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7 Useful Tips For Crafting High Engagement Wedding Instagram Captions

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Want to share your wedding news with the world on social media? Check out these 7 useful ways to craft high-engagement wedding Instagram captions to get the most followers to see and share in your big day!

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For many, a wedding is the day we dream of our whole lives. We ask ourselves questions like, “What will my dress look like? What colors will my bridal party wear? Who will be my maid of honor? Where will I get married?” And maybe most importantly of all, “WHO will I marry?” And now, we can add “what about your hashtag for your wedding Instagram captions?”

It’s no wonder with a day this big and important you’d want others to join in the fun. With the rise in social media, especially Instagram, it’s now easier than ever to share your special day with others. We’ll share 7 useful ways to craft high-engagement wedding Instagram captions to get the most followers to see and share in your big day. 

1. Include Your Wedding Hashtag

One of the easiest ways to create high engagement for your wedding on social media is to incorporate your wedding hashtag. There are all types of ways you can come up with a wedding hashtag that’s perfect for you and yours. When coming up with your perfect wedding hashtag you might want to consider a wedding hashtag writing service like Wedding Hashers, where professional writers create unique and never-before-used hashtags, or you can use a wedding hashtag generator, or even brainstorm with your partner or wedding party.

By including your hashtag in your Instagram caption, you’re opening up your post for engagement. Encourage your guests or followers to use the same hashtag when they post videos and photos from your big day. You can either start your caption with your hashtag, insert it within the caption, or end with it. No matter what, including your hashtag is the perfect way to easily be able to look back on your wedding day posts forever!

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2. Share Your Wedding Story

Everyone loves a good love story. Some of your followers, friends, or even family may not know how you and your partner met, how you fell in love, or what makes your story uniquely yours. Your Instagram caption is a great place to share your love story and reminisce on those special early days.

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3. Post Wedding Inspiration

Decor is hands-down one of the most beautiful elements of any wedding, so it’s no wonder that sharing pictures of your decor from your big day can really inspire others. Explain how you came up with your style and the choices you made to reflect your values. By sharing, you’re helping your followers get inspiration for their own wedding. Who knows, they could even end up saving your post to refer to later!

Pro Tip: Create a DIY Instagram post. You can give a step-by-step how-to… like how to make a certain centerpiece, backdrop, name cards, programs, and more!


4. Ask A Question

At your wedding, you’ll probably be so busy that you may not be able to check in with everyone attending the celebration. Reflecting back on your big day and reliving some of your favorite moments is always so much fun! It’s also fun to ask your guests on your Instagram posts to comment on their favorite part of the ceremony and reception. 

This is a perfect way to connect with your guests, see the day from their point of view, and relive your special day. Alternatively, if most of your followers weren’t able to attend the wedding, share what your favorite part of the wedding was in the caption. You could also ask your followers to share their favorite part of weddings in general!

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5. Personalize The Caption

A great way to create a high-engagement wedding caption is to call out specific people who had a special impact on your big day. This could mean thanking all the people who helped make it happen or addressing how much you loved certain speeches and moments. This also includes tagging your wedding vendors who helped bring your wedding vision to life! Show how much you appreciate all the people who made an impact on your big day and encourage them to respond, engage, and reshare the photo!

6. Share Your Wedding Planning Process

We all know planning a wedding can be stressful, and learning from those who have been through it is the best way to figure it out. Create a list of some of the life-saving tools and resources that you used to plan your wedding. This will be incredibly helpful for brides-to-be who are about to start the same journey you recently went through. Plus if you tag different brands and companies that you used, there is a great chance that they will be appreciative and reshare your post!

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7. Include A Call To Action

It’s a great idea to have a link to your wedding photos or video in your Instagram bio. This allows you to encourage your followers to check out your pics or vids by adding a call to action in your caption!

Create Engaging Wedding Instagram Captions

The sky’s the limit with how you can connect with your followers and craft high-engagement wedding Instagram captions. Whether it be using wedding hashtags, sharing your story and wedding planning process, or creating a call to action, each one of these can collectively help you come up with content that’s highly engaging and can provide genuine content your followers will care about.

samantha hackett

Samantha is a Marketing Coordinator at Wedding Hashers with expertise in all things weddings and hashtags. Our goal is to help couples find the perfect, custom hashtag for their big day.