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9th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas from the Heart

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Looking for the perfect anniversary gift for your 9th wedding anniversary? Check out this list of creative ideas for your spouse for 9 years of marriage!

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If you’re looking for the perfect gift idea for your husband or wife to celebrate your 9th wedding anniversary, today is your lucky day! Surprise your partner with one of these unique wedding anniversary gift ideas for your 9th year of marriage from Etsy!

The 9 year anniversary is a significant milestone, so you’ll definitely want to make sure your 9th anniversary gift is super special. We love sharing handmade anniversary gifts from Etsy, because a custom-made present shows the recipient that a little extra thought and care went into creating it.

What is the traditional gift for the 9th wedding anniversary?

Did you know that the theme for traditional wedding anniversary gifts for year nine is pottery or willow? This post contains 20 unique pottery and willow anniversary gift ideas, one of which is sure to be the perfect ninth anniversary gift for your spouse!

Unique 9th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Finding amazing ninth wedding anniversary gifts from Etsy is easy-peasy. There are so many sellers who make personalized gifts, and many of these items are affordable, too!

Choosing a thoughtful gift to celebrate nine years married will make your partner feel as special as he or she did on your very first wedding anniversary. These affordable and meaningful gift ideas below surely fit the bill and will be items your spouse will treasure for a lifetime.

To make your gift extra meaningful, include details about your wedding day, memories of your relationship, or even inside jokes into your choice. For an added dose of heart, add your wedding date, your married monogram, wedding vows, or the lyrics from your first dance song into your spouse’s gift. Check out these 9th wedding anniversary gifts below from some of our favorite Etsy sellers!

Unique Decor Gifts for Your 9th Anniversary

AllTribeSilver Horsehair Pottery Hummingbird Wedding Vase

Horsehair Pottery Hummingbird Wedding Vase

AllTribeSilver • $44.95

This beautiful and unique horsehair pottery hummingbird wedding vase is the perfect 9th anniversary gift. With slots for two different flowers to symbolize you and your spouse’s special union. 

ThePaintedPress Pottery Ring Dish

Pottery Ring Dish

ThePaintedPress • $19

This ring dish is a sweet reminder of your love and commitment. Personalize it with your initials and anniversary date to remember your ninth anniversary.

Ningswonderworld Personalized Pottery Vase

Personalized Pottery Vase

NingsWonderworld • $90

Surprise her with a beautiful handcrafted and personalized vase engraved with your initials on one side and your names and anniversary date on the other.

LauraLynnPottery Personalized Pottery Wine Glasses

Personalized Pottery Wine Glasses

LauraLynnPottery • $42

Toast to your ninth anniversary with these personalized pottery wine glasses. These handmade ceramic wine glasses or handle free mugs include personalization of up to 15 letters per tumbler.

CopitasdeMezcal Pottery Glazed Whisky Cup

Pottery Glazed Whisky Cup

CopitasdeMezcal • $28

For the gentleman who prefers whisky, he will appreciate this pottery glazed glass that’s been personalized with your anniversary date on the bottom. A unique and thoughtful gift.

TheButterflyCrown Willow Wreath with Lavender

Willow Wreath with Lavender

TheButterflyCrown • $119

The beautiful willow wreath has been hand painted white and adorned with yellow flowers, greenery and lavender. Such a perfect 9th anniversary gift to see everyday on your door.

Mothologyhome-Willow Basket with Handle-Etsy

Willow Basket with Handle

MothologyHome • $88.99

This handmade wicker weave multifunctional storage basket is the perfect companion for your home life. A thoughtful gift for the spouse that loves decorating with baskets.

signedandnumbered Willow Wood Picture Frames

Willow Wood Picture Frame

signedandnumbered • $27.90

Choose your sizes with these natural willow wood picture frames. Each frame has a unique grain and a smooth water-based polyurethane finish. 

RobinsandRascals Willow Bird Feeder

Willow Bird Feeder

RobinsandRascals • $18.61

If your partner is a nature lover, he or she will appreciate this handcrafted spiral bird feeder. Perfect 9th anniversary gift for your favorite birder. 

