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Home Wedding Setup Made Easy

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Looking for a simple and savvy home wedding setup? Learn how to transform your home into a wedding venue and save thousands of dollars with a few simple items of decor.


Looking for ways to save a ton of money on your wedding?  Host your wedding celebration at home!  More and more couples are having home weddings because it eliminates the #1 most expensive part of the wedding budget – the venue.  Traditionally, couples spend more of their wedding budget on the venue and catering than any other aspect of the wedding. By hosting at home, you eliminate the venue expense completely.

Not only that, but also you can lower your costs for food and beverage because you’re able to shop around rather than being stuck with the venue’s offerings. (Placing bottles of wholesale wine on each table is a whole lot cheaper than full-service bar staff and marked-up drinks!).

Now you’re probably thinking, who in their right mind would be willing to have their wedding at home instead of a “real” venue?  We’ll let you in on a secret!  You can host a wedding at home that is every bit as beautiful as a traditional venue. The trick is using the right decorations! With the right decor, you can transform a basement, garage, or backyard into a Pinterest-worthy wedding. 

garage wedding makeover - transform your home into a wedding venue
Check out this garage wedding makeover!

So how do you transform your home for a wedding? It’s all about making your space look and feel like a wedding venue. The reality is that most banquet halls are really just plain old rooms. They add decorations to elevate the space and make it look like what we think of as a “banquet hall.” You can use these same decorations to turn your home into your very own wedding venue. 

Top 3 Decorations to Transform Your Space

Here are the top 3 must-have wedding decorations to transform your home for a wedding:

pip and drape backdrops - transform your home into a wedding venue
Pipe and drape backdrops transform any room by hiding the walls. 


Draping is the most effective way to completely makeover any room because it hides the walls. It also creates instant wedding vibes since many venues have draped walls. Rent backdrops and draping starting at $119 + free shipping both ways nationwide at RENT MY WEDDING.

uplighting - transform your home into a wedding venue
Colorful uplighting transforms any space for a wedding. 


Wedding lighting is commonly used for high-end weddings, but you can get the look for less by setting it up yourself! Placing a few uplights around the room will add a glow of color and set the mood. Rent uplights for $19 + free shipping nationwide at RENT MY WEDDING.

transform your home into a wedding venue with a monogram light
Monogram lighting adds a personalized touch. 
AltF Photography, John Michael Cooper


Putting your names in lights on the wall or floor is the perfect finishing touch for a home wedding setup. Monogram lights (also called gobos) are so simple to use.  It’s literally just a matter of plugging in a projector and aiming it at the wall. The projector arrives preloaded with your personalized design of choice. Rent monogram lighting for $99 + free shipping nationwide at RENT MY WEDDING.

How to Set Up DIY draping and lighting? 

It may sound like a daunting task to decorate your home for a wedding. But the great news is that it’s actually super easy to set up your own décor. Using DIY rentals, you can get everything you need delivered right to your door. Set up is as easy as following simple step-by-step instructions. After the wedding, simply put everything back in the same boxes and return using the free prepaid labels included with the rental. 

Video:  Garage Wedding Makeover

Check out this video showing how a garage was transformed into a gorgeous reception hall:

Video:  How To Setup DIY Wedding Lighting

See exactly how to set up wedding lighting here:

Video:  How To Setup Pipe & Drape

And get a closer look at the pipe and drape setup: 

How to estimate the quantity of draping and lighting for a home wedding?

To make it easy, we’ve created special home wedding kits designed to fit specific areas of your home. There are separate kits for the living room, basement, and backyard. Simply select the room type and you’ll receive everything you need! Home wedding packages start at just $149 + free shipping nationwide with RENT MY WEDDING.

If you don’t want to use all of the home decor elements, you can also order à la carte! Options include everything from string lights to photo booths. Check out the most popular DIY rentals! 

Why choose a home wedding?

Home weddings are a popular new trend in the wedding industry. It’s an ideal option for couples dealing with venue and vendor cancellations due to COVID-19. And it’s also just a great way to save money. With wedding costs always rising, hosting weddings at home is here to stay as a great budget-friendly alternative. Instead of spending the money on renting a venue for a single day, you can put that money towards your future life together. All in all, home weddings are a beautiful and cost-effective option for hosting your big day.


Ready to start planning your home wedding makeover? Contact RENT MY WEDDING at 1-800-465-8020 or visit www.rentmywedding.com.

Video:  How To Save Money with DIY Rentals 

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