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Wedding Budget Tip #7: Choose a Simple Wedding Cake Design

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Want to find a way to cut costs on your wedding cake? We break down how choosing a Simple Cake Design will save you money on your wedding.

Wedding Budget Tip #7: Choose a Simple Wedding Cake Design

This post is part of a recurring series here on BSB where we share wedding budget tips to help you save money on your wedding! You can access all the wedding budget tips on a single page for your convenience and future reference. This post is all about a way to save money on your wedding cake!

Wedding Budget Tip #7: Choose a simple cake design.

Wedding Budget Tip #7:

Choose a simple wedding cake with fewer decorative details to keep costs low.

Choosing a simple cake design can save you some serious cash when it comes to your bakery budget.

Let’s face it, we all know that the ingredients for cakes aren’t exactly costly, so we know that’s not what makes a wedding cake so expensive.

Most of what goes into the pricing of a fancy cake is the fancy artwork, intricate piping, or elaborate construction. Simple cake designs generally take less time and energy to put together, which results in less cost for you! Luckily, simple cakes can be really stunning.

Buttercream is less expensive.

I know I can’t be the only one who prefers a good buttercream to the fancy fondant stuff. That cardboard taste is so bland and the texture is strange — plus it’s always more expensive!

As a girl who spent most of her life in the south, I have a real affinity for buttercream frosting. A simple cake with buttercream frosting can easily be fancied up with the help of a couple of fresh flowers, ribbon, or very simple edging designs.

And at the end of the day, you might as well go with a cake that looks AND tastes good, amirite?

Want to get even savvier? You could have a “dummy cake” for display purposes and serve slices of sheet cake from a back room.

Want to see some more wedding cake inspiration? Check out our Wedding Cake board on Pinterest!

Simple Wedding Cake Inspiration

Fancy or intricate designs on wedding cakes can really drive up the price of your cake. Cake prices usually depend on how complicated a design is because of the time it will take to create it. Choose a simple wedding cake silhouette and add some flourishes like ribbon, fresh flowers, fruit, or a cute cake topper for a budget-friendly cake! Check out some of these simple cake designs from previous budget-savvy wedding features!


Want to be extra budget-savvy? Have a small cake for you and the groom to cut during the ‘cake cutting’ (if you take part in this tradition) and serve your guests sheet cakes. Not only are they easy to slice and serve in equal portions but they won’t cost nearly as much as a larger, tiered cake!

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Wedding Tip #7: Choose a simple cake design.
Wedding Tip #7: Choose a simple cake design.

What sort of design are you choosing for your wedding cake? Let us know in the community!

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