Groomsmen Attire

Men are simple creatures really, so it’s much less complicated to dress them.  You basically have suits and tuxes, unless you do something out of the norm, which many do.  We decided to go with suits.  With it being potentially “hotter-than-the-blazes” in Tennessee in May, having all of the pieces of a tux to pile on seemed like overkill and extremely hot (and not in an attractive “hot” way, although of course Eric is totally smokin’ hot).  With it being a spring, outdoor wedding we were also not feeling black or dark brown, so we decided on a tan/khaki-ish color instead.


Shortly after the engagement, my MOH and myself went to a bridal show.  Although a little overwhelming and slightly obnoxious (except for the prizes and ideas), I did find a few nice pieces of information.  I talked to a sales lady from Jos. A. Bank and she told me that they run a promotion on suits where you buy one and get two free.  AMAZING!  I looked online and there was a nice tan suit for around $235, which split three ways would make things roughly $80 each (without tax), and the guys could be responsible for their own white shirts, shoes, and we could buy them ties as a gift.  At this time Eric hadn’t even fully decided on his groomsmen yet, so we held off on ordering.  Months passed by and the cheap suits were $800 by the time we were ready to make a move.  Although owning an expensive suit for a third of the price would be a phenomenal deal, we still felt highly out of line asking the guys to each pay $270 and opted against this option.  LET ME NOTE THAT THIS CAN STILL BE A GREAT DEAL IF YOU CATCH THE SALES– CHECK THEM OUT!

After a little searching around, we decided on these suits from Tuxedo Avenue in Nashville (minus the semi-creepy model).  We can get the suits rented for $150 each (plus $10 for shoes), and they’ll include a FREE shoe rental if you “check in” there on Facebook upon pick up.  As a perk with many places, the groom gets his rental free with the rental of 6 suits.  They had some ties that looked nice with our colors too. All of the out-of-town guys and Eric will be making a group pick-up the day before the wedding for all the groomsmen attire, so it looks as if things will work out quite smoothly after all!


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