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30 Best Maternity Wedding Guest Dresses for 2024

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Discover the perfect maternity wedding guest dresses to wear to a wedding. Browse stylish and elegant options to showcase your baby bump!


Ah, the sweet scent of love is in the air, and wedding bells are ringing louder than ever! But hold on a minute, you’ve got a beautiful baby bump to flaunt, and you’re in need of the perfect maternity wedding guest dress that says, “I’m here to celebrate love and look fabulous doing it!” 

We also know that a growing mum-tum causes its own issues, as maternity clothes have that classic challenge: they’re often worn for only a short period, making it tough to justify investing in more upscale choices.

Fear not, because we’ve scoured the fashion universe to bring you a budget-savvy curated collection of the most stylish and elegant formal maternity dresses for  more upscale affairs, to flowy party dresses for all those mums-to-be who are ready to dance the night away. We also have a heap of floral bump friendly wedding guest dresses, which is a huge trend for this season. 

30 Top Picks for Maternity Dress For Wedding Guest

Maternity Maxi Dress-bump friendly wedding guest dresses

Kimi & Kai Charity Maternity Maxi Dress

Nordstrom • $88

Feel feminine and girly in this floral maternity dress. It has a smocked bodice area that stretches to accommodate your bump as you grow!

A-Line Maternity Wrap Dress-pregnancy dresses for wedding guest

Accouchée A-Line Maternity Wrap Dress

ASOS • $148

This tie bump-friendly wedding guest dress will accommodate a growing tummy, but is also wearable after the baby is born for easy nursing! It comes in a satin blush color.

Midi Pencil Dress-elegant maternity dresses

Angel Sleeve Midi Pencil Dress

ASOS • $60

Maternity can still mean glamorous with elegant crepe maternity dresses, plus the material is really comfy. If you’re looking for the perfect guest dress while pregnant, team this pick with blingy accessories for a fab look.

Maternity Shift Dress-maternity cocktail dresses

Tiffany Rose Anna Maternity Shift Dress

Nordstrom • $205

Be fitted and fabulous. Your pregnancy curves are for celebrating, and this shift dress is so cute. The polyester has that little bit of stretch to accentuate even the final trimester. We love the florals on this elegant navy dress for a summer wedding.

Ruffle Midi Dress-flowy maternity dress

Show Me Your Mumu Jess Ruffle Midi Dress

ShowMeYourMumu • $148

This chiffon dress gives us ruffles for days! It hits at a midi length, with a high-low hem to show off your shoes. Its elasticated waist is designed for comfort and grows with a bump. We love that this brand has a wide size range, from XXS-3X.

Off the Shoulder Maternity Dress-off the shoulder maternity dress

Ingrid & Isabel The Dream Off the Shoulder Maternity Dress

Nordstrom • $128

Embrace your golden glow accordingly in this stylish off the shoulder maternity dress. It’s made from light cotton, breathable materials, so you won’t overheat with a hormonal flush while you’re at the ceremony.

Maternity Midi Dress-maternity dress for wedding guest

Angel Maternity Midi Dress

Nordstrom • $99.95

This ultra comfy maternity midi dress with textured knit gently embraces your bump.  Additionally, we love the cleverly designed discreet panel for nursing in privacy once the baby is here.

Floral Maternity Babydoll Dress-floral maternity dress

Kimi & Kai Nia Floral Maternity Babydoll Dress

Nordstrom • $98

Of all of the bump friendly dresses for weddings we have found, this has the most fun and unique print. It’s a floaty chiffon and has an Empire waist to accommodate even late third-trimester bumps.

Rose Dress-floral maternity dress

JessaKae Rose Dress

JessaKae • $275

Dresses from JessaKae are not only stunningly beautiful, but we love how size inclusive they are – running from XXS-6X! Also, their dresses are not specifically ‘maternity’ but some are bump friendly due to their style and stretch. This floral dress is a show-stopper!

Maxi Split Maternity Dress-flowy maternity dress

Liu & Qu Maxi Split Maternity Dress


Of our top formal maternity dresses, this one is not only pretty, but Budget Savvy too! It has a classic shape, but has extra stretch for a growing bump. Plus it’s also nursing friendly too.
The leg slit adds some extra sass and could be reworn for your baby shower!

 Maternity Dress-maternity dress wedding guest

Ofenbuy Casual Maternity Dress


For pregnancy dresses for wedding guests  you can dress up or down, and then re-wear during the rest of your maternity era check out this dress. It has a long sleeve, flowy swing style that looks just as good with cute sandals in summer, or boots in winter!

Long Sleeve Maternity Midi Dress-maternity midi dress

Lahilo Long Sleeve Maternity Midi Dress


One of the dilemmas with maternity clothes is that you’ll only be wearing them for a relatively short time, which can make splurging on them a bit tricky to justify. That’s why we love this bargain dress with pretty flowers. It comes in a bunch of color options and has both long and short sleeve styles for your own personal preference.

