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Top 5 Reasons to Work with a Professional Band or DJ for Your Wedding

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Are you planning to hire a professional wedding DJ band for your big day? We’re sharing the pros of hiring a pro for your wedding entertainment.


When you’re planning your wedding, one of the most important (and impactful) things you can do is to decide how you would like to allocate your budget. Because very few people have an unlimited budget, this practice most often means choosing 3-5 areas where you will spend more and then planning to save on the rest. One area that many lower-budget couples choose to save is on their wedding entertainment, but that’s not always the best call.

Your wedding day is a celebration you’re eagerly waiting to experience. While you and your partner are likely two of the most excited people, your guests are counting down to your soiree too! And, the three facets of a wedding day that typically have the greatest impact on guests are the venue, food, and entertainment. If you are envisioning a full dance floor throughout your celebration, a professional wedding DJ or band is a great way to ensure that happens!

Below we’re sharing the top five reasons why you should consider working with a professional band or DJ rather than dancing to a DIY playlist from your go-to streaming service. Keep reading for more!

Top 5 Reasons to Work with a Professional Wedding DJ or Live Band 

While a playlist is perfect for virtually any other party, your wedding day is the time to turn to a pro. After all, they know their technology, and they keep dance floors full every weekend. 

1. Wedding bands and DJs know there’s more to music than a playlist. 

When you choose to create a playlist for a party, you will likely be drawn to specific songs that you currently love. But what about songs from years past that can bring on nostalgia, or songs that might bring your parents and grandparents out onto the dance floor? A professional band or DJ will cover everything because their goal is to make sure everyone is having a great time. 

2. Professional wedding DJs and Bands know how to set up (and make adjustments). 

Sound is paramount on a wedding day, and so is knowing how and where to find the power source (sometimes it’s hidden, especially outside!). Your professional wedding band or DJ will arrive well in advance of your ceremony, cocktail hour, or reception, depending on when they’re due to start their set and make sure all of their instruments and equipment are set up and ready for their live set. They’ll test everything, check (and double-check!) the sound, and make any necessary adjustments on the fly. 

3. A professional will create and/or follow a timeline. 

The flow of a wedding reception is so important. This part of a wedding day typically starts with introductions, flows into a first dance and dance set, and then continues with welcome speeches before a pause for dinner. Things kick back in with additional speeches from the maid of honor and best man before parent dances and the official opening of the dance floor. Of course, cake, a bouquet and/or garter toss, and other announcements may be thrown in too! Your professional music team will watch the time, talk with your caterer, and make sure to keep things moving. 

4. Professional DJs and Bands know how to read the energy in the room. 

The energy in a reception room changes throughout the night. Professional bands or DJs can expertly cut first dance and parent dance songs down in length (there’s a high probability you won’t want to dance for the full songs with all eyes on you!). Plus, pros know how to encourage guests to release some of their initial energy on the dance floor when they first arrive. Bands and DJs typically switch to background music during dinner, so everyone can hear each other while they enjoy conversation. Then bands and DJs will know exactly when to bring everyone back out onto the dance floor once again. This ability is invaluable! 

5. Professionals will allow you to stay in the moment. 

If you create a playlist for your wedding day, there will be countless moments in which you or a friend or loved one will need to press stop and then return to press play again. You will battle sound issues, and there’s always a fear that the power will go out (it happens, and bands and DJs know what to do!). Most importantly, if you’re in charge of your own music, you will be taken out of the moment on your wedding day. You’ve spent too much time and money for that to happen, plus you want to have fun on the dance floor! So, turn to the pros — this is your day to enjoy!

Your engagement party, bridal shower, bachelor and bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinner, and after-party are all great times to build a playlist and simply let it loop. But your wedding? That’s a time to invest in great entertainment that you, your love, and all of your guests will always remember. 

Of course, if your budget is extra tight, we’ve got advice and options to help you DJ your own wedding, too!

Are you planning to hire a band or a DJ for your wedding day? Why are you excited about working with one or the other? We love talking about wedding music in our community!

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