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Keep the newlywed love alive with this fun gift idea!

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Keep the newlywed love alive with this fun gift idea!
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We are so excited to share an awesome new wedding gift idea with you… introducing The Game of Love! This product was created by Monica Mangin, TV host and creator of the amazing DIY blog East Coast Creative. She created this adorable game to keep your newlywed love alive… read more about this creative game below!

The Game of Love in a nutshell:


The Game of Love is a customizable bedroom board game that makes the most adorable gift! There’s a blank game board that’s been printed onto a fitted sheet, and it’s ready for you to customize! Using the included washable fabric markers, fill in each space with an activity, question, gift, or another idea from the Idea Vault, which includes prompts of several fun and frisky varieties:


Customize the game to fit your relationship just right! When you’re ready to play, you and your loved one will roll the die and together, move along the game board completing each space. We’ve taken care of everything you need to plan and pull-off one of the best nights (and surprises) ever!


The Game Of Love – the “IT” wedding gift

Here at BSB, we think The Game of Love is going to be the “IT” wedding gift of the year.  It’s perfect for a honeymoon surprise from a Bride to the Groom, makes a super fun Bachelorette party activity (the bridesmaids get to fill out the sheet for the couple!), and is a great way to ditch the registry and buy a couple a present they’ll really get excited about!


I mean, seriously? How flippin’ cute is this?!! Sounds like a fun way to spend an evening at home with your new spouse, right?


Fun is Key to Keeping the Romance Alive

Finding ways to infuse playfulness, romance and intimacy into your relationship is so key. Surprising your spouse with little treats is so important to keep things fresh and fun. We think The Game of Love is a really creative and cute way to do just that!


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