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Last-Minute Wedding Day Essentials

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There are things that are helpful to have on-hand for your big day. Check out this list of wedding day essentials to pack in your bridal emergency kit!


Planning a wedding can be extremely time-consuming and at times may seem overwhelming. However, once the big day rolls around, watching every detail come to life makes it all worth it. Consulting my book, The Budget-Savvy Wedding Planner & Organizer will get you through the planning process and leave you feeling confident that you’ve dotted all the i’s and crossed all the t’s.

But, we can’t forget your wedding day itself and all the prep necessary to make sure you’re ready for everything. This brings us to the idea of a wedding day bridal emergency kit– a kit packed with all of the wedding day essentials you might need before saying “I do.”

Storage Solutions

Find an oversized tote to hold all of your essentials. They have some adorable Bride totes out there! Grab a makeup bag or two as well, so you’re not struggling with brushes and compacts that fall to the bottom.



Hair and Makeup

Your hairstylist will probably have you covered, but make sure you have some extra hold hairspray on hand as well as bobby pins and a large hair clip to tame flyaways and keep your hair out of the way as you get dressed and finish your makeup.

Whether having your makeup done professionally or doing it yourself, it’s going to need some touching up as you sweat or cry during the getting-ready process. Have a tube of waterproof mascara handy, as well as some powder, a powder brush, and concealer.

Read more in the beauty section for more tips on prep!


Skin and Nails

Dry or irritated skin can happen any time of the year, so make sure you have some moisturizer available to keep it glowing. Vaseline is the perfect multiuse solution as well, helping not just with dry patches, but with irritation for clothing or shoes, smoothing hair, sculpting eyelashes and much more!

A broken nail can seem like a disaster, but it’s nothing that a nail file can’t handle. Make sure you can reshape your manicure in no time and prepare yourself for chips, scratches or digs with a clear coat and bottle of matching nail polish. In case you have a slip when reapplying a coat of nail color, a travel-size container of nail polish remover will have you covered.


Clothing Solutions

A small sewing kit is perfect for fixing any snags or hanging threads. This could be a lifesaver for your bridesmaids too in the case of a wardrobe malfunction. Even after several fittings, you can still have parts of your dress that are too loose, and safety pins are perfect for securing excess fabric. Brides usually have an idea of what they’re going to wear under the dress way beforehand, but it’s best to be prepared for everything by keeping a well-fitting strapless bra in your tote too, to ensure you’re not pulling your dress up throughout the evening. If your dress is particularly form-fitting, you may also want to pick up some shapewear such as Spanx for your arsenal as well.

These are just some of the basics that will help you get through your wedding day prep as seamlessly as possible, but every bride is different, so really think about what will make you feel the most comfortable as you get ready. If you’re looking for more inspiration on accessories to have, keep in touch with our Etsy page as well!


I hope this post helps you plan for all the last-minute essentials for your big day!


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