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Should I Wear Mineral Makeup on My Wedding Day?

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Should I Wear Mineral Makeup on My Wedding Day?
Ashlee Ann

When it comes to wedding day beauty, it’s so important to choose the products that will give you the best coverage and staying power on your big day. One major topic of conversation in our Facebook group (if you’re not in yet, please join us!) has been all about Mineral Makeup. I reached out to expert Ashlee Ann to get the scoop on this popular makeup choice. Check out her advice and insight below! xo, Jessica

So what’s the 411 on mineral makeup? Everyone’s talking about them! Do they contain SPF? How do they photograph? As a professional makeup artist of 12 years, I wanted to break down my thoughts and opinions on the ever popular powdered mineral foundations on the market!

Mineral powder foundations were actually invented in 1970’s and just made a huge come back to the current makeup scene! People go crazy for major brands like Bare Minerals, NYX cosmetics, and Laura Mercier. Let’s examine what’s great about Mineral Makeup and what’s not so great… and whether or not you should wear it on your wedding day!Mineral Makeup for your wedding day?

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PROS of Mineral Makeup

  1. Mineral makeup has a light, airy feel that leaves you feeling natural and clean while giving you coverage and making your skin look beautiful.
  2. It helps protect your skin. KEYWORD-helps! Mineral makeup does have zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. The FDA has approved zinc oxide as a skin protector and titanium dioxide as a real sunscreen. Most companies urge you to wear your normal SPF as the makeup only helps but does not completely protect.
  3. Most mineral makeup is free of chemicals and yucky stuff that can cause breakouts and skin irritation.
  4. It has a skin smoothing feel! Some people even say it can be used as an anti-inflammatory for the face!

Mineral Makeup for your wedding day?

Photo: Shaunalynnephotography.com

CONS of Mineral Makeup

  1. It can be limited in its range of colors and shades. This makes it complicated to match your skin tone. Many people have to mix 2 colors to get the best results. (Double the price)
  2. Mineral Makeup doesn’t contain any binders that normal foundations contain. Binders are what make the product stick to your skin for the longevity of the product. So on a long day like your wedding day, you may have to reapply!
  3. It’s not considered full coverage! Mineral makeup lacks some of the fillers that can make your face like completely flawless, so you’ll see more of your skin’s natural texture.
  4. Depending on the brand, mineral makeup can be a little pricier than liquid foundations.


A note about mineral makeup + photography:

Mineral makeup is great for everyday wear. When choosing a foundation for your big day, if you prefer a full coverage foundation I would stick with traditional. If you are a bride that wants to show your imperfections and is comfortable with the skin you are in, you can wear mineral foundation. My suggestion is to check with your photographer on the SPF in the mineral makeup and if it would reflect in your photography.

Overall, mineral foundation is a great product for those seeking light coverage or a more natural look. Also, anyone with acne prone skin! An idea I had is maybe using a fuller coverage concealer and setting it with a loose mineral powder foundation! If you go to ULTA, make sure to use your coupons!

Mineral Foundation for Your Wedding Day

Interested in Mineral Foundation for your wedding or everyday wear? Check out these options below!

Best of luck!

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Ashlee Ann

is a licensed cosmetologist having worked with hundreds of brides over 9 years and owner of Beauty by Ashlee Ann, a Tampa makeup artist.