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Hi friends! (a special hello to anyone who wandered over here from Something Turquoise!) Y'all know I'm a huge fan of DIY Projects – and I know you are, too! So I'm so excited to share today's fun post with you! Last week while I was in California visiting my family, I took a day trip to visit my friend Jen at Something Turquoise (aka the queen of DIY) and we collaborated on a fun project for you!

DIY Magnet Save the Date

Magnet Save the Date designs with FREE printables!

With my background in design and Jen's DIY skills, we put together a simple and chic DIY Magnet save the date that you can easily create yourself! We used ‘business card magnets' we ordered from VistaPrint paired with the free printables I designed for you to download and use! We chose to create two different versions – one more modern and the other romantic. The best part about these is that you can totally customize these pieces to match your wedding day theme by choosing papers that match your color scheme! You can download the printable files below, then head over to Something Turquoise to get the full how-to tutorial!


free printables

Magnet Save the Date - vertical layout

Romantic Magnet Save the Date Printable  <–click to download

For this template, you'll need to download both the Nexa Light and Lavanderia fonts. You can download Nexa Light here and Lavanderia here.

Engagement photo used courtesy of Nick Charrow Photography 


Magnet Save the Date - horizontal layout

Modern Magnet Save the Date Printable  <–click to download

For this printable, you'll need to download the Nexa Light and Nexa Bold, which can both be downloaded for free here.


I had such a fun time collaborating on this project with Jen and hope to do more of it in the future! We hope you love these save the dates! Let us know which one is your fave in the comments!!

If you decide to take a stab at these pretties, be sure to use Jen's hashtag #SomethingTurquoiseDIY to share the results via Instagram or Twitter. Thanks so much Jen for doing this fun project with me!

Magnet Save the Date - 2 options!

>> Click here to check out the full tutorial on Something Turquoise! <<

Want a matching invitation? Check out these Swirl Wedding Invitations we created:


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  • Krystal

    Hello, I am having trouble accessing the download for the blue save the date. Is there anyway to have this sent to my email?

    Thank you!

    • Krystal – all you need to do is click the link under the photo 🙂

  • Rebecca

    The download links aren’t working for me either.

    • Could you explain the problem you are having? I’ve tested the downloads from several different browsers and they are all functioning fine on my end.

      • Rebecca

        Just tried it on my newer Mac and it looks like it works! Sorry about that and thanks!

  • Cassie

    I am in love with the style on the vertical one! However, sadly my photo is horizontal. I am not sure that it will fit in the space allotted for the magnate. Do you think it would look okay to just put it in and have it be sideways or do you by chance have a horizontal version of the vertical one?

    • Could you crop your image to a vertical orientation? Or leave some white space on the magnet on the top and bottom?

  • Brenda


    I was trying to edit the super cute modern magnet but the template contains the box watermark where the magnet would be. how do i get rid of this box?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Brenda,
      The box is part of the design. The only way to remove it on your end would be to place a white box over top of it in Word.

  • M. J. C.

    Hi! Great idea! I had something similar in mind, and I really like the envelopes – where did you purchase those? Thank you!!

  • Kori

    Hello. Love the templates! I am having a problem with the Romantic one where the Save the Date text is not arcing like the image, and because of that, it is barely visible because it does not fit in the text box created for it. I can only see the the top of the h in ‘the’. Can you help me?

  • Kori

    Another quick question: you don’t happen to have a horizontal version of the Romantic one, do you?

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