WoodCraftSuppliesUS Willow Wood Slice

Willow Wood Slice

WoodCraftSuppliesUS • $40

Celebrate your 9th anniversary with this commemorative 9-inch willow wood slice. It features a 3-inch laser-cut heart that you can personalize with your names and anniversary date.

Ninth Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

Mistceramics Ceramic Ring

Ceramic Ring

MistCeramics • $18

These beautiful collections of ceramic rings were made from recycled porcelain and stoneware clay. She will treasure this thoughtful piece of jewelry as an anniversary gift.

PotterybyLaura Personalized Pottery Ornament

Personalized Pottery Ornament

PotterybyLaura • $30

This is a custom handmade ceramic ornament which makes it one of a kind! This will make a sweet gift for your 9th anniversary. 

HandcraftedByPerdita Ceramic Pendant Necklace

Ceramic Pendant Necklace

HandcraftedByPerdita • $23.40

Celebrate your 9 years together with one of these beautiful pottery necklaces. Pick from several options.

PetitBlue Willow Dangle Earrings

Willow Dangle Earrings

PetitBlue • $31

She will adore these dangle earrings featuring willow branches. They’re a beautiful gift to celebrate 9 years together.

Mitercraft Winter Willow Tree Wooden Handmade Bookmark

Winter Willow Tree Wooden Handmade Bookmark

Mitercraft • $11.45

For the partner who loves to read, he or she will appreciate this one-of-a-kind willow tree bookmark.  A thoughtful reminder of your 9 years together. 

9th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

FleegalFarms Ceramic Shaving Set

Ceramic Shaving Set

FleegalFarms • $40

He will treasure this 9th anniversary gift of a stoneware shaving set complete with a handmade shaving cup, soap and brush. 

ClayHiveCo Ceramic Business Card Holder

Ceramic Business Card Holder

ClayHiveCo • $20

He will appreciate this anniversary gift of a ceramic business card holder. Made with slabs of porcelain and glazed with many layers of different glazes. Holds standard business cards 2 x 3 1/2″.

Elephantsity Willow Tree Necklace

Willow Tree Necklace

Elephantsity • $41.39

Symbolize your connection to each other and nature with this graceful willow tree necklace, intricately designed to reflect the tranquil and whimsical essence of this beloved tree.

WoodCraftSuppliesUS Willow Wood Block Candle Holder

Willow Wood Block Candle Holder

WoodCraftSuppliesUS   • $15.00

We love this masculine willow wood block candle holder. Personalize the topper with your initials, date, or special message. 

WhiddensWoodshop Willow Wood Ballpoint Pen

Willow Wood Ballpoint Pen

WhiddensWoodshop • $42

Enjoy the elegance of a marvelous writing tool with this antique brass and willow wood ballpoint pen. Featuring an exterior handcrafted from willow wood, knurled brass silver fittings, and a fantastic and smooth ballpoint nib makes this the perfect 9th anniversary gift. 

More Pottery & Willow Anniversary Gift Ideas

Take a Pottery Class for your 9th Wedding Anniversary

If none of these gifts strike your fancy, you can never go wrong with trying your hand at a pottery class. We’re not talking Ghost action but we definitely think having a date night at a pottery studio would be romantic and fun!  Learning how to throw pottery  definitely counts and serves as a simple and perfect gift idea for your 9th wedding anniversary. Displaying your pottery creations  in your home is a great way to remember your special day in a place you get to see every day!

Other Willow Gift Ideas for Your 9th Wedding Anniversary

Get creative and think outside the box: give your spouse their own willow tree! Find the perfect spot in your yard and plant a tree together (or pay someone else to do it!)  Another fun willow gift idea is to take a road trip to check out scenic spots in the country that have beautiful willow trees. Or take some 9th anniversary photos under a gorgeous willow tree.


Leather is the modern ninth anniversary gift. Which opens the door to lots of ideas like custom wallets, belts, jewelry or purses. If you need more ideas check out the traditional gifts for this anniversary to help you out.

Find the Perfect 9th Wedding Anniversary Gift

 Be sure to come back where we’ll be sharing more unique and creative wedding anniversary gift ideas!

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