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Best Sustainable Beauty Products for Your Big Day or Every Day!

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Sustainable beauty products are available at a wide range of price points and are safe for you and the environment. Check out these sustainable products for your wedding or for everyday use.


When it comes to any purchase these days, we’re keeping our eye out specifically for eco-friendly and sustainable beauty products for your wedding day– whether it’s attire or decor, or wedding gifts! In the practice of self-care during your pre-wedding period, we decided to search for the best eco-friendly beauty products with sustainable packaging, cruelty-free testing practices, and all-natural ingredients.

One of our values here at The Budget Savvy Bride is being intentional with our purchases– and that includes opting to support businesses that use earth-friendly materials and do their part to reduce waste with their business practices – Zero waste beauty products are the future!

We’ve picked out some of our favorite eco-friendly and sustainable beauty products for you to consider incorporating into your beauty routine. Whether prepping for the big day or looking to be more “green” every day, we think you’ll love these savvy and sustainable personal care products. Here are some of the best sustainable beauty brands with affordable price points.

Eco-friendly Skincare Products

Your face and skin are simply beautiful. When you care for your glowing skin you want to make sure you aren’t using harmful chemicals or toxic ingredients but rather clean healthy products. From masks to serums we found several organic cosmetic brands that offer eco-friendly skincare products at a variety of prices.


Facial Mask 

Simpure Store on Amazon • $45

Purify, refresh and refine your skin with this MSM and blue green algae eco friendly face mask. Formulated for all skin types (especially dry and mature skin), this mask provides purifying hydration while helping to minimize fine lines and wrinkles.

ShineSkincareCo-All Natural Face Serum Oil-Etsy

All Natural Face Serum Oil

ShineSkincareCo • $28

Put a little pep in your step with this organic Peptide Facial Serum. This sustainable skin care serum was designed for anyone who wants a little plumping with their pampering.

Youth To The People Cleanser | Anthropologie

Youth To The People Cleanser

Youth To The People • $39

This nutrient-rich, antioxidant-packed sustainable beauty product balances, purifies and removes daily dirt and toxins. It protects from damaging free radicals and environmental stressors, and guarantees a youthful, fresh-faced glow.

Kora Organics- Plant Stem Cell Retinol Serum

Plant Stem Cell Retinol Serum 

Korda Organics • $75

This milky dual-action eco friendly serum contains 5x the active power of retinol to smooth wrinkles and firm skin, while providing a nourishing boost of antioxidant protection – gently targeting aging day and night for 24/7 support without irritation.​

Biossance: Squalane + Probiotic Moisturizer | Sephora

Squalane + Probiotic Balancing Gel Moisturizer

Biossance • $45

This organic skin care product is a lightweight gel moisturizer that rescues skin from redness, congestion, irritation, and sensitivity with live probiotic cultures that get your skin’s microbiome back in balance.

Earth Sourced Purely Natural Refreshing Toner | Paula's Choice

Purely Natural Refreshing Toner

Paula’s Choice • $25

This antioxidant-rich toner with 98% organic natural ingredients replenishes and restores skin for a healthy glow. Paula’s Choice sustainable skincare products are an essential step in any daily routine to renew skin after cleansing.

Eco-friendly Makeup Products

On your wedding day, you’ll be taking plenty of photographs and you want your makeup to look amazing. But you also want the planet to look fabulous as well. Consider some of these best sustainable makeup brands that will have your lips, eyes, and cheeks popping on your big day.

ILIA- Super Serum Skin Tint SPF 40| Nordstrom

Super Serum Skin Tint SPF 40

ILIA • $48

This eco-friendly beauty product is a weightless, light-coverage serum that combines the benefits of skin care, makeup, and sun protection in one easy step. Created with a blend of hyaluronic acids, plant-based squalane and niacinamide, it evens tone, softens fine lines and imperfections while drying down to a natural, dewy finish.

Olio E Osso-Lip and Cheek Balm | Revolve

Lip and Cheek Balm

Olio E Osso • $28

This ultra emollient eco-friendly makeup  cheek and lip balm has an all natural base that utilizes the nourishing properties of Olive, Shea, and Grapefruit essential oils to create a simple yet luxurious product for lips and cheeks.

Gold Reflecting Powder Highlighter - Natural By Make-up Studio For Women - 0.52 Oz Highlighter : Target

All Natural Highlighter

Make-Up Studio • $25

You’ll shine bright like a diamond with this cruelty free makeup brand. With the Gold Reflecting powder you can create a beautiful subtle highlight in an instant.

