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Greet Your Guests With Welcome Bags

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Assembling Welcome Bags for your out-of-town guests is a great way to show your love and appreciation for their presence at your wedding.


If you’re like most couples, you likely have some out-of-town guests attending your wedding celebration. One way to share an extra token of appreciation for their effort in celebrating with you is to give them Welcome Bags.

Please know that this is not a requirement by any means, and if your budget doesn’t allow it, you can simply skip this extra expense. However, even a little extra acknowledgment goes a long way. You can easily put together inexpensive welcome bags for your guests with a few handy items to show hospitality and appreciation.

Choose your Bags

Stay within your budget and use any perks, discounts, or coupons you may have. If you have a generous amount of fabric on hand, you could always create your own! If you want to make your own out-of-town bags for less than the cost of fabric ($3-$15/yard), use paper gift bags or boxes. Baskets would also be very cute in place of bags or if you only had a handful of welcome bags to make.

Individually Packaged Items

Single-size Tylenol, ear plugs, sunscreen, lotion, and handcrafted soaps are great to include in your bags. They are light and more compact, which makes it easy for your guests to use them. Check out the travel-sized items at your local Target or Walmart for items to go inside your bags. You could also include local items like handcrafted soaps, local honey, jams, etc.

Destination Map & List of Things to Do

If many of your family & friends have yet to experience your local area, you can include a map of the area or a list of recommendations or ‘need to know’ places for the wedding festivities. It could also be a nice idea to consider adding a few coupons from some of the local restaurants that are near the hotel, or sharing a list of other free activities in the area.

welcome bag goodies

Replace the Mini Bar

You can easily buy some items for your guests in bulk so they don’t need to immediately destroy their room’s mini bar. Put a few snack-size bags of chips, pretzels, and water bottles with personalized labels in each bag. For guests who drink, you could include mini bottles of wine, champagne, locally brewed beer, or even canned seltzers.

Are you providing welcome bags for your guests? 

What are you using for your out-of-town Welcome Bags? Should they be considered proper etiquette for destination weddings?

Have you ever received a bag as a guest at a wedding?  What was your favorite part? Join us in the community to talk all things guest welcome bags and more!

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