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Keeping Kids Entertained at a Wedding

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Activities for kids at weddings

Thinking about including kids at your wedding reception? It can be a hard decision, especially where the budget is concerned! If you are leaning towards “yes”, here are a few fun and creative ideas to help keep them entertained.

Want to save money on wedding activities for kids? Make sure to visit The Dollar Tree, Target or any discount store to stock up on kid supplies and toys to keep costs down! Keep in mind that whichever activity you choose, it’s best to start shopping or ordering early– ideally, 1-2 months before your wedding. Be sure to allow yourself enough time for custom orders, multiple store runs, and organizing everything so you aren’t scrambling week-of.

Check out our ideas for kids wedding activities below!

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Coloring​ Pages:

Kids love to color, so skip the expensive flowers and cover the kids’ table with butcher paper! Fill the center with small buckets of markers, crayons, and stickers and let the kids get creative and go crazy. Don’t love the sound of covering a full table in butcher paper? No worries – simply cut out large rectangular shaped placemats in tones that coordinate with your wedding colors. Before the wedding write the names (or have a calligrapher do it!) on top of each mat and using cookie cutters outline various shapes or animals for them to color in.

Looking for kids coloring pages for weddings? Check out these ones from Something Turquoise!

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If the kids are varying ages and maybe not everyone would love to color, switch out the crayons and markers for various toys. Purchase slightly larger buckets and include things like legos, plastic animals, small puzzles, action figures, coloring books, or anything else the kids would love. If you have a little extra money to spend, think about customizing each bucket for the kiddos. Simply write their name on the bucket and use this as their place card, then fill the bucket with age-appropriate toys.

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For the kids who are a little older and can read, we love the idea of placing a book of games or crossword at each place setting. The games could be group related or individual. Our favorite game is a scavenger hunt! At each place setting print off a list of items (wedding related) that the kids will need to spot. Have a blank next to the word so they can write down where they found it or describe the item they found. To take it one step further, leave a disposable camera at the table. Part of the instructions can include having someone take pictures of the findings. This will keep them occupied for hours and provide laughs when the pictures are developed.

Photo: Andrea Zajonc

Bounce House​:

Have a little extra space at your reception and want to turn the party up to an 11? Think about renting a bounce house. Bounce houses are fun not only for the kids, but also for the thrill-seeking adults too. It will keep the kids contained to one area and provide hours of entertainment. Pro tip – if you have a little extra money, consider hiring a chaperone. This could be a friend of a friend or a professional nanny, but someone to keep a watch over the kids and make sure everyone is playing safely.

kids bubbles weddings
Photo by Andre Hunter


If you’re having an outdoor wedding, bubbles can be a fun and inexpensive distraction or activity for children. Whether you provide the kids with small individual bottles of bubbles or a larger bubble play area, it is sure to create a sense of whimsy and wonder to their wedding experience. They’ll love being involved in your grand exit as well!

What do you think of these ideas for kids activities for weddings? Are you planning to have little ones at your wedding reception?

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