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Custom, Personalized Pop-Up Wedding Invitations by Lovepop

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Custom, Personalized Pop-Up Wedding Invitations by Lovepop

In the age of Pinterest and Etsy, it’s getting harder and harder to stand out from the crowd with your wedding invitations. Each one I receive – and I get *a lot* – is just that much more impressive than the last.

Granted, there are a lot more important things than how unique your invitation happens to be. Still, if you’re looking for something extra-special that matches your personality and wedding theme, you will absolutely want to consider custom, personalized pop-up wedding invites by Lovepop.


Lovepop combines laser-cut technology with hand assembly to create the most amazing – and beautiful – pop-up wedding invitations and greeting cards. Each bi-fold card features an amazing 3D element (aka “pop-up”) built using top quality papers and state of the art printing processes.


What’s especially unique about Lovepop is their pop-up wedding invitations are 100% custom and personalized. Lovepop specializes in integrating your color choices, as well as your theme, into your custom invite. What’s more, their concierge service will help you through the entire process. This makes for an absolutely perfect, professional card. No stumbling through trying to design it yourself here, people!

Even better, Lovepop can help you customize your entire wedding suite. So if you need Letterpress or other paper products, they’ll help with that. They really do offer a one-stop shop.


If you’re interested in seeing some options, fill out their questionnaire, where you will describe your love story, as well as how you picture your wedding. Lovepop’s concierge will come up with a few personalized concepts designed just for you. At that time, you can ask for any changes or additions, or even a few more new designs. Once you’re satisfied, they will print and hand-assemble your cards and within a few short weeks, you will have your very own pop-up wedding invitations.

Lovepop Greeting Cards

wedding_chapel_mm_overview_final_render_1024x1024Not looking for invites or perhaps you want to do the font-work yourself? Lovepop has a great selection of beautiful, blank greeting cards for practically any occasion. Plus, they’re ready to ship immediately.


Choose from categories like thank-you, anniversary, get well, LGBT, and much more.  I’m personally most interested in their sweet sympathy cards. I’m sick and tired from picking from horribly generic cards for when a loved one experiences a loss. A Lovepop sympathy card will absolutely show how much you care and will likely be kept forever. They really are pieces of art.


Plus, if baby-making is in your future, how cute would Lovepop cards be for a birth announcement? Just slip a photo of your new smoosh into the card and send away! Awwwwww.


Lastly, if you’re looking for some extra-special holiday cards, take a look at this 12 Days of Christmas set. It’s currently on sale for over 30% off, plus shipping is free. Gorgeous, don’t you think?

Whether you choose to have your wedding invitations custom created by their concierges or are only interested in picking up one greeting card, Lovepop has you covered. If you decide to order, comment below on what you picked. I’d love to hear from you!


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