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Your Secret Weapon for a Beautiful Wedding Smile

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crest white strips
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There’s nothing prettier than a happy smile — especially on a bride! Planning a wedding can be stressful, but one of my favorite pieces of advice for brides to destress is to take good care of themselves. I know what you’re thinking, frequent massages and pampering isn’t really in the budget… that’s why I love sharing savvy options for at-home beauty treatments! There are so many things you can do, from picking up moisturizing face masks, taking a bubble bath, and of course drinking lots of water and getting adequate sleep! Taking care of yourself can help you destress *and* pamper yourself with a beauty routine in prep for the big day. Win-win!

crest white strips
crest white strips
There’s one thing in particular that makes a bride extra radiant and glowy on her wedding day, and it’s a beautiful smile! There’s no doubt you’ll do your fair share of grinning on your big day, so you want to make sure your teeth are in tip-top shape! You want dazzling white teeth if you’re going to show them off, right? Well, in most cases quality comes at a price… the in-office whitening treatments available from your dentist can cost a pretty penny! Luckily for all the budget savvy brides out there, I’ve got the secret weapon for whitening your teeth without spending a fortune: Crest Whitestrips!

If you’ve never given these handy Whitestrips strips a try, I can’t recommend them enough. Crest Whitestrips are an absolute beauty must-have and essential step in wedding beauty prep for brides and grooms alike! A white smile just completely enhances your look, and when it’s this easy to achieve, why wouldn’t you give it a shot?

crest white strips

Crest Whitestrips offer an at-home whitening option that achieves professional quality results at a budget friendly price. Crest Whitestrips Professional Effects are known to remove up to 14 years of stains! The full kit of strips retails for $54.99, so I’d say that’s quite a budget savvy option!

professional whitening results

One of the best parts is that you can easily use Crest Whitestrips while partaking in your other pampering activities, or pretty much anytime, really! The Advanced Seal Technology’s no-slip grip actually keeps those strips firmly in place, so you can talk, drink water, and multi-task while whitening. (Remember — this is about de-stressing… so use them while you’re doing other fun parts of your beauty routine rather than while doing lame stuff like paying bills, haha!)

Want some more at-home beauty inspiration? Check out this list of great treatments to do while you whiten your teeth!

At-home beauty treatments to try

hair mask ingredients

See? There’s plenty of ways to pamper yourself at home and on a budget!! So not only will these help you destress, but you’ll also avoid extra stress by not overspending since you’re doing these things yourself. #budgetsavvyFTW

crest white strips

To learn more about Crest Whitestrips Professional Effects, head to the Crest website.



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