How Much Did Your Favorite Movie Wedding Cost?

From time to time we like to share infographics, and this one by BeFrugal is super interesting! As a pop-culture lover and adorer of weddings, this infographic was a match made in heaven for me. If there's one thing you've probably noticed, it's that weddings are EVERYWHERE in pop culture, especially your favorite movies and TV shows. We're all obsessed with celebrity wedding details, too… partially because these lavish affairs happen on seemingly limitless budgets! If you've ever wondered how much money your favorite movie wedding would really cost, this infographic is for you!

There’s no better guilty pleasure than an over-the-top, no-budget-in-sight movie wedding. So in case you are the curious type like me, the folks at BeFrugal did the number crunching on five famous movie weddings: Sex and the City, Bridesmaids, The Hangover, Father of the Bride, and Twilight: Breaking Dawn

Take a look at the infographic below to see the facts on these five top movie weddings:

BeFrugal Movie Weddings Infographic

It comes as no surprise to me that Carrie Bradshaw's wedding would ring in among the highest, but some of the other statistics surprised me. What do you think of this fun infographic? Were there any surprises? How about Bella from Twilight's sky-high wedding gown price? Not so budget-savvy, and not so realistic either, on her dad's salary as a police officer, let's be real.

Choosing in season flowers for your wedding

What's your favorite TV or movie wedding? If I'm being honest, I think that Jim + Pam's wedding from The Office was the best ever.

Would love to hear your favorites, as well as what surprised you in the comments below! Sound off!

What's the best movie wedding of all time and which do you think it the most expensive or budget-savvy?


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