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Life Insurance Policies for Newlyweds from Bestow

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Introducing Bestow– a simple and efficient resource for life insurance policies for newlyweds. Protect your family in case of the unthinkable.


Wondering where to get newlywed life insurance policies for you and your new spouse? You’ve got to check out Bestow– it makes signing up for life insurance quick and simple.

Wedding planning is fun, right? Thinking about and choosing all the lovely little details of your big day is like bringing Pinterest to life! But at the end of the day, this big festive event you’re planning is celebrating the start of something bigger: your marriage!

When you exchange those vows and sign that marriage certificate with your partner, you become legally and financially bound to another human. You’ll be sharing a home (if you weren’t already) and potentially sharing expenses and bank accounts.

By this point, you’ve likely already gotten your feet wet with managing a budget as a couple, but what about the other grown-up stuff like life insurance policies and wills?

Do newlyweds need life insurance policies?

With all the excitement and exuberance of wedding planning, it’s important to not forget about taking important steps to protect both you and your partner. Once you combine your homes, hearts, and finances, you become reliant on the contributions of another to keep your household afloat, or at least running at optimal speed. That’s why it’s so crucial for modern couples to have a life insurance policy for both partners in case of a devastating loss.

Life insurance is absolutely not a fun topic to consider, but an oh-so-important one. Dealing with the potential loss of your spouse while also being financially crippled without a backup plan is more than any person should have to deal with.

Even if you’ve yet to have children, or even if you don’t plan to, an adequate life insurance policy could give you some freedom to take the time you need. Ideally, you’ll never ever need to use the policy… but what if you do? For low monthly rates, you can give yourselves at least a little peace of mind.

Life Insurance for Newlyweds

A Simple Solution for Life Insurance for Couples

Life for modern couples is busier than ever. That’s why we are excited to share a simple and efficient resource for securing life insurance policies for you and your partner. Allow us to introduce Bestow– a technology company that is disrupting the traditional life insurance model.

Bestow uses data and technology to make buying life insurance easy and convenient with no need for a doctor’s visit. Their mission is to enable everyone to financially protect their loved ones– their platform creates both simplicity and savings for couples looking for term life insurance.

A modern approach to life insurance

Bestow’s entirely online experience is heads above traditional life insurance companies in terms of simplicity and ease. The old-school way usually requires paper forms, a meeting with an agent, a medical exam, and months of back-and-forth interactions before they even give you your firm policy quote! Who has time for all that?

Other online life insurance companies may offer a quote online, but pull the old bait-and-switch by sending you to a traditional underwriter. Only Bestow has modernized the process to be done entirely online, for every policy. Period.

How to Apply for Life Insurance with Bestow

You and your partner can apply for life insurance with Bestow by answering some basic lifestyle and health questions. Bestow combines your answers with big data to instantly assess applicant risk and coverage options.

If approved, you can check out with your policy in less than 5 minutes from start to finish. Now that’s efficient! (Plus, who wants to spend more time than that dwelling on the what-ifs, am I right?)

Bestow currently offers term life insurance for applicants between the ages of 21–55. If you’re approved, you can choose the best Bestow policy for you, they’ve got 2-year, 10-year, and 20-year options with coverage ranging from $50,000 to $1,000,000.

Can you afford life insurance?

We think the better question is, can you afford to *not* have life insurance if the unthinkable happens? The good news is, that Bestow has super affordable options to suit your family’s needs.

For those new to life insurance, Bestow created a super simple and affordable full life insurance protection policy to get you started: a 2-year term starting as low as $2.50 per month! That sounds pretty budget-savvy to us!

Bestow gets you covered right away so you can continue to learn about your needs before buying a long-term policy.

Sounds like Bestow’s got your back, in more ways than one!

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Life Insurance for Newlyweds

This post is a collaboration sponsored by Bestow– an innovative company that is transforming life insurance for today’s modern couples. All opinions are our own!


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