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Top 3 Ways to Share Your Wedding Plans with Your Guests

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Sharing Your Wedding Plans

There is so much information to share with your wedding guests surrounding your wedding. Sharing this information begins with your engagement announcement, and it continues all the way up to chasing down missing RSVPs, encouraging people to book their hotel stay before the room block ends and answering last minute questions from confused guests during your wedding weekend! So what’s the best way to share your wedding plans with your guests?

How to Share Your Wedding Plans with Your Guests

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To help you communicate your important information with your wedding guests, below are the top 3 ways to share your wedding plans with your guests, along with the pros and cons of each!

Wedding Website

According to a survey done by the Knot in 2013, about 75% of couples had ‘Wedsites’. Wedding websites give couples the opportunity to upload beautiful photos to share with their loved ones, tell their story (about how they met…how they got engaged…etc.), and depending on where the wedding website is built they can even collect RSVPs online.


It is a great way to share a lot of information (local hotspots, weekend itinerary information, hotel reservation information, etc.).


Creating your wedding website can be very time-consuming. The details surrounding your wedding will be accessible to anyone if you leave your site public…if you make your site private your guests will need your code to access all your information. Regardless if your site is public or private, your guests will have to know your web address, which means most guests end up having to spend lots of time searching for your site on Google!

Traditional Wedding App

There are many wedding apps out there for couples to use. Most focus on sharing pictures that guests take during your wedding reception, some are merely extensions of your wedding website in the form of an app. Every app has slight nuances and varying degrees of features. Some are free, while others come with a cost. They all come with one major drawback…your guests have to download the app.


Most have neat features, and for the guests that download the app (and link their account to your wedding) they can get a lot of good information and be able to share photos with you.


For your guests to get ANY utility from ANY wedding app, your guests have to download the app… a past wedding app user states this on a Quora post. Unless your guest list consists of a lot of techy people, there is a good chance most of your guests won’t download your app, which means they will be searching for your wedding website on Google or calling/texting you with questions.

App-less Wedding App (AKA: WedTexts)

WedTexts is the only effortless form of communication for your wedding guests. With 83% of millennials opening text messages within 90 seconds (according to Open Market), why wouldn’t you want to share all your important information via text message? Unlike your wedding website or a wedding app – there is nothing for your guests to find or download. If they can receive a text message, they can receive all your WedTexts reminders.

You can create groups within WedTexts to make sure certain groups get certain information…such as sending a group message to your wedding party to make sure they have the details of your wedding rehearsal.

Because you can schedule all your WedTexts reminders days, weeks or months in advance you don’t have to worry about sending messages during your wedding weekend. This Helps you relax and enjoy each of your wedding events knowing your guests have all the information they need.

With your WedTexts Blueprint, which is available only on the web version of WedTexts, all you have to do is tell WedTexts the details of your events (location, date, time, etc.) and WedTexts creates your messages for you!   Allowing you to edit each message as you go. Within 5 minutes you can make sure all your wedding guests know all the details surrounding your wedding weekend without needing a paper wedding weekend itinerary!


Effortless for your wedding guests. Greatly reduces your stress, and is a great way to save money vs doing ALL the traditional paper information.


Only available in the U.S. If your guests do not have an unlimited texting plan, they could be charged for receiving a text message (WedTexts does give them the opportunity to opt out of receiving future text messages to save them money – very few guests opt out though).

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Best of all, it is free to create a WedTexts account! So head over to www.wedtexts.com to text… I mean test their service.

If you think it would be a great addition to your wedding use code SAVVY to get 25% off your WedTexts purchase! You’ll love using their service to share your wedding plans with your guests!

Happy Planning!!


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