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How to Decorate Your Wedding Ceremony

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Learn how to maximize your wedding ceremony decorations using the savvy floral arrangements and decor from Something Borrowed Blooms!


There are so many pieces that make up a wedding day, but if we’re being honest, the most important part is actually the wedding ceremony! It’s the moment when you and your love are making a lifetime commitment to one another. You know, kind of the whole point of the entire celebration, right? So it’s important to not overlook the details of your ceremony.

When it comes to getting the most for your money, you know we encourage couples to invest in the areas that are most meaningful to them. If you ask us, the ceremony is the absolute most meaningful part of the entire day, but that comes with a caveat. Ironically, the ceremony is the piece of the wedding day that typically lasts the shortest amount of time, so it can feel like an area that isn’t necessarily worth the splurge to decorate. That’s why we love recommending the savvy rent-and-return floral and decor items from our friends at Something Borrowed Blooms to decorate your ceremony, and your reception, too!

So, in order to make the most of your ceremony decor budget, allow us to share some tips to get a gorgeous look for less with decor from Something Borrowed Blooms.

Decorating Your Wedding Ceremony Space in Three Steps

Consider all of the areas you need to decorate for your wedding ceremony. (Need help? Check out this handy checklist of wedding decor ideas.) For simplicity’s sake, there are three areas where you can focus. In order of what your guests will see, they are the entrance, the aisle, and the altar. Let’s explore ways to enhance each of them below!

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Taylor Grand Centerpiece
Audrey Grand Centerpiece
Olivia Grand Centerpiece

Embellish The Entrance.

Simple decorations can make all the difference. Consider placing a small arrangement on your guestbook table as your guests enter the ceremony space. You may also want to incorporate signage to welcome your guests into your ceremony. You could also place grand centerpieces near the entrance to the wedding aisle to greet your guests!

Vase and Monstera Leaves
Audrey Aisle Marker
Vase and Feathers

Accent Your Aisle.

You don’t have to decorate every row of your wedding aisle. Alternate between aisle marker flowers and lanterns for a more affordable and less formal look. For an even simpler (and savvier) option, place decor only at the beginning and end of the aisle to reduce your overall spend. Select from aisle markers, garlands, lanterns, candlesticks, vases, greenery, feathers, pampass grass accents and more to style your aisle the savvy way!

Charlotte Garland
Laurel Garland
Jane Garland
Taylor Garland

Adorn Your Ceremony Altar.

With the custom garlands from Something Borrowed Blooms, you can easily adorn your altar with a luxurious look for less! Consider using one (or more!) of their custom garlands to decorate a wedding arch or backdrop to frame the two of you at the altar. The garlands are so lush and make a major impact for an amazing price!

If you absolutely love the idea of having many flowers, you could also display two grand centerpieces on either side of the altar for added floral amazingness! If you ask us… splurging to give the altar a WOW factor is all you really need since that’s where your guests will be focused, anyway!

Charlotte Garland and Rattan Jugs
Charlotte Garland and Rattan Jugs

Decorating Your Wedding Ceremony on a Budget

We all want the perfect wedding ceremony, and that includes decorations. But if you’re on a budget, it can be hard to have the décor of your dreams while still keeping costs in check. So how do you save money and have a beautiful ceremony? Read on!


Less is more.

Sophisticated design style is sleek and minimal. Place a few key statement pieces in the areas that matter most to pull focus. In our opinion, less is more. Something Borrowed Blooms has a wide assortment of pieces to choose from that all mix-and-match to look absolutely stunning and cohesive through every aspect of your day.


Mix and Match.

You can select items from the same collection for a look that matches flawlessly throughout every piece you use– but it’s sometimes fun to mix and match! Many of the collections from Something Borrowed Blooms collaborate well together and blend seamlessly for a fuller and richer look!


Include Non-Floral Decor Items.

Obviously, the focus is on the stunning silk florals in the designer collections from Something Borrowed Blooms, but they’ve got a plethora of non-floral decorative items as well. From lanterns and vases to candlesticks, greenery garlands, and more, there’s a wide variety of decor to choose from that don’t include flowers at all!


Invest in your focal points.

By focusing on the areas of most focus, you can splurge on something that’s going to give the most impact for your money. Our suggestion is to make your wedding altar shine and go simple on the rest. Your guests will be focused on the two of you during the ceremony, so you can feel good about making that focal point really pop with a custom garland or grand centerpieces for major impact!


Make Your Decor Pull Double-Duty for Ceremony and Reception.

Keep in mind that you can repurpose your ceremony decorations into your reception to get more for your money! Just give your wedding coordinator a heads up about any items that need to be moved to your reception space post-ceremony.


Opt for faux flowers over fresh.

Choosing to rent faux floral arrangements from Something Borrowed Blooms is a fantastic option for several reasons. 1– they look stunning in photos and in-person with no wilting or fading. 2– you’ll save over 70% when compared with fresh flowers arranged by a traditional florist. And 3– you’ll be doing the earth a solid by re-using something that will be enjoyed again and again by many marrying couples.

Savvy Tip: Re-Use Your Bride + Bridesmaids Bouquets as Reception Decor

Repurpose your bridesmaids bouquets as centerpieces for your head table at your reception to save yourself from additional decor costs! Snag a few vases to put on your reception tables to place your bouquets into for instant savvy centerpieces!

something borrowed blooms

Get gorgeous wedding flowers and decor for less with Something Borrowed Blooms!

No matter which pieces you decide to incorporate into your wedding day decorations, you’ll already be saving significantly versus the cost of fresh flowers. So, basically, you can have your (wedding) cake and eat it, too 😉 with the savvy arrangements that will save you a bundle while still looking luxe!


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