CoverGirl- Clean Fresh Lip Tint- Ulta

Clean Fresh Lip Tint

CoverGirl • $9.99

Get a lip gloss’s juicy shine and an oil’s moisturizing benefits with COVERGIRL Clean Fresh Lip Tint! This cruelty-free lightweight lip oil is never sticky or greasy and leaves lips feeling moisturized upon application.

Burt's Bees- Natural Origin Mattifying Powder Foundation- Walmart

Natural Origin Mattifying Powder Foundation

Burt’s Bees • $22.74

Shine from within, not on your skin. Burt’s Bees eco-friendly 100% Natural Origin Mattifying Powder Foundation in various shades controls shine with buildable and blendable coverage to give you a smooth and even skin tone.

MoonriseCreek: Mineral Eye Shadows Loose Powder Mineral Cosmetics - Etsy

Earth Mineral Eyeshadow

MoonriseCreek  • $14

Moonrise Creek Eye Shadows are handcrafted with  organic, earth safe minerals. These lightweight powders can be used to create a light subtle tone, or can be intensified with layering.

Eco-friendly Hair Care Products

Did you know that even your “I do” updo (or wearing it down) can be gorgeous without harsh chemicals? Your hair deserves clean organic beauty products especially if the packaging is also zero waste. Check out some of our favorites below.

Mimosu-Rice Water Shampoo and Conditioner-Amazon

Rice Water Shampoo and Conditioner

Mimosu • $15.98

This zero waste beauty product shampoo bar is made from natural and effective ingredients and the packaging is 100% recyclable and biodegradable sugarcane paper packaging. 

L'anza- Keratin Healing Oil Intensive Hair Masque-Ulta

Keratin Healing Oil Intensive Hair Masque

L’anza • $49

L’ANZA Keratin Healing Oil Intensive Hair Masque replenishes moisture, restores elasticity and restores health to dry and damaged hair. This eco-friendly beauty product is also a sustainable packaging brand. 

Nature's Syrup Mango and Monoi Hair Custard \ Macy's

Hair Custard with Babassu Oil & Shea Butter

Natures Syrup Hair and Skin Care • $21.99

Nature’s Syrup Mango and Monoi Hair Custard is the perfect styling cream for wash-and-go’s, leave-in conditioning, protective styling, and daily maintenance. Get ready to experience extra moisture that will promote growth, retention, and healthy hair with this organic beauty product.

Long Hair Don't Care-Rich-Conditioner

Rich Conditioner 

Long Hair Don’t Care • $50

This 100% non GMO shampoo is great for curly hair or straight hair. Perfect for a natural hair care regimen.

Amika-Normcore Signature Conditioner- Sephora

Normcore Hydrating Conditioner

Amika • $23

This vegan, cruelty free, clean planet  hydrating conditioner infuses hair with omega 7–rich sea buckthorn to restore moisture and promotes soft, silky, bouncy hair.

Nordstrom Oribe Maximista Thickening Spray

Maximista Thickening Spray

Oribe • $39 

You’ll love this thermal-protective body-builder for your hair. It expands your hair to the absolute fullest with enduring lift and hold.

Eco-friendly Nail Polish

Now that you have been wearing your engagement ring you are more aware of your nails and on your special day, you want to make sure they look great. Consider wearing one of these long-lasting sustainable nail polish brands to make your hands sparkle and shine on your wedding day.

Ella+mila Sheer Nail Polish Collection - Bold - 0.45 Fl Oz : Target

Sheer Nail Polish

ella+mila  • $10.49

Ella + Mila is a  beautiful clean nail polish brand that boasts lasting shine and a multitude of colors all while remaining cruelty free. 

Mineral Fusion-Nail Lacquer- Macy's

Nail Lacquer

Mineral Fusion • $8.99

This clean eco-friendly nail polish brand  offers a long-lasting, chip-resistant nail polish that applies flawlessly with Mineral Fusion’s custom, extra-thick brush.

Adorable Water-based Nail Polish Maldives Seashore Vegan - Etsy

Water-based Nail Polish

Adorable  • $19.90

Take a trip to the clear & cool blue shores of Maldives with these Blue Topaz & AquaMarine nail polishes. Vibrant blues that resembles the colors of the ocean waters and crystal skies from the beautiful resorts of the country!

Eco Glaze Nail Lacquer- Ulta

Eco Glaze Nail Lacquer Collection

China Glaze • $4.75

China Glaze Eco Glaze – nail care with a conscience! Eco Glaze is a complete system with base, lacquer and top coat. Stunning colors that deliver elements to nourish, hydrate and strengthen your nails. Eco Friendly! Quick Drying! Long Lasting!

