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Stockroom Vintage DIY Project: Sequin Glass Votive Holders

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Stockroom Vintage DIY Project: Sequin Glass Votive Holders
elizabeth ulrich

Sequin Glass Votive Holders by Stockroom Vintage

Hello, brides! I’m Elizabeth from Stockroom Vintage and I’m back this month to share another budget-friendly craft project with you! One of the ideas that’s been floating in my head–it even woke me up one night!–is the sequin-lined candle holder. So I picked up some glass votive holders for $0.25/each at Goodwill, pulled out my glue gun and stash of gold sequins and got to work.

I’m a total magpie, so the finished result definitely satisfied my craving for something sparkly! I knocked these glittery beauties out in an afternoon. The best part is that it’s a fairly quick and mindless project–if you don’t count the glue gun burns, which I never seem to avoid. My burns aside, don’t you think these pretties would make a great addition to your wedding tablescapes? The way the candlelight bounces off the sequins is so dreamy! Seriously, you’ll love the glow factor here.

Sequin Glass Votive Holders by Stockroom Vintage

You’ll need the following to make it happen:

  • gold sequins
  • glass votive holders
  • glue gun
  • tweezers
  • tealights

  1. If you can work a glue gun (without the aforementioned burns), you’ve mastered the one skill you’ll need here. As the glue gun is heating up, give your glass votive holders a good cleaning.
  2. Use your tweezers to grab each sequin, placing a small dot of glue in the center.
  3. Press each sequin onto the glass votive holder, using the back end of the tweezers to make sure all edges adhere fully.
  4. If glue squishes out from around the edges of the sequins, you’re using too much, so dial it back a little to avoid messy glue spillover.
  5. Place sequins sporadically around each votive holder, leaving small spaces for the candlelight to escape.
  6. Finally, use your tweezers to remove any of those annoying leftover hot glue strings for a more clean, polished look.

Sequin Glass Votive Holders by Stockroom Vintage

So, what do you think of the finished product?  love to share budget-savvy DIY wedding decor ideas so check back next month for another DIY project with me!  Happy wedding planning!

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