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Hotel Welcome Bags

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The days are counting down.  Holy smokes!  I cannot believe we are THIS CLOSE to the wedding.

I am not originally for Georgia and neither is Matt, so most of our families are scattered around the country.  Sadly, we are not expecting a big out of town turnout, but for those who are able to make the trip, I decided to created small hotel welcome bags to greet them when they arrive in their hotel room.

At first I was going to skip doing this because I did not want to spend more of my ever expanding budget, but my mom talked me back into it and we are going to keep them simple.  We are still working on what to fill our bags with, but here are a few ideas of how we are going to represent Georgia.

Small Coca Cola bottles.  Obviously with Coke starting in Atlanta, Cokes all around


A Georgia postcard.  Here I will most likely write a small note thanking them for coming and a suggestion or two of places to eat near by.


A bottle of locally brewed beer (for the legal aged ones of course).  I have not officially decided which beer to go with, but I have one that is ahead of the others.






A small bag of peanuts, to accompany the beer of course.


A peach.  We are the PEACH state after all.  (Plus in season, these are so cheap at the Farmer’s Market)


We are also considering adding a few coupons from some of the local restaurants that are near the hotel.  It is still a work in progress and I am sure we will add a few substantial things, but I am excited to share this with family and friends.

Are you providing welcome bags for your guests? 

Have you ever received a bag as a guest at a wedding?  What was your favorite part?

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