedding. This suite includes the invite, details card, and RSVP card.

Eucalyptus Wedding Invitation by Oakhouse

I love how the eucalyptus leaves on this invitation are so perfectly framing the text. One could use this plant in much the same way to frame a centerpiece or menu on your big day. There are a variety of digital options you can purchase, or you can just buy the invite only.

Summer Watercolor Wedding Suite by primprettyprints

When I look at this invitation, I picture palm trees, white beaches, and beautiful, warm weather. If you choose this gorgeous option, may I suggest considering sea shells, sand, and bright tropical flowers as wedding accents?

Pine Forest Wedding Invitation Suite by sweetdatesprints

SweetDates Prints offers this gorgeous pine forest wedding suite as a sample, so you can make sure it is perfect for you. If you decide to purchase, they will create a package with exactly the documents you want. Isn’t is stunning?

Rustic Pine with White Roses Invitation by themilkandcreamco

If you love pine boughs, but are looking for something a little less rustic than our last pick, this pretty pine and white roses design could be the right choice for you. The seller offers both digital and printed options.

Birch Tree Forest Wedding Invitation Set by PrettyLilNotes

This birch tree set is available as sample, from which you can decide which options fit you and your future spouse the most. This design would look fabulous for everything from a backyard wedding to a black tie affair.

Now and Fern-ever Wedding Invitation by TheCottonwoodGoods

This unique digital invitation and RSVP set features ferns and wildflowers in a colorful, but not overwhelming, palette. I love the hints of red, don’t you?

Fern Wedding Invitation Set with RSVP by StudioAMDesign

This set, another take on ferns, has three different digital purchasing options, depending on which documents you are interested in printing. I particularly like this fern design as they went with a silver-blue, versus the typical bright green.

Watercolor “Autumn Leaves” Wedding Invitation by ShishkoTemplates

This simple – yet beautiful – watercolor printable invitation is perfect for the couple considering an autumn wedding. There are thousands of autumn-themed invitations on Etsy, but this one caught my eye thanks to the designer’s tasteful use of plum-purple.

Be sure to check out Etsy for more fabulous wedding finds. And don’t forget to come back in October for our next installment in the Etsy Finds series! 😉

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