NAILS.INC Vegan Nail polish Sephora

Plant Power Nail Polish


Plant Power is an eco-friendly nail polish brand that is  revolutionary! The 73% Plant Based nail polish collection is 21 free, vegan, cruelty free and halal friendly and long lasting!

Amazon-Karma Organic Nail Polish

Quick Dry Nail Lacquer

Karma Organic • $10.99

Karma Organic Nail Polish brings the cleanest beautiful color to your nail you can find ever. Our unique French manicure nail polish formula contains calcium and coffee extract to help nail strengthening without the use of Formaldehyde.

Eco-friendly Beauty Tools

Sometimes you need the right tools to apply your eco-friendly makeup and skincare beauty products. Why not choose organic and sustainable beauty brands for your beauty routine?

BambooSwitchShop-Bamboo Pedicure Brush - Etsy

Bamboo Pedicure Brush

Bamboo Switch Shop • $8

Elevate your self care night with this eco friendly pedicure brush! This four in one design gives you all the tools needed to keep your feet healthy.

Dewy Glow 7-Day set – The Original MakeUp Eraser

Dewy Glow 7-Day Set

The Original Makeup Eraser • $25

This sustainable beauty product features machine washable makeup erasers that last up to 5 years. You can erase ALL makeup with just water, including waterproof mascara, eyeliner, foundation, lipstick, & more!

Kitsch- Eco-Friendly Dermaplaner- Amazon

Eco-Friendly Dermaplaner

Kitsch • $7.19

The Kitsch Pro dermaplaning tool set is a great way to keep your skin healthy, smooth and young! This face razor for women gently exfoliates facial skin by removing dead skin cells and unwanted hair that can trap dirt and oil.

Vegamour GRO Scalp Massager Sephora

GRO Scalp Massager

Vegamour • $18

This clean beauty product is a silicone scalp massager with a comfortable-grip handle that invigorates the scalp to help promote circulation and support healthy-looking hair.

Kosas Revealer Dual-Ended Makeup Blender Sponge | Sephora

Revealer Dual-Ended Makeup Blender Sponge

Kosas • $14

A unique, sustainable beauty product that features a dual-ended sponge with a fine point to reach even the tiniest corners of eyes, and a larger end that blends seamless and quick.

Esker Body Plane Tool -Amazon

Body Plane Tool

ESKER • $45

This vegan, cruelty free, clean beauty product gently  and thoroughly exfoliates  the skin without damaging or irritating the moisture barrier. 

How do I choose eco-friendly beauty products?

If this is your first foray into the organic or eco-friendly beauty industry you may be wondering how to choose the correct ones. One great way is to look at the packaging and search for certifications like organic ingredients, plant-based, vegan, cruelty-free, and clean or nontoxic. Also, consider the packaging. Many zero-waste beauty products have packaging that is easy to refill, or use biodegradable raw materials, or recyclable materials.And finally research the company. See if they responsibly source their natural ingredients. Consider their mission and if they value sustainability and how they manufacture their sustainable beauty products. As you slowly transition your beauty products to sustainable beauty products you’ll be surprised how your skin will glow and your heart will too as you give back to the environment. 

Why are sustainable beauty products on the rise?

Sustainable beauty products are on the rise because people care more about the environment and what they put on their skin. Customers want products that are good for them and the planet. Plus, there are new rules and innovations that encourage eco-friendly options. Celebrities and social media influencers are also showing love for green beauty. So, as more folks focus on being kind to the Earth, the demand for zero waste skin care, sustainable make up, and hair products keeps growing!

What’s the difference between eco-friendly and sustainable products?

Eco-friendly products aim to reduce their environmental impact, like using fewer chemicals or lowering carbon footprints. They’re a step towards sustainability, but sustainable products take a broader approach.

Sustainability considers not only the environment but also social and economic factors throughout a product’s entire lifecycle, from sourcing to disposal. It’s about balancing multiple aspects and ensuring the well-being of future generations. So, while eco-friendly is about being kinder to the planet, sustainability aims to be kinder to the planet, people, and prosperity in the long run.

We applaud the best sustainable skincare brands and others that are looking to improve in the sustainability stakes! 

Shop eco-friendly wedding beauty finds

We hope you enjoyed this eco-friendly, clean, and all-natural beauty product collection. If we all do our part our bodies and our planet will be better for it! Happy shopping!

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