Groomsmen Attire Inspiration

With all of the talk of attire for the females in the wedding, it is time to finally pick what our Groomsmen will be wearing. From the very beginning of planning, we knew the guys would wear Vans, but besides that we didn’t know specifically how they would dress. We also wanted to keep it as inexpensive as possible for the guys since we did the same with the gals.Β 

Our wedding is in June, which means it will likely be warm weather, which also meant not sticking them in full tuxes. We went back and forth with several ideas to match the vans and bowties we gave each groomsmen when asking them to be in our wedding. It took a while but with some help from these inspiration shots, we finally decided what we would like our favorite guys wearing for our big day.Β 

Mismatched Vest and Pants



Suspenders and BowtiesGroomsmen_Suspenders


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Suit and Tie



In the ended we decided on this look, and my Groom will be wearing the same but with a jacket.Β 



Did you have a hard time deciding groomsmen attire? What did you choose?Β 

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