Rose Dress-floral maternity dress

Black Rose Dress by JessaKae

JessaKae • $275

We are huge fans of this JessaKae style, which comes in size for all body types. While it might not be a traditional maternity dress, experienced moms will vouch for how essential it is to discover a dress you can rock both today and long after your due date.

Lace Maternity Dress-bump friendly dresses for wedding

Kim S Boho Lace Maternity Dress


If you’re looking for a pretty lace maternity, designed with boho style this is for you. Its V neckline keeps it demure, and the elastic empire waist grows with your growing tummy.

Bodycon Maternity Dress-bump friendly wedding guest dresses

Maacie Bodycon Maternity Fishtail Dress


Here’s another dress that’s versatile for dressing up or down: a smocked dress featuring a timeless tube silhouette and a ditzy floral pattern. We love the fishtail hem, and one sleeve feature – but the best part? It’s stretchy without sacrificing its shape, ensuring you can enjoy wearing it long after pregnancy.

Maternity Maxi Dress-flowy maternity dress

FUNJULY Floral Maternity Maxi Dress


Bring on the ditzy prints in these sweet maternity dresses for wedding. They offer a lovely flow that doesn’t cling to the belly and provides ample room for tummy growth. Plus, they are versatile enough to be worn both before and after pregnancy!

 Ruffle Flowy Maternity Dress-bump-friendly wedding guest dress

Mother Bee Ruffle Flowy Maternity Dress


For moms-to-be who want to flaunt their baby bump, this form-fitting dress is a must-have! It comes in both short or ¾ sleeves so you can choose a style for all seasons. But, not a fan of dusky pink? We’ve got you covered with a range of colors and prints.

Maternity Maxi Dress-maternity maxi dress

Peauty Maternity Maxi Dress


Feel like a princess in this floor-length maternity maxi dress. The subtle detailing is gorgeous and feels classy, all while being comfortable enough for even the third trimester! 

Maternity Maxi Dress-floral maternity dress

Kimi & Kai Caroline Maternity Maxi Dress

Nordstrom • $128

A boho style maxi dress is a reliably forgiving choice. With its generous fabric, it gracefully embraces your body before the baby bump takes center stage. But when it does, this forest green flowy maternity dress steps up with smocked waist detailing that accentuates rather than conceals your beautiful mum-to-be tum.

Maternity One Shoulder Dress-maternity party dresses

LaClef Maternity One Shoulder Dress


Flaunt your blossoming bump in style with these elegant maternity formal dresses. Crafted from stretchy material, this one shoulder number ensures you and your baby bump stay comfortable and confident from ceremony to reception. Plus they’re available in a range of colors.

Wrap Maxi Dress-maternity wedding guest dress

Cami Wrap Maxi Dress

ASOS • $79.99

Stand out from the crowd in this daring but gorge bump-friendly wedding guest dress from ASOS. The silky satin effect fabric feels luxe and swishy, all while draping over your beautiful growing tum.

Maternity Occasion Dresses-elegant maternity dresses

Maternity Occasion Dresses Asos Design

ASOS • $79.99

Dive into ASOS collection, where you’ll discover a plethora of stunning maternity cocktail dresses. This graceful batwing dress is one of our favorite glamour picks. It’ll make you feel like a true beauty, accentuating your elegance, as you proudly carry your baby bump at any stage of your pregnancy.

Pleated Bodice Midi Dress-elegant dresses for pregnant ladies

Maternity Pleated Bodice Midi Dress

ASOS • $69.99

This maroon looks good on every skin tone! The pleated skirt cinches just under the bust, providing ample space for your growing bump. Plus, it’s perfect for some twirling action on the dance floor!

Tulle Maxi Dress-floral maternity dress

Layla Tulle Maxi Dress

BalticBorn • $76

Elevate your maternity style with this floral-print maxi dress. It not only flatters your baby bump but also features a convenient surplice neckline, offering easy and discreet nursing access for post-baby moments.

Floral Maternity Maxi Dresses-flowy maternity dress

Kimi & Kai Aoife Floral Maternity Maxi Dresses

Nordstrom • $128

Get ready to dance the night away in this boho maternity dress for a wedding guest! It boasts a tiered, flowy skirt that’s ideal for twirling, and a smocked panel, which expands with your growing baby bump at all stages of pregnancy.

Maxi Dress-floral maternity dress

Katherine Maxi Dress

BalticBorn • $88

If you have a more formal wedding dress code, black-tie maternity dresses are needed. This elegant dress combines beautiful floral lace with a luxuriously soft lining for a glamorous look and comfortable feel. The wraparound bodice not only adds style but also offers discreet nursing access too.

