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Marriage Financial Coaching: Invest in Your Future

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Looking for a special wedding gift that will last a lifetime? A marriage coaching package from Wealthtender will bring the couple closer together and pay dividends forever.


One of the most important parts of marriage is knowing how to work together towards mutual goals and building a life you’re both happy with. This obviously includes learning how to manage your finances as a couple– but it’s not always a simple task. That’s why working with a financial coach can be a great way to help you get on the same page about money with your (soon-to-be) spouse.

Why Marriage Financial Coaching is a Worthy Investment:

If you’re unsure about combining your finances, uncomfortable discussing sensitive topics, or maybe just disagree in certain areas about managing your money, a financial coach can help you come together as a couple and put you on the best path forward for your best financial life! But where do you even begin to find a coach that specializes in working with couples? That’s where our friends at Wealthtender come in.

Like us, they believe that getting on the same page personally and financially will set you up for success in both your money and your marriage. So their Marriage Financial Coaching packages are a perfect way to tackle these subjects together with the help of a pro– at an affordable price, of course!

Marriage Financial Coaching Package Options:

Pick your coaching package, choose your coach, and you’re on your way to meeting those money goals:


Hour Package



Hour Package



Hour Package


Whether you sign up for a one-hour financial coaching session or prefer additional time over multiple days, you’ll begin your new life together feeling more confident when it comes to money matters. And if you’re already married, a financial check-up can help ensure you’re on the right track to achieve your goals.

Choose a one-hour session and get off to a great start, or consider 2 or 4 hours of financial coaching to dive deeper into areas that may be more difficult to discuss or unique to your individual circumstances.

You can book a coaching package for yourself, or suggest it as a thoughtful wedding gift. (We have a feeling you’ll appreciate it so much, you may just give a coaching package as a gift to other soonlywed couples going forward!)

Read the FAQ about Marriage Financial Coaching here.

From the coaches:

“If you and your spouse find it difficult to handle tasks such as budgeting, paying off debt, earning more income, and have a true desire to thrive with your money, then financial coaching is for you.”

– Danielle Davis, Wealthtender Coach

“Getting married is a big step, full of decisions to make. Let me help you make those financial decisions easier by teaching you how to manage your money better. Your satisfaction is my priority.”

– Marco Carreira, Wealthtender Coach

“Marriage and money isn’t only about combining finances (or not!). It’s also about your shared goals like buying a home, traveling, retirement, debt, etc. I’ll help you make a plan you can both follow!”

– Kelley Long, Wealthtender Coach

Marriage Financial Coaching from Wealthtender

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