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Gym-less Tips for the Budget Bride

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Last semester I was running between two jobs, school, leading in two campus organizations, volunteering, and starting to plan my wedding and that combined with all of the eating and traveling that comes from the holidays led to a focus on my health falling to the wayside. Working out was no longer a priority and making healthy choices was harder when my only requirements for food was that it was quick and cheap. Plus my fiance is all for staying active and eating well, but he loves me and my body the way it is, and I generally like how I look, so the motivation to be better and work harder at eating well and working out has been at an all time low.

But now I am three months (OMG three months?!?!!) away from the wedding (and our honeymoon by the beach!) and it’s time to whip myself into shape and start some better habits.

I refuse to pay for a gym right now, because gyms make me self conscious and I’m a pretty frugal person, so I’ve been working on improving my health without having to pay anything. If you do have cash available, investing in a gym or some workout videos would be a great step in the right direction, and if you already have a routine that works for you definitely continue doing that!

If not….here are some other great gym-less tips:

  1. Look up workout videos online. YouTube has a ton of great resources for free and below is a video from Tone It Up. Tone It Up has lots of great resources for free on the website (recipes, blogs, more videos), and even more resources for those of y’all who are able to invest more monetarily into it.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SH44i3nH9sQ#t=438
  2. Another great way to utilize YouTube is by searching songs you enjoy for Zumba routines and classes that have been posted online. Sometimes you can take a song that you like and search for it so that you can work out to something you enjoy! No equipment necessary and it’s a fun way to get your heart rate up!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=11csYH5gqY8
  3. Work out with a friend who has purchased a fitness program. One of my friends has Insanity, and we’ve started going through the program together. She’s had the program for awhile, and is happy to share! Having someone to work with and stay on schedule with makes working out much more fun and usually helps me stick with it!
  4. Pinterest has a lot of great resources and ideas for staying fit and also has lots of free exercise plans for people who aren’t quite sure what to do!gym-less tips
  5. Someone I know who does virtual coaching reached out to me and invited me to take part in a free guided one week clean eating (and working out) challenge. It was a great way to start eating better foods and have an accountability group keeping me on the right track and helping me fuel my body to perform at it’s best. There are other challenge groups that she leads that I may join in in the future, but some require monetary investment while others do not.
  6. Another fun idea to stay motivated to work out is to give yourself a dollar (or a quarter, whatever you can do) for every workout you do and then treat yourself to something once you’ve reached your goal with the money you’ve saved! gym-less tips

There are so many great resources out there for those of y’all wanting to get more fit for your wedding day! It’s really hard to get going and stick with it, but the habits you develop now will help you be a healthier you going into your married life!

What resources do you use to get your body wedding-ready? What does “sweating for the wedding” mean to you?

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