Maternity Ruffle Hi Low Dress-bump friendly wedding guest dresses

Maternity Ruffle Hi Low Dress by ASOS Design

ASOS • $84.99

Pregnant wedding guests can make a statement in this one-of-a-kind maternity guest dress, boasting a striking green shade and playful ruffle accents. Crafted from a floaty chiffon fabric, you’ll glide through the day feeling fabulous. 

Maternity Skater Dress-maternity party dresses

Colorblock Maternity Skater Dress

Nordstrom • $78

Calling for perfect maternity party dresses. This flattering babydoll style is perfect for any stage of your motherhood journey. It not only looks chic but also offers easy-access nursing options once your baby arrives.

Animal Print Maxi Dress-maternity wedding guest dress

Animal Print Maxi Dress

Nordstrom • $104.95

This dress might not be “maternity,” but savvy moms know it’s a game-changer. You can rock it now, and it’s ready to party with you well past your due date. Plus, that dazzling hue is simply irresistible! Made from flowy fabric with a flirty ruffled hem, it’s a winner from us.

Maternity/Nursing Romper-maternity occasion dresses

Luana Jersey Maternity/Nursing Romper

Nordstrom • $82

Dresses not your thing? Why not go for a jumpsuit outfit instead? This dusky navy wide-leg suit can be dressed up or down and embraces your bump perfectly. 

FAQs: Bump Friendly Wedding Guest Dresses 

What should a pregnant woman wear to a wedding?

When attending a wedding while pregnant, comfort and style should be your top priorities. Opt for a maternity dress that suits the formality and theme of the wedding. 

Look for dresses made from comfortable and breathable fabrics, and those that have a stretch to them. Empire line dresses are the most common and popular, as they can accommodate your growing tummy. Ensure your dress fits well and consider maternity shapewear for added support. 

Choose a color that complements the occasion without overshadowing the bride. Accessories can add a touch of elegance, but don’t go overboard. 

Prioritize comfortable shoes for your (maybe swollen) feet, and be aware that you might prefer flats – even if you are usually a heels kinda gal. 

Finally, focus on feeling confident and beautiful with your hair and makeup choices. It’s essential to strike a balance between looking great and staying comfortable throughout the wedding day.

What is the best dress shape for a pregnant woman?

Pregnant wedding guest dresses come in all styles. The best maternity dress shape for a pregnant woman is typically one that combines comfort, style, and functionality. 

Empire waist dresses are often a top choice for expectant mothers, as they feature a high waistline just below the bust, allowing the fabric to flow gracefully over the baby bump. This design not only provides ample room for the growing belly but also creates a flattering, elongated silhouette. A-line dresses are another excellent option, as they gently flare out from the bust or waist down, skimming over the bump while offering a relaxed fit around the hips and thighs. Wrap dresses are also popular for their adjustability, enabling a customized fit as your body changes during pregnancy. 

Ultimately, the best dress shape depends on your personal style and comfort preferences, so it’s essential to try different options to see what suits you best and makes you feel confident during this special time.

What size should I order my maternity dress for a wedding?

When ordering a maternity dress for a wedding, it’s crucial to factor in both your current size and how far along you’ll be in your pregnancy at the time of the event. Maternity dresses are specifically designed to accommodate a growing belly, so you’ll want to select a size that fits comfortably in your bust and hips while leaving ample room for your expanding midsection. 

Start by consulting the size chart provided on the retailer’s website before adding to your cart. If you’re still in the early stages of pregnancy and haven’t gained much weight, your pre-pregnancy size in maternity wear may suffice. However, if you’re uncertain about sizing or anticipate being well into your third trimester by the wedding day, it’s often a safer bet to size up, as slightly larger dresses can be more easily altered to achieve a better fit. 

Keep in mind that dresses made from stretchy fabrics like jersey or spandex can adapt somewhat to your changing shape. Additionally, reading customer reviews, considering the dress style, and allowing ample time for alterations can help ensure you have the perfect dress for the occasion.

Many retailers offer free shipping or free returns, so check the small print on how long you have to send them back before you checkout. 

Is it okay to attend a wedding while pregnant?

Absolutely, it is perfectly acceptable and wonderful to attend a wedding while pregnant. Pregnancy should not hinder your participation in celebrating special occasions like weddings, as most couples would be thrilled to have their pregnant friends and family members share in their joyous day. 

It’s important to consider your comfort when selecting your outfit, opting for maternity dresses that are both stylish and accommodating of your growing bump. Staying hydrated, having healthy snacks on hand, and taking breaks as needed are essential for your well-being during the event. 

Most weddings provide seating arrangements, so you’ll have a place to sit during the ceremony and reception. While you can certainly participate in activities and dancing, be attuned to your body’s signals and take rest breaks when necessary. 

What do you think are the best maternity dresses for wedding guests?

Which of our top picks for best maternity wedding guest dresses is your stand-out fave? 

Join us in our community to talk about all things elegant dresses for pregnant ladies!


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