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Happy Thanksgiving!!

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happy thanksgiving
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happy thanksgiving

Wishing a Happy Thanksgiving to all our readers today!

I hope you are all celebrating and spending quality time with the people who mean most to you. Be sure to take some time today to really reflect on all you have to be thankful for.

Life while wedding planning can be overwhelming, stressful and make you feel incredibly pressured. If you take the time to count all your blessings, you’ll quickly see how lucky you are and it will help to put everything into perspective.

Give thanks for your future spouse. Be grateful for your family and your friends who are willing to help with DIY projects or other wedding tasks. Give thanks and be grateful for the funds you have to spend on your wedding, no matter how big or small your budget is.

Gratitude truly changes everything, and we shouldn’t need to only practice it on Thanksgiving. So whenever you start to get stressed, frazzled, or overwhelmed… just count your blessings and remember all you have to be thankful for.


Jessica Bishop Headshot

Jessica Bishop is the founder of TheBudgetSavvyBride.com, and author of the best-selling book,The Budget-Savvy Wedding Planner & Organizer. Jessica's expert wedding advice and money-saving tips have been featured by Good Morning America, COSMOPOLITAN, Glamour, and more.