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How to save on your honeymoon flight

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Want to take a budget-friendly honeymoon? Check out these tips so you can learn how to save on your honeymoon flight!

Zina Kumok

When planning a wedding, it’s easy to think about flowers and cake tastings and forget about one of the most important parts: your honeymoon.

Too often couples plan, scrimp and pay for a wedding without factoring in the honeymoon. But for many, the honeymoon is the culmination of the wedding and the beginning of your marriage. Take some to think about where you want to go, and read these tips to save money getting there.

How to save on your honeymoon flight

1. Choose low or shoulder season

Time is one of the biggest factors to choosing a cheaper flight. But it doesn’t have to mean trudging through the snow in a foreign city. Choose early to late spring or fall for your honeymoon trip. You’ll still get great weather without the crowds – and the prices that come with them.

Make sure you check to see what will be available when you book. Some towns shut down when the tourists leave. Find a time when attractions will still be open, but prices won’t be at their highest.

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2. Don’t forget about the other places

There are so many countries around the world to visit – why limit your honeymoon to a Caribbean island? If you’re looking for a beach honeymoon, try Thailand or Malta instead of Belize and the Riviera. If you want to see old ruins and dazzling views, try Croatia or Turkey instead of Italy and Greece.

Many of these countries are just as dazzling as the ones you’ve seen in travel magazines, but they come with cheaper prices, friendlier natives and incredible views. You won’t even miss the throngs of tourists.

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3. Use credit cards to your advantage

While planning my honeymoon, I took advantage of credit card rewards to buy an amazing deal for our flight. By signing up for several credit cards with mile bonuses, we booked two flights to London and Croatia for $279 each! By saving so much on airfare, we had enough money to rent a car in Croatia and stay in a swanky hotel in London.

My husband and I opened up two cards each. The best part? Most couples are already paying for wedding expenses on credit cards, which means you can earn the rewards really quickly. We put our catering bill on one credit card and other expenses on the rest. We prepaid our Airbnb apartments on one card and bought presents for our bridal party on another.

When you save money on transportation, you allow yourself to spend more money on the parts of travel that matter. Great food, more attractions, a longer vacation. There are tons of websites that can show you how to use credit cards to get bonus miles.

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4. Decide where you want to go fast

If you’re trying to score a deal with your honeymoon flight, you need to act fast. Whether you’re booking your ticket through airline miles or dollars, you’ll want to book quickly. Prices can change in a matter of weeks or even days. Sign up for alerts through sites like Kayak or apps like Hopper or Skyscanner. Once you spot a good deal, be ready to buy. The more popular the destination and season, the harder it’ll be for you to snatch a good deal. For a recent trip to France, my mom told me she searched for tickets every day until she found a pair $300 less than what she’d been seeing for weeks.

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Having a honeymoon is an important part of the wedding. It’s when you can reflect on the day, look back at photos and begin your marriage. Start it off on the right foot with a cheap flight!

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Tips for saving money on your honeymoon flights

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