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Rehearsal Dinner Sign from Etsy

As the wedding draws closer, lists are becoming my best ally.  I have a list for what I need to accomplish by the end of each month.  A list for who's doing what in the wedding.  A list for who gets what flower.  A packing list for the wedding.  A packing list for the honeymoon.

There's one important list that could be easy to overlook, and that's the list for the rehearsal dinner!  What are the important items you need to remember for the night before your wedding?  Here are the six big items that are left on my rehearsal dinner checklist:


  • Location: This is an obvious one, but I'd recommend find a location for your dinner as soon as possible.  Depending on the size of your guest list, it can be challenging to find a location that is close to your venue, affordable and the right atmosphere.  Don't be afraid to think outside to box too!  Last June, I attended a rehearsal dinner in a re-furbinshed garage of an Amish family.  Incredible food and awesome atmosphere!
  • Dress: I wanted something special to wear the evening before my wedding.  The rehearsal dinner will be a special time with family and friends filled with many memories, and it will be fun to have a special outfit. By starting to look for a dress now, I'm giving myself plenty of time to score a budget-savvy deal.
  • Guest list: Who are you going to invite to your rehearsal dinner?  For us, it wasn't a question with the simplest answer.  It was important for us to have a guest list for the rehearsal dinner so we knew exactly who to plan for and how much the dinner would cost.
  • Plan: I'd recommend going into the rehearsal dinner with a a loose agenda for the evening.  Obviously, you want the evening to be relaxed and enjoyable.  But, there are important things we want to make sure we accomplish at our dinner.
  • Toasts/speech: Mr. M and I want to take some time at the rehearsal dinner to thank and honor those who have invested in our lives and are helping with our big day.  Obviously, we want to plan out what we're going to say (to avoid rambling) and remember to bring our speech with us.
  • Gifts: We have quite the list of gifts to give to our friends and family, and we don't want to forget anyone!


What's on your rehearsal dinner checklist?

As always, chime in if I'm forgetting anything.  It's easy for the rehearsal dinner to take the back-burner because of the wedding day, and I'm hoping that some careful planning early on will make the rehearsal dinner easy and meaningful!

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  • Krisstin | On the Go Bride

    Great checklist and tips! I think choosing a dress is such a fun part of the rehearsal dinner.

  • Hannah

    Love this 🙂

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