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Victorian Farmhouse Elopement on the California Coast for $6K

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Victorian Farmhouse Elopement on the California Coast for $6K

Emily + Mark

Westport, California
Total wedding budget $6,000
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How did you meet?

Mark and I were introduced through a mutual friend. We went on a “first date” right before I moved across the Pacific to Maui. Everything went wrong on the first date, of course, but he wanted to date me anyways!

What is your proposal story?

Again, everything went wrong. Mark had an original plan of proposing to me on my birthday. We were camping on the coast with my sister and brother in law and nephew. He invited some friends out to be there for it as well. Mark had plans to go to our favorite beach and propose at sunset while my photographer sister took pictures. But my little nephew became sick and the fog rolled in so thick you could only see a few inches in front of you. The plans quickly digressed and everyone else needed to return home.

The next day, Mark took me to our favorite beach and surprised me when he got on one knee. I said “Are you serious?” as I brushed back my unwashed hair, and he slipped the prettiest ring onto my finger.

Tell us about your attire choices.

We planned our elopement/wedding in five weeks as we were attempting to get married before a family member left the state. I chose colors based off of weddings I had just been in — and we were able to recycle several of the dresses I wore. I decided to go with a color pallette and let my girls choose their own dresses. We got married in a beautiful Victorian home, so I was looking for it to be a little sophisticated as well as casual/beach. For the guys, we went with navy as it seemed to pair the best with our grays and blues. It was stressful not to be able to see it all in person, but it all wound up coordinating beautifully.

What were your favorite parts of the day?

For me, my wedding day wasn’t stressful. That was one of the best parts! We woke up and had waffles and coffee and I let everyone know the tentative “schedule.” Because everyone there was a part of the wedding, there wasn’t a specific timeline we had to stick to (except that it was predicted to downpour in the late afternoon).

I went for a run with my almost brothers and sister in laws — we ran around on the beach cliffs and admired the beauty. I spent the morning with my sisters and best friends and they all helped me get ready. It was simple and sweet and overall just a really special time with my favorite people.

Tell us about your wedding cake.

Instead of cake, a bunch of family members/guests helped bake and decorate cookies!

Do you have any advice for couples planning their weddings now?

At the end of the day, you’re getting married. That’s what matters. Focus on the important things, prepare your heart well for your husband/wife, and the little things will all fall into place! Sometimes the things that go “wrong” end up being the most memorable, anyways 🙂

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