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Simple Succulent Wedding Favors

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succulent wedding favors
Anna Gilbert

Thinking about gifts for your wedding guests? Of course you want something meaningful, something that represents you well and something your guests will keep around so that each time they see it they’ll remember that wonderful day when two souls were joined as one. That’s exactly what I wanted too, but instead of finding that “perfect thing,” the perfect thing found me! We decided to go with succulent wedding favors!

Remember those metallic glass candle votives I shared as part of my Metallic Motif DIY project several weeks back? Well, do you also remember how I talked about staying open-minded through the planning process? Sure, I was a little hesitant when my mother suggested forgetting about candles during a lunchtime reception and using those precious glass votives for another, more worthy, purpose. Once I got past the initial wariness of changing any of my plans, I couldn’t resist the idea of such a lovely and thoughtful gift for my guests to enjoy during the reception and at home. SUCCULENTS. My favorite thing! They’re everywhere in my house, they’re included in my invitation artwork, planned for the bouquet and boutonnieres–it was really the perfect fit!

succulent wedding favors

My mother found a great resource on Etsy that sells the tiniest succulents for just such uses as wedding favors. In fact, there are several sources for succulents and other small plants on Etsy. For well under $2 each we were able to purchase enough succulents for every expected guest. You can purchase succulents from this company through these shops on Etsy!

Succulents in the Sun - Succulent Wedding Favors

When the precious babies arrived we put the plants in the yard to get some sunlight for a full afternoon. In the meantime, we scrounged up some more glass votive holders and gave them the champagne gold leaf treatment. After a good coat of sealant for each votive, the succulents were planted using regular potting soil and left in the open air to breathe until wedding time.

planted succulents - Succulent Wedding Favors

For that extra “little something” I chose to put a love note in each plant. By using the gold leaf paint on popsicle sticks and a sharpie for messages such as, “watch love grow,” and “learn, love, grow,” each succulent wedding favor had an extra bit of sweetness added.

Succulent Wedding Favors

I mean, really, how irresistibly cute are these things?! I was thrilled with our succulent wedding favors! And there, without trying too hard to impress, I had an added piece for reception decor and a wedding favor that literally gave life to my wedding  and guests.

Our Succulent Wedding Favors

 Succulent Wedding Favors

We had one additional special gift for a few of the wedding guests. I knew that it would be mostly family present, so we purchased an adorable antique-style picture frame for each table at the reception ($7 each, Tuesday Morning).

picture frames wedding favors

We collected wedding portraits from as many family members as we could find, retouched and resized a few so we could have portraits of all the family that had wed before us sitting around the room. After the reception was over we offered for each couple featured on a table to take home their framed portrait.

 Succulent Wedding Favors- table decor with succulents and portraits

Guests were also able to take away the love bird salt and pepper shakers as well. (more on that later!)

What did you do for your wedding